Mistakenly Matched Book

novel - Fantasy

Mistakenly Matched


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Synopsis Gloria couldn't take it anymore!! This Fucktard ruined everything she worked so hard for all those years!! She got so furious!! She did something she would regret the rest of her life. She took a step forward and slapped Aiden hard. Gasps were heard around the hall. Shocked like others, Gloria started staring at him with her Big Sea Green Eyes. 'What have I gotten myself into?' chanting in her head, she took a step back. Aiden leaned his head to her level and said, "Save yourself If you can Shortcake. Because I Aiden Knight is going to make your life so miserable". With that said, he punched the locker beside her head. His face becoming that of an Evil. Dark Gray eyes glaring at her. She flinched by the sound, but she felt more terrified of him. After he left, Gloria let out the breath she was holding, 'Oh God! Please save me!' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Meet Gloria Blossom, 25 years old girl with an Interior Designer degree. She is looking for a job and even finds one with her BFF Melanie Brooks's help. Gloria didn't know whom she was gonna get interviewed with. She did not know that her worst nightmare is going to haunt her for the rest of her Life. On the other hand, 28 year old Aiden Knight, the soon to be CEO of The Knights Inc. All he is known for is his devilishly handsome face, short temper and his ruthless behavior. Aiden despises Gloria as much as she does. Will these two end up together after fate crosses their path again? Will these two give in to their feelings? Or will they choose to run away from the truth once again?