10 A beating

It happened in an instant!, so of course Batman built the camera to be able to record at flash speed, so slowing down the video they non speedy members of the justice league can grasp what truly took place.

In that electrifying moment, time seemed to slow to a crawl. Asher Eclipse, the enigmatic vampire, emerged from the haze of speed and appeared abruptly in front of Robin. His presence was both a shadow and a storm, a looming threat that hung heavily in the air. Asher's eyes locked onto Robin, not just seeing him but peering into the very essence of his fear. It was an intoxicating aroma for Asher, one that stirred his predatory instincts deep within.

Robin, ever the seasoned warrior despite his young age, reacted with a veteran's instinct. His training under Batman had prepared him for moments of life-and-death decisions. As Asher watched in what felt like slow motion, Robin's hand moved with a calculated urgency, pressing a button on his utility belt. The fear emanating from Robin filled the air, a tangible scent of dread that Asher found almost overwhelmingly seductive. But Robin wasn't just an easy prey; he was a fighter trained to survive against the odds.

All that was left was the helplessness that his prey faces when they realise they are ants before him.

The moment the button was pressed, a shimmering force field sprang to life around Robin, creating a temporary barrier between him and Asher. It was a defensive measure, a momentary shield to buy precious seconds. But Robin's strategy didn't end there. His fingers danced swiftly over his utility belt, pressing a second button. This was no mere stall tactic; Robin was activating a contingency plan, one that he had prepared for scenarios exactly like this.

As the force field held, Robin braced himself, his entire being coiled like a spring, ready to unleash his full combat prowess. His eyes, sharp and focused, conveyed a message clear as day: he was ready to fight, to fight like his life depended on it with every skill and trick he had learned, cause it really does.

The guttural, animalistic roar that erupted from Asher reverberated through the room, a sound that carried the raw essence of his predatory nature. It was a sound that resonated with primal fear, echoing through the corridors of Mount Justice and reaching even the ears of Batman. It was a sound that instinctively triggered a response in the Dark Knight, a signal that something was amiss, something dangerous and potentially catastrophic.

In the one of the monitoring room in mount justice, amidst the array of monitors and sophisticated technology, Batman's instincts kicked into overdrive. With a swift motion, he activated an emergency signal to the Watchtower. This was no ordinary call to arms; it was a distress signal, a call for immediate assistance from the members of the Justice League. Something within the halls of Mount Justice had gone terribly wrong, and it required the intervention of the world's most powerful heroes.

As Batman prepared for what was to come, his cowl's eyes narrowed, the lenses focusing to enhance his vision. Through the advanced technology integrated into his suit, he switched to thermal imaging, allowing him to see the heat signatures within Mount Justice. Amidst the standard hues of warmth, one signature stood out starkly – a blazing aura of fiery intensity that could only belong to one individual: Asher Eclipse.

Observing the situation from a distance, Batman's mind worked rapidly, analyzing and strategizing. His decision was clear, albeit cold and calculated. He would monitor the situation, gather as much data as possible on Asher's capabilities and behavior. This was crucial; understanding Asher's strengths and weaknesses would be key to containing him and ensuring the safety of all involved.

Yet, as Batman watched the thermal outlines flicker and dance on his screen, a part of him wrestled with the decision. To observe and not intervene was a choice laden with risk, a gamble that put the lives of Young Justice members in jeopardy. But in the chess game of heroism, sometimes the knight must be sacrificed to protect the king. With the Watchtower alerted and his own countermeasures in place, Batman steeled himself for what was to come, ready to step in at the critical moment to contain the beast that Asher Eclipse had become.

In the Batcave, the atmosphere was thick with tension and disbelief as the assembled members of the Justice League watched the unfolding events with bated breath. Their eyes were glued to the screen, witnessing a scenario that seemed to challenge the very principles Batman stood for. Just as they were about to voice their concerns and question Batman's apparent inaction, the footage took a dramatic turn, drawing all attention back to the unfolding drama.

The footage, now playing in excruciating slow motion, captured Asher's every move with chilling clarity. The moment he disappeared was like the prelude to a hunter's strike. When he reappeared, it was with a predatory grace, his hands outstretched, claws at the ready. The shield that Robin had hastily erected, a barrier meant to buy him precious seconds, was no match for Asher's ferocious strength. His claws tore through the protective field as though it were mere paper, a testament to the terrifying power he wielded.

As Asher stepped into the rapidly dissipating shield, Robin's face was a mask of fear and determination. Yet, Asher seemed to relish this, circling his prey with a deliberateness that was almost ceremonial. Then, amidst the tension and the scent of fear, something shifted in Asher. A scent caught his attention, twisting his already menacing expression into one of dark recollection and intensified purpose. In one swift, fluid motion, he clasped Robin's neck, lifting him off the ground, accelerating back to normal speed to fully savor the fear etched on the young hero's face.

The expression of sheer terror, the realization of vulnerability in the eyes of someone so accustomed to control and resilience, was, for Asher, perversely gratifying. It was a moment that distilled the essence of fear, turning hope and resolve into despair. This twisted satisfaction, gleaned from witnessing the crumbling of will, shed light on a dark facet of Asher's nature, revealing a depth of malice that was as unsettling as it was mesmerizing.

