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I only read up to chapter 5. There were some errors here and there like wrong use of punctuation marks, wrong words were sometimes used, there were also wrong spellings I had spotted and there were words that were inappropriately capitalized. But these errors weren't noticeable if you focus on the plot, well... if you do not have OCD or weren't a Grammar Nazi, except for chapter 1 though. It was easy to spot errors there, I recommend that the author/translator will edit it. For the plotline, it was really unfortunate that the MC's loved ones were killed early. They didn't have enough time to be properly introduced to us to left a deep impact from their deaths. We only knew that they were killed by a dragon which results to Mc being vengeful, that was it. We didn't felt sincerely sorry that they died, that was why we cannot relate to MC's loss. And that made his conviction of killing all of the dragons empty. Also, the change was too sudden, we were not familiar with MC's personality before the dragon destroyed his village, so we cannot fully appreciate his transformation. The characters weren't properly fleshed out, they didn't have a distinct characteristics that made them unforgettable, I reread the chapter a few times to remember them, except for the eerie knight, I love his personality. This novel had a lot of potential but the mc really isn't my cup of tea.


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