4 Treading the Line


Character Profile: Asher Eclipse

Visual: A figure with dark purple hair cascading like a cosmic veil and eyes glowing crimson, standing tall and enigmatic.

General Information:

Name: Asher Eclipse

Age: 15

Species: Vampire

Height: 6.1 feet (185 cm)

Build: Athletic, almost sculpted


Hair colour: Dark purple, swirling with shades that mimic the vastness of the universe.

Eye Colour: Crimson red, piercing, and intense


Heightened Senses: His sight, hearing, and smell are supernaturally enhanced, giving him a predator's edge.

Accelerated Healing: Wounds close before one's eyes, leaving no trace.

Nullification Field: His skin repels damage, a shield invisible yet impenetrable, while also keeping his attire immaculately clean.

Natural Weapons: Claws, dark and star-like purple, emerge effortlessly, sharp as night itself.


Sunlight Sensitivity: The sun's rays are his anathema, burning and weakening.

Blood Dependency: A constant thirst for blood is his sustenance and curse.

Uncontrollable Hunger: The hunger for blood is a ravenous beast within, always lurking.


Asher Eclipse is characterised by his logical, calm, and cautious nature. He approaches challenges and situations with a thoughtful and strategic mindset, always weighing the risks and benefits before taking action. His intelligence and analytical skills make him a valuable asset to the Young Justice team.

However, Asher also grapples with heightened emotions. His feelings are more intense and can sometimes be difficult to control, adding complexity to his character. While he is usually calm and composed, moments of strong emotion can affect him deeply.

[The Justice League Headquarters]

In the high-tech command centre of the Justice League, an air of tense deliberation hung over the assembled heroes. The walls, adorned with monitors and state-of-the-art equipment, illuminated the room with a soft glow, casting larger-than-life shadows of the world's greatest protectors.

"Are you sure about him, Batman?" The Flash, his suit a vibrant contrast of red and yellow, leaned forward with a mix of curiosity and scepticism. His eyes, always quick to betray his thoughts, flickered with concern.

Batman, standing stoically with his arms crossed, turned from the monitor displaying Asher's file. His gaze, hidden behind the cowl, seemed to pierce through the uncertainty. "Asher Eclipse didn't just stumble upon us; he's made calculated moves to get our attention. There's a depth to his actions that suggests a complex motive."

Atom, lounging in his chair, chimed in with a playful grin, "But let's not forget the guy's a vampire! Last I checked, that usually comes with a 'beware of biting' warning." His comment, lighthearted as it was, carried an undercurrent of genuine concern.

The Flash's smirk was quick to surface, a signature trait of his vibrant personality. "Yeah, what happens if he gets a craving mid-mission? Do we start carrying snack packs for him?"

Green Arrow, leaning against a console, laughed heartily at the banter. "That's why our resident detective here suggests a trial run. It's one thing to have fangs and another to know how to use them." His tone, though jovial, held a note of seriousness as he glanced at Batman.

Superman, ever the voice of reason, stood up, his blue eyes reflecting a sense of duty and empathy. "Testing him is the right course, but let's not forget that he's not just any teenager. He's in a situation none of us can fully understand." His words, measured and calm, reminded the others of the weight of their decision.

Wonder Woman, silent until now, spoke up with a voice that resonated with strength and wisdom. "This young man, Asher, is at a crossroads. We have the responsibility to guide him, to help him find a path that leads away from darkness." Her gaze swept across the room, her conviction clear in her stance.

Batman nodded, his thoughts already strategizing the next move. "Asher Eclipse is a wildcard. But in a city like Gotham, sometimes it's the wildcards that shift the balance. We'll see what he's truly made of."

The group fell silent, each member lost in their thoughts. The decision to test the Asher Eclipse was not taken lightly. He was a mystery, a new variable in the ever-changing equation of their fight for justice. In the heart of the Justice League Headquarters, plans were set in motion—a test devised not just of power but of character, integrity, and ultimately, of Asher's place in a world that straddled the line between light and darkness.

[Present Moment in Gotham]

A distant explosion shattered the stillness of Gotham's night, sending tremors through the maze of dark alleyways. Perched high above on a rooftop shrouded in shadows, Asher Eclipse surveyed the unfolding chaos below. His crimson eyes, gleaming like coals in the moonlight, betrayed a glint of excitement mixed with a predator's focus. A sinister smile, almost imperceptible, played upon his lips as he contemplated the scene with an air of detached curiosity.

