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  • Daoist_TinyTiger

    I'm giving everything 5 stars except for "writing quality" to show support to an original writer in WebNovel. If some of you think that I'm praising this novel then please read my review because I'm not. Author, I hope you will read this because I'm at an impasse here. I'm not sure whether to continue reading this novel. I have only one question, and any kind souls out there that have read further on in this novel please answer me. WHY THE HELL IS THE MC SO FUCKING OP??? I mean I have only read 12 chapters so far and it feels that he is stronger than his past (future) self in terms of reputation, items, and titles. Dude, he literally says that he got a Legendary item at level 7 whereas in his past he didn't. AND according to him, he was ranked 3rd in the whole world in his past life. Not to mention in chapter 12, when everyone is still at level 10 and below, he has already reached level 52. Now I don't care whether he went back down in levels to upgrade the item that needs experience, what I'm trying to emphasize is that he's way ahead as compared to THE REST OF THE WORLD at this point. USUALLY, I complain that the MC is not OP enough, I'm shocked to feel the need to complain that this MC is way too OP. TBH I don't know whether I should continue reading this novel because I feel it's pointless, it feels that the MC doesn't really need to work that hard and is able to beat every other player. I don't care about the NPCs now, I know they're strong but it feels as though the players won't be as strong as the MC anymore. Even if the AUTHOR boost the other players, they will NEVER reach up to MC anymore. I mean they shouldn't, considering the amount of advantage he's gotten in the beginning. Heck, if MC loses his advantage at this point he must be stupid AF. At this point, it feels like the MC is way too ahead and there seems to be no hope for the others to catch up. And if others were to catch up, it must be a damn good reason unlike Riveting Night's rubbing off MC's luck just cause she was following him. IF there were other reincarnators like MC then maybe this Novel would be interesting. I rated everything else 5 stars because I felt that this novel could be great. I'm just put off by how OP the MC is now. It's like putting a GM with a bunch of absolute NOOBS. I don't mind him being OP since he was from the past but not THIS OP. At this rate, it feels like he won't have any obstacles in life. What's the point then. Please, SOMEONE! Convince me that this novel is worth reading. Until then, I'll read something else. Cheers Author, Goodluck mate.

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