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As much as I love the female lead and how she develops as a person, I can't stand the fact that she still falls for the male lead. In my opinion, the second male lead would make a better love interest. This is coming from someone who read till ch. 1105 thankyou. The female lead is good, she develops nicely and is not overpowered from the start. She relys on herself and makes good decisions. The fact that she kissed the male lead in the beginning is understandable because the circumstances called for it. So was literally every other romantic interaction between them. HOWEVER, I do not understand why the female lead still falls for the male lead. The male lead has a terrible personality, yes he could improve but his ego keeps himself from seeing his own flaws and he makes no efforts to change. He treats the female lead terribly and constantly hunders her. I won't go into detail about how due to spoilers, but know that he is highly annoying and often takes advantage of the fact that he has something the female lead wants to basically threaten/bribe her. The second male lead in the other hand does make an effort to change and sticks true to his own feelings. He even try to court her dispite the opposition. He constantly does his best to help the female lead while the male lead simply makes everything harder than necessary. I bet you if the leads switched, this novel would be half the length. If you decide to read this novel, I suggest stopping at around ch. 300-400. It's good until then and it still is, but it personally kind of just drops from there. I wasted a month or so of my life on this, please do not follow in my foot steps.

Godly Empress Doctor

Su Xiaonuan

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