In a fluid, almost balletic motion, Asher leapt off the edge. As he descended, his body twisted and turned with a supernatural agility that defied the laws of gravity. His cloak billowed around him like the wings of a night creature, lending him the appearance of a dark angel descending into the fray. The wind rushed past him, a whispering companion in his rapid descent.

It did not take less than 0.5 seconds for him to arrive at the scene; to an observer, his movement would have seemed impossible—a spectral figure diving from the heights only to vanish into thin air, then reappearing instantaneously amidst the pandemonium on the ground. It was as if space and time bent around him, obeying a set of rules that applied only to Asher Eclipse.

Landing with the softness of a cat, behind the throng of police, Asher was a ghost among them, unseen, undetectable. His eyes, glowing softly in the moonlit darkness, surveyed the scene before him. The building, now a nexus of tension and fear, loomed ominously, a silent witness to the drama unfolding within its walls. He tuned into the distant, strained dialogue between the perpetrators and Commissioner James Gordon, analyzing each word and each inflection with surgical precision. "Give us 50 million in 10 minutes or another explosion is taking place, and who knows, this time it might actually kill someone."

Asher's gaze darted to the epicenter of the chaos—a building partially enveloped in smoke and flickering flames. His keen eyes pierced through the haze, discerning the silhouettes of people trapped inside, their movements frantic and aimless. His ears picked up their cries, a cacophony of fear and desperation that resonated with the darker part of his soul.

For a fleeting moment, Asher stood still, absorbing the scene with a detached fascination. The fragility of human life and the dance of fate and chance all played out before him in this tableau of urban chaos. It was a reminder of the world he now inhabited—a world where danger and intrigue lurked around every corner, and he, a creature of the night, was both observer and participant in this relentless drama.

Asher Eclipse stood at the periphery of the chaos, his mind working like a finely tuned instrument. He observed the police blockade, noting their tense postures and their strategic positioning around the besieged building. Their hesitation to advance was telling; it spoke of hostages and of lives hanging in a precarious balance. He deduced that the police were buying time, likely trying to negotiate. This was not a scenario for brute force, but for calculated moves.

"The criminals' demand for cash is a tactical decision," Asher mused, his thoughts clear and methodical. "A digital transfer would be too easily traced. They're buying time, perhaps for an escape plan." His analysis was not just based on observation; it was a synthesis of logic and an understanding of criminal psychology.

As Asher moved closer to the building, he blended seamlessly with the night, his presence unnoticed by the humans around him. His vampiric nature afforded him an almost ghostly stealth, making him an undetectable observer in the sea of human chaos.

His heightened senses cut through the cacophony of the scene. The heavy scent of fear and adrenaline was overwhelming, yet it provided him with information. Each nuance in the smell told a story of panic, desperation, and resolve. Asher's face contorted momentarily in discomfort, the raw stench of the city assaulting his senses. He had the acute sensory perception of a predator, yet he was still adapting to the sensory overload that came with it. "This city," he thought with a grimace, "is an assault on the senses, a never-ending cacophony of the living."

But amongst these odors, one scent stood out—the unmistakable, metallic tang of blood. It was a beacon in the sensory storm, guiding him. It wasn't just the scent of blood that drew him; it was the underlying story it told. The nuances in the aroma provided clues about the number of injured, the severity of their wounds, and even their locations within the building.

With each step, Asher's mind pieced together the puzzle. He navigated the chaos with a predator's grace, each movement calculated and each sense finely attuned to the unfolding drama. He was more than a vampire; he was a creature of intellect and instinct, perfectly adapted to the complexities of this urban jungle.

As he approached the building, Asher prepared to delve deeper into the fray, ready to use his heightened abilities to unravel the layers of the situation. In his mind, a plan began to form—a strategy that would leverage his supernatural capabilities to bring resolution to the crisis.

Asher Eclipse, concealed in the shadows, surveyed the interior of the building with a predator's precision. His enhanced senses allowed him to discern the heartbeats of the hostages—43 in total. He could distinguish the rapid, shallow beats of 12 individuals, their injuries minor yet significant enough to spike their fear and pain. The adrenaline in their systems sang a high-pitched tune that he could hear over the more steady rhythms of the uninjured.

Turning his attention to the perpetrators, Asher noted 22 distinct heartbeats, each tainted with the synthetic rush of enhancement drugs. Among them, ten were heavily dosed, their bloodstreams a maelstrom of chemicals. These were the ones he needed to be wary of—not just criminals, but chemically altered beings with unpredictable capabilities.

