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Zizwe's life has been constantly plagued by troubles, while she has to deal with their destitution and her mom being in and out of hospitals, she also has to deal with Nicks mom constantly reminding her that she'll never accept her in her sons life since she comes from a poor family. One fateful day Zizwe's life is turned upside down when Nick's mom spews the most horrendous and humiliating words to her while Nick just stands there and does Nothing to stop her from attacking Zizwe, having had enough of Nicks mom and being degraded she runs away in tears to save herself but what she doesn't know is what fate has instore for her as she finds herself thrown inside a massive muddy pit with no way out. Gage Hart, Multi Millionaire and business man is mesmerized when his eyes land on this beautiful trapped girl. He finds himself enchanted and having a sudden urge to protect her, he vows to take her away from the slums she's living in but what Gage doesn't know is that Zizwe's heart already belongs to Nick. Unless he can steal her heart