This moment, captured in the confines of the Batcave, left the assembled heroes in a state of shock and moral quandary. It challenged their understanding of justice, heroism, and the fine line that separates vigilance from vengeance. As they watched, a silent question hung in the air, unasked yet palpable: How far was too far in the pursuit of justice? And at what point does the protector become the predator?

Slowly squeezing his hand, Robin's struggle for air became more desperate, his gasps and cries piercing the tense silence, the footage revealed a sudden blur of motion. "ROBIN!!!" Kid Flash, ever the quick responder, dashed into the fray, his speed a blur on the screen. He snatched Robin away from Asher's grasp, an act that, to the seasoned eyes of the Justice League members, seemed almost too easy. Asher's release of Robin appeared deliberate, a calculated move in a sinister game of cat and mouse.

"he is playing with them, like a predator does its prey," Green Arrow observed, his voice low but carrying a weight of realization. The others, too, shared in this grim assessment, their nods a silent acknowledgment of the dangerous dynamics unfolding.

Kid Flash, with Robin now in his arms, accelerated, his movements a streak of color through the smoky battleground. As he communicated with Aqualad, setting a plan in motion to regroup, his vigilant gaze swept the murky environment. It was then he noticed it again — two glowing red orbs, seemingly tracking his every move through the smoke. Despite the urgency of his mission, a chill ran down his spine, prompting him to glance back, only to find nothing.

Shaking off the unsettling feeling, Kid Flash refocused on his path, pushing his speed to the limit. Yet, the haunting vision of those red orbs appeared once more, this time directly ahead. This time, they were accompanied by a shadowy figure, the orbs floating menacingly above it, like eyes in the dark. The sight sent a jolt of fear through Kid Flash, a primal instinct kicking in, urging him to flee from this unknown threat.

Without a second thought, he veered sharply, taking another route, his heart pounding against his chest.

Turning his back to the creature.

In the dimly lit control room of the Justice League, the members watched with bated breath as Asher disappeared from the screen, a feat that momentarily puzzled the world's greatest heroes. "They do say vampires don't appear on cameras or in mirrors. Perhaps he can control this ability at will?" Shazam mused aloud, his voice tinged with both concern and fascination. His comment, though speculative, resonated with the others, who found themselves nodding in agreement despite the tension gripping them. Their gaze remained fixed on the monitor, captivated by the unfolding drama.

Suddenly, Asher re-emerged on the screen, his movements swift and deliberate. Like a shadow given form, he materialized just as Kid Flash, in a burst of speed, ran directly into his waiting grasp. Asher's hand closed around Kid Flash's neck with an eerie precision, lifting him off the ground. The room's atmosphere grew heavier, a mix of dread and anticipation hanging in the air as Asher's fangs neared Kid Flash's skin.

Kid Flash's initial scream of pain, a harrowing sound that echoed through the Batcave, gradually transformed into whimpers and then, unsettlingly, into soft moans that hinted at an inexplicable pleasure. The change in Kid Flash's reactions sent a ripple of shock through the assembled heroes. Asher's eyes, previously shut as if to savor the moment, snapped open with a hunger that was palpable even through the screen. The taste of Kid Flash's blood seemed to ignite a fervor within him, a desire to consume that was both primal and disturbingly meticulous.

As Asher prepared to deepen his bite, intent on draining Kid Flash of every drop of his potent blood, the heroes found themselves grappling with a mixture of horror and urgency. The energy emanating from Kid Flash, now seemingly an elixir of life to Asher, underscored the gravity of the threat they faced. It was a moment that crystallized the vampire's terrifying capabilities.


The sudden explosion sent Asher Eclipse hurtling through the air, a twist of fate that saw Kid Flash's limp form slipping from his iron grip. As he sailed backwards, Asher's eyes, ablaze with a predatory hunger, snapped towards the source of the blast. There, amidst the chaos, stood Robin, tending to Kid Flash's prone body with a focus that belied his youthful appearance.

not willing to let such delicious prey escape him again, he flipped in the air, landing on his two feet, in a somewhat crouched position, using it as a way to slow his speed down to a grinding halt, stopping right next to another prey.

His senses, honed to a razor's edge, immediately locked onto a new target. Learning from his earlier oversight, spun around like lightning and plunged his claw through it's chest, preparing for another himself for the deliciousness that will come from this new species, the smell of it's blood was like the ocean, anticipating the unique flavor of blood that whispered promises of the sea.

But before he could savor his anticipated victory, a sudden force struck him. Twin beams of red light, as forceful as they were unexpected, sent him reeling. Supergirl and Powergirl, guardians of the sky, swooped down with a vigilance that spoke of their Kryptonian heritage, positioning themselves between Asher and Aqualad. 

Zatanna, made her presence known, as she was quick to act. Rushing to Aqualad's side, she began her incantation, "trats gnilaeh," her voice weaving magic into reality. The strain of channeling such power was evident on her face, the color draining as she focused all her efforts on healing Aqualad.

On the monitor, every could see how Asher's face became eerily calm, only to then let out a ferocious roar!!!

"Oh oh, someone's pissed" Remarked the flash.

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