As he moved stealthily, Asher's mind worked rapidly, formulating a plan. He thought, "Disabling the bombs is first; minimize the risk to the hostages. Each device I dismantle is a life potentially saved." His fingers worked with deft precision, guided by centuries of experience in delicate and dangerous situations. He felt the wires and components beneath his fingertips, each bomb disarmed, adding a layer of safety to the precarious situation.

Once the immediate threat was neutralized, Asher shifted his focus to the perpetrators. He needed to incapacitate them swiftly and quietly. "Isolation is key," he thought. "Pick them off one by one; use their overconfidence against them." He waited in the darkness, a silent hunter, for an opportunity to present itself.

A lone criminal, separated from the group, became his first target. Asher's approach was a whisper, his presence undetected until it was too late. His fangs elongated, a natural weapon honed for this very purpose. As he bit down, he felt a rush of power—not just from the act of feeding but from the control he exerted. He drained just enough to incapacitate, leaving the criminal alive but weakened. "Control, always control," he reminded himself. "I am not the monster they fear, but the shadow they never see."

As he repeated the process, Asher adapted to the changing dynamics. The criminals, growing suspicious, started moving in groups. "They think there's safety in numbers," Asher noted, a smirk playing on his lips. "But they don't understand the extent of what they're dealing with." He used their grouping to his advantage, creating distractions and using his speed to dart in and out, taking them down with swift efficiency.

Each takedown was a carefully calculated move, a balance between satisfying his vampiric nature and maintaining the moral code he was still shaping in this new life.

The remaining five, cleverly disguised among the hostages, presented a final challenge. Asher, understanding the art of deception, revealed himself to them, playing the part of a villainous accomplice. 

Asher discovered a while back that if he wanted to be seen, he would be seen; his presence would flare for the person in question to see him, and he just did that. Now standing in front of the hostages, he let himself be seen. The hostages were shocked; some started sobbing, thinking that they had a meta-human on their team; some begged to be let go; the five criminals were confused; they were not told they had a meta-human on their team.

"The boss is calling for us; it's time to make our escape; we have the money." Asher spoke in an excited voice; his whole body language is completely different from how it once was; it was like that of a criminal devotee, and it seemed to have done it's job. The five let their guard down, stood up from the hostage crowd, and slowly walked to Asher. Of course, as they approached, Asher turned away, a strategic display of trust that was their undoing. In the blink of an eye, he reappeared, the evidence of his actions—the blood on his lips—a stark reminder of his true nature. The hostages, now realising their saviour was no ordinary man, looked on in a mix of fear and awe.

"Are you just going to stare? You are free; go on and leave the building in an orderly manner. Oh, wait, I completely overlooked something. There are a lot of authorities outside, so mmm, follow behind me and let me handle it." Asher spoke in a completely carefree manner; he sounded regal and noble.

Asher told them to remain on the stairs. As he made his way outside, he opened the door, allowing himself to be seen. It was almost morning already, and the sky grew brighter slowly. 'It's probably 6:54am,' Asher thought to himself.

Stepping out into the dim light of dawn, Asher was greeted by the raised weapons of the police force. He raised his hands in a gesture of peace. "I am not your enemy. The perpetrators are neutralized, and the hostages are safe," he declared, his voice resonating with an authority that belied his youthful appearance. After finishing his speech, he walked to the building and opened the door. "Exit in a single file towards the police."

James Gordon made his way towards Asher after the hostages left the building and were led away by a few police officers. The police had their guns aimed at Asher even at this moment. Commissioner Gordon approached, his eyes searching Asher's enigmatic face for answers. "Who are you?" he asked, his voice a mix of curiosity, standing 5 feet away from Asher. Asher met his gaze, an inscrutable smile playing on his lips. "A passer-by in the night; the perpetrators are still in the building; all 22; their bombs and equipment's are on the second floor; have a good day," he replied cryptically before vanishing into the early morning light, leaving a trail of unanswered questions in his wake.

As Commissioner Gordon watched him go, his mind raced with questions. "Does Batman know about this?" he wondered aloud, the day's first light casting long shadows across his face. He then turned his attention to the hostages, ensuring their safety and beginning to debrief them, and gave the order to secure the building. As he watched the officers move in, he couldn't help but wonder if Batman knew about this enigmatic figure. "I want to retire," he sighed, a mixture of awe and exhaustion in his voice.

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