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The story is good, it has potential and very interesting, but the author totally shits on the good story. 1- it's annoying, boring and very unnecessary the author several times per chapter is referring to pop culture, everything from movies, manga, anime and other novels, this is extremely irritating and annoying. 2- In addition to the reference, he keeps putting notes explaining the references. 3- the author loves to make the mc be shocked by how much he is OP, that's too much cringe, but it wasn't enough for him to keep shouting to himself how much is OP, in fact he's not OP because he almost died several times and I still haven't reached chapter 200 and it will definitely continue to happen. 4- The author loves to say that the MC is smart, but he makes mistakes several times, then the author says that it's only arc 1 and in arc 2 he gets smarter. But in arc two he continues to do stupid things and gloat like he's smart. The attitudes he takes for his store are stupid, he knew he would make many giant enemies, the support of the vampire clan one of the 3 factions that controls the empire is useless, it looks like garbage, simple entrepreneurs of a single sector of 80 sectors from the city goes against his store that is a partner of the vampires, but so far, the problem is how he deals with it, he is stupid to the point of threatening all the rich merchants and robbing them and not expecting retribution, seriously with the intelligence the author says he has did he not expect retaliation? If he didn't want to kill them so as not to cause trouble by killing people openly should he kill them afterwards, he is an assassin and has an assassin subordinate, but doesn't he just cause enemies and not expect retribution? Then he gets angry when they start killing his employees, all this happens because he is stupid and takes stupid actions. 5- He loves to criticize other cliché novels, but he says that his protagonist is an anti-hero, but he loves to do cliché hero things In short, the story is good, it has potential, I'll give it 5 stars, but it's annoying pop culture references and notes explaining them, the author breaks the immersion in reading. And the MC only takes dumb attitudes, disappointing in this regard, he should be trying to get strong by killing semi-saint beings, but it's ok for him to want to play merchant, but at least take smart attitudes, he looks stupid. Sorry if something is spelled wrong English is not my language.

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