Young Titan (DC)

Author: DevionKing
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What is Young Titan (DC)

Read ‘Young Titan (DC)’ Online for Free, written by the author DevionKing, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, R18 Fan Fiction, MAGIC Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: (The quest/fanfic is currently 166,986 words long and ongoing)This quest is written in the 2nd pov ('you')One of your pa...


(The quest/fanfic is currently 166,986 words long and ongoing) This quest is written in the 2nd pov ('you') One of your parents is an immortal being of immense power and an ego to match, a god. Luckily you only inherited the former. Okay, maybe only just a bit of the latter. ______________________________________ I'm reposting this quest by aerion78 on Fiction.live, and if you like this story, be sure to check out the author's profile there. ______________________________________

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Hey everyone Some of you may have noticed why it's written from the 2nd POV ("you"). It's basically crafted this way for quests, creating a sense that readers are actively participating in the narrative as the main character. Oh, and it's one of the best DC quest/fanfic you've read. If it's not, prove me wrong (go support the author aerion78 on live.fiction) Feel free to ask if anything seems unclear or if you have questions 🙃


It's a very solid DC novel, it seems to be set in the Young Justice version of things but it focuses more on the Justice League than the sidekicks. The main character has triumphs as well as real setbacks, but how he learns about his powers and how to use them really feels natural and not forced at all. While the writing being in the 2nd person perspective is a bit odd as first, it honestly grew on me after a while, and the author slips out of it occasionally into 3rd person perspective especially when it's alternative povs for other characters aside from the MC. Given that most of this is already written but is just being cleaned up and transferred over to this platform the update stability is pretty good, but it will eventually slow down as it catches up to the original source, but for now it's great. Overall it's a very solid novel that I've really enjoyed so far.


Good job author. Really liked this fic. Nice story and well balance plot.


he keeps talking about the MC and the third person or how should I explain this when he's talking about the MC he goes you are going to school or you react this way to something I can't stand them kind


Unless you like 2nd POV don’t read this


Reveal spoiler


I found the fic while looking for something to read. And I didn't have much expectations, I just wanted to read fanfic about DC and I can say that I found a really nice fic. At first, you may have difficulty reading in the 2nd person perspective, but once you get used to it, it becomes more enjoyable to read and it switches to the 1st person perspective after the 32nd chapter. The story makes me experience the characters and it becomes easier to understand them. First of all, I would like to thank our friend who put this story in webnovel and can you please give me the raw link. If the original author stops writing, I ask you to continue this fic with permission from the original author, if the friend who published it has the confidence to continue this. (translate)


quite simple actually .... just re edit it and replace all YOU with a name with one command find and replace or ...... you can use A.I. model to edit it 😂


Really interesting like the way it’s written


while it's not the worst fan fic I've ever read, and I mean I've fallen down the rabbit hole of mtl fics many times so the bar is pretty low, but anyway this fic is written in 2nd person which ok fine if that's how you wish to do it and it fits how you write better by all means do it, I just personally find it harder to follow, but otherwise what I have read of this isn't horrible it has some grammatical errors here and there but that's to be expected as none of us on here are professional writers as far as I know so no shame in making mistakes, anyway if you actually read the reviews give the book a shot and go from there, peace out ladies


The writing's pretty good. But it is a pov fanfic. Those are really annoying. The problem I have is. I dislike that his powers are so weird weird. Either he strong or he's not strong or he is strong or he's not strong. I'm not sure. Also I don't know the measure of his powers. Like how strong is he? Is he always strong or only when he's in a time dilation field? Truthfully, it's very slow. That's one of the main bad things. With the slowness and the ambiguity of his powers also the ambiguity of his intelligence. Apparently he can't do simple multiplication and division. But he can sometimes put together a theory in science that most of the smartest people in the world can't. So even knowing his powers are in question, but his intelligence is in question also. It seems like ambiguity is the name of the entire fanfic.


I can’t wait for the next part I hope it comes out soon


A perfect example of how to do a story read to find out more


Reveal spoiler




A good fic but like the other quest/reader fics the 2nd pov just doesn’t do it for me. But if you grt past that, this is a good read.


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