Your Turn to Chase Me, Reborn For Revenge

April Jones was submissive and weak, she gave in to her stepmother and stepsisters every whim. Her father was busy with the business and had no time for her. They took everything from her even her life. She died a horrifying death, now reborn she plans to change her fate and take back all she had lost. Dean Davis is a notorious CEO he built his business from he was young withhis own blood and sweat. His vicious uncle sent some thugs to deal with him one night, that same night he met his angel April. Both died, both were reborn. April only wants revenge and gave up on love, when Dean meets his angel for a second time, he wants to love her but doesn't know-how. (This book is full of revenge, romance, comedy and drama. If you enjoy a weak to strong female lead along with a doting male lead this book is for you.) _______________________________________________ EXTRACT "Ummm... Thanks." She took a bite and started to eat. She looked at him and slowly said, "It's probably a bit late but, hi I'm your new neighbour April Jones." "Hi April, I'm Dean Davis." He reached out his and so did she, they shook as they greeted each other. "Nice to meet you, Dean." She smiled at him and then took a bite of her pancake. However, she missed the look in Deans eyes. He, at this moment, was full of happiness like a teenage boy in love. Hearing her finally say his name was the most soothing sound to his ears. It sounded so sweet, so soft, he was greedy for more. In a good mood, he continued eating all the food she cooked. What made his heart softened more was he actually wanted to hold her small hand again and never let go. Thinking of it, he swore inside, he'll never let her go. _______________________________________________ Instagram alexia_author Discord Channel https://discord.gg/VeHkknJ6A2 Mature content 18+ only Cover art is not mine, will take it down on request.

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Seeing that the dishes were washed and put away, April touched her nose and said awkwardly. "It's getting late, so maybe you should go back to your place."

Dean glanced at the wall clock and frowned.

It was already 8.40 AM. He knew it was getting late and he had to go to work, but he also wanted to stay and spend more time with her.

This was the first time in his life that he had not wanted to go to work. He hadn't spent this much time in her company ever and he wanted to enjoy it further.

Dean could see her face reflected from the glass window in the kitchen, the sun was shining through the kitchen window, seeing her made his heart fill with care and warmth. Just how nice would it be to always see her like this every day?

He continued to gaze at her like a high school boy admiring his first love from afar. Full of love and devotion.


Remembering that April had asked him to leave he nodded in agreement. He wanted to be invited in next time so if he stayed he knew she would be reluctant to do so.

He scratched his nose and replied. "Your right, I have work so I better go, thanks for letting me shower and eat breakfast."

April walked Dean to her door. "Have a good day then and take care." She looked like an adorable wife seeing her husband off to work, such thoughts ran through Deans mind and he smiled.

"April... take care okay and if you need anything I am right next door, also if you want someone to share your cooking I'm available." April smiled and waved as she shut the door.

Dean stood motionless for a while staring at her closed door before he went into his own apartment and grabbed his keys and then put on his shoes and suit jacket. He walked to the lift and as he passed by April's door he smiled. Could she greet him when he got home too he thought?

He left the condo and got into his car with a spring in his step and hope in his heart. He had renewed energy for his work today, he was ready to take on the world. As he thought of his uncle and the other rats in his company his smile disappeared and his indifferent, cold nature returned.

Once Dean had left April he let out a sigh and then turned away from her door, she enjoyed his company and looking around her condo she now had memories inside it which filled her with tenderness and a smile filled her face.

Remembering her painting she went to her painting room, she saw the now not so mysterious mystery man. Now she not only knew his name but she had let him into her home to eat breakfast and shower.

The painting was a replica of his handsome face, she reached out to touch the painting. She stopped herself just before her fingers touched the canvas. She then shook her head, she didn't want to think of the attractive man next door any more. She picked up the canvas painting and put it behind some blank canvases that rested on the floor against the wall. Happy after she had hidden the painting she turned around and left the room quickly.

She then went to her mother's room and got washed and changed for the day. She needed some essentials so she had to shop. She got changed into a Giorgio Armani lavender jumper and accompanied it with a pair of black skinny jeans and a Hermès black leather bag. She put her phone inside and grabbed her keys as she put on her Jimmy Choo little black heels.

Leaving her condo she went down in the lift and passed by Jace at the security desk she smiled and waved. "Morning Jace."

"Morning miss." Jace watched as the cute new neighbour walked out of the Condominium.

April walked out of the Condominium and realised it would take her twenty minutes before she could even get a taxi into the City centre, she walked with her head high as she thought about where she needed to go. She quickly got to the main road and got a taxi straight to the City centre.

In the City people crowded the sidewalks and cars drove in the streets. She took a step  forward

the first thing on her list was to buy a laptop for work, she needed a car but she was hesitant about spending her mother's money. Deciding she would buy a simple car she chose to go to a dealership after she got her laptop.

She happily smiled at the thought of everything she had yet to achieve and do her best to accomplish.

She walked into Peach Inc which sold many different types of high-end computers, laptops and TVs. She was browsing the isles trying to make sense of the specs of each laptop when she spotted one that was expensive but she knew how to use it from her past life when she would use Rachels computer to design dresses for her couture brand, Liberty Diamond.

She chose that laptop and lined up to pay, in line suddenly she heard a familiar voice behind her, she sneaked a look and it was indeed it was Michael Palmer her new boss. Michael was stylish and handsome, he wore a burgundy fitted t-shirt and black jeans. She looked away quickly but it was too late.

"April is that you? Your out shopping too, what did you get? Oh nice, I needed new headphones." Michael was just as friendly as he talked and showed her his new headphones.

"Hi, Mr Palmer." April smiled and showed off her laptop.

"It's Michael please call me that, oh your next." Michael waved for her to go to the checkout.

April walked to the checkout and paid for the laptop, she then turned to Michael and waved goodbye.