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I commend your writing. You have a professional quality to you as your writingn is prolific. Pros: The title is strong itself. The alliteration and the mystery behind it is a good way to draw in readers in search of a new book. The synopsis helps a bunch! I learn a lot about Gloria, the protagonist, and the hardships she goes through. You get a sense of the writing style and dialogue, not to mention Gloria's backstory in the summary. Very good introduction for a synopsis. You have a great concept that'll surely hook readers. Cons: There are just some mechanical and grammatical errors throughout the summary and chapters I read. They are minor and can easily be edited if you read through again. One thing that actually disrupts a reader are unnecessary capitalized words. This actually stops the readers and makes them wonder if theres a reason for it. Pronoun? New character? Start of a sentence. Just a tip to know! Overall, great work! I am a fan!


Mistakenly Matched


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Yeaaa!! Thanks a ton!!🀩 feedbacks like these help writers to improve their writing Quality.. I am glad that you liked my work!! Thank you so much for your review !!πŸ˜πŸ˜‡