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I havent tried that much sports novels, but this appears below average, at least compared to the Almighty Coach thing which was the only one I read into for a while (ended up dropping it due to various reasons). This novel's starting chapter was good, however a system was introduced in the next together with Kobe Bryant. After reading the next chap(s), this novel appears to be more of a fanfic. If you dont have lots of knowledge of basketball, U.S. basketball at that, you wont be able to enjoy this. Especially considering its taking places in 1994, meaning only people above 30 that are big basketball fans might be able to enjoy it to the fullest. The system was also sort of dulled the story. I think it couldve been better to write him practicing in another way instead of directly saying each thing he does. But this is one thing hard to achieve for a book vs a comic and show.


All I Really Want Is To Play Basketball

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Almighty coach is nowhere near decent. It’s mess of a sports novel