6 Chapter 6[Special Chapter]

||3rd POV||

After watching the sun set, and making plans on how they're gonna spend their time Together tomorrow, Lor and Kara went back to their various homes.

Lor, after getting home was immediately hugged by his mother and was taken to her room to ask him various questions on how his day went.

Although stressful to be asked so many questions, Lor knows this is just her way of showing her love.

She always makes sure that his day went well and if anything bad happened to him during his day, then she'll surely investigate what happened and exterminate what ever caused it.

That's just the love of an overprotective Mother.

After answering all her questions and promising to tell her if anything new pops up between him and Kara, which he doubts, he finally left for his room.

When he got to his room, he took a shower and wore the skin suit he uses for sleeping. After that, he went to bed, hoping to have a lot of fun with Kara tomorrow.

||The Next Day||

Lor woke up and went to take a bath. After taking his bath, he wore his skin suit and immediately headed for his mothers room.

His mother always says that after taking his bath, he should come to her room so that they can go have breakfast together. She always says that to her son so that they can both have some more bonding time.

Although both mother and son are already very close, Faora seems to want to be with her baby all the time. She wants to know how he thinks and spend more time with him.

At this point, She loves her baby even more than she loves Zod.

It's honestly not surprising, Zod is always focused on his duty and acts cold towards her and everyone else. He spends most of his time fulfilling his duties and is already neglecting Faora unconsciously.

And Although, he loves her, he rarely shows it. Leading her to believe that he doesn't love her as much as she does.

As a result, her love for Zod is dying but her love for her baby is still increasing.

Once Lor got to his mothers room, he opened it and entered inside. He saw his mother already dressed up and waiting for him so that they can both go together.

Once Faora saw her baby, she immediately headed towards him and carried him.

Keeping him close to her, just how she liked it.

She looked towards her baby and spoke with love dripping from her voice.

"How was your night, my baby boy?"

Lor just looked at her a little annoyed that he was called a baby but ultimately decided to ignore it since no matter what he says, she just won't stop.

"It was pretty nice. I had a good dream and I liked it."

Lor said, with his usual cute and sweet voice.

Faora just looked at her son with love as she took in his voice.

She always did love the sound of her baby's voice.

It was sweet, smooth, mesmerizing, soft, and captivating.

At times, it could also be hypnotic. As for how her baby is capable of having such an amazing voice, she doesn't know and neither does she care.

"Oh really? Why don't you tell me about it then?"

She asked as they walked passed the door and headed for the dining room.

As they were walking, she kept listening to her son tell her about his dream and just how much he's looking forward to having fun with Kara.

Eventually, they reached the dining room and sat down next to each other at the dining table. Zod wasn't around to eat with them as he had responsibility's as the General of Krypton to fulfill.

Just a few seconds after they sat down, Maids started arriving with trays of food just enough for the two to eat and be satisfied.

Obviously, they had been informed that The General wasn't gonna make it.

After setting the food on the table, the maids left to give their masters their privacy. After the maids left, Faora and Lor started eating elegantly.

Faora as a member of the house of Zod, already had the manners and elegance befitting of a high ranking member.

While Lor was taught by his parents to be elegant and composed when in front of other people. He's a high ranking member so he has to act like one.

While eating, Faora would feed Lor once in a while and watch in joy at her son's annoyance at being fed.

He always never liked being treated as a child but it doesn't matter, he'll always be her little baby boy.

No matter what decision he makes in life.

After having their breakfast, they went about their day.

Faora went to go join Zod in helping him with his duties and Lor went to the training grounds. There was still a lot of time till he had to get ready for his outing with Kara so until it was time, he'll be training.

During this Four Years, He couldn't really find anything that interested him except for training. Nothing gave the feeling of exhilaration or excitement that training gave him.

The only thing that came close and could stand along with his excitement for training, was Fighting strong opponents.

Unfortunately, he couldn't go on missions until he was at least Ten Years old and that was still Two years away.

'Hopefully, The Years pass faster. I'm tired of just doing nothing but training. It would have been better if I could find something I was passionate about but unfortunately, I couldn't find anything.'

He thought as he released a sigh at the little things he was passionate about.

Years of just training and doing nothing else that could rile up his emotions had made him cold and apathetic.

Being the child of Zod only made it worse. There were a lot of people out of there who only talked to him or associated themselves with him all because he was the Son of Zod.

There were also a lot of people who expected a lot from him and were expecting him to succeed Zod. They were also hoping he was as talented as Zod when it comes to Fighting.

Every single time he went out of the mansion, there were at least one or two people talking about him and just how much of a disgrace he would be if he didn't live up to his father's expectations.

Others were busy admiring his looks and just how adorable he was, but even they would talk about him once he was out of their sights.

Of course, as an adult in his previous life, he's learnt to cope with the stress and expectations of other people on his shoulders so something like this, although way worse than what he went through on earth, wasn't anything new to him.

But that doesn't change the fact that it hasn't had its effect on him.

He's become more cold hearted, apathetic, calculative, indifferent and emotionless when dealing with strangers.

But for people like his mom, who are close to him and mean the world to him, he's more affectionate and responsive to them.


Suddenly, there was a sound that came from his watch on his wrist. It was telling him that it was time for his outing with Kara.

He revealed a rare smile on his face at the thought of hanging out with Kara.

Kara was different from the others.

Other people, even kids, only interacted with him because he was the Son of the General.

But Kara didn't.

She interacted with him because she was genuinely interested in him. She didn't care if he was the Son of Zod or the Future General.

He was Lor-Zod, a regular person just like everyone else. He was a person who was nice, sweet and extremely friendly as long as you get to know him. He was also the person who just happened to gain her attention despite not wanting to.

Lor was grateful that he had a friend like Kara because if he didn't...

Then he might have turned out completely different from what he wanted when Canon arrived.

After brushing off that dangerous thought, Lor headed for the showers and took good care of his body.

His skin was very smooth and soft and had a ethereal feeling to it. Like it was perfect and beautiful, just the way it was meant to be.

His skin was as soft as a baby and was extremely beautiful. His mother was always envious and constantly asked him how his skin could be so beautiful.

She wasn't the only one who felt that way. All the Maids felt that way since every single one of them had felt his skin and had at some point in time, interacted with him.

Other women didn't have the chance to get close enough to have physical contact with him but even they could tell his skin was extremely beautiful.

That was more than enough for them to be jealous too.

This wasn't a result of the cosmetic's Krypton had or a special ointment he got as a gift from his parents.

This was the result of a new skill. Yep, a new skill.

Ever since Lor could start taking care of himself, he unlocked a skill called [Bathing] that made his skin extremely beautiful and soft to the touch.

His skin was now capable of causing physical pleasure and joy if it came in contact with someone else's skin.

Although, only just a little.

His skin also emitted a smell that was very good and it attracted other people to him. The smell was very comforting and made other people at peace when around him.

But that's not important right now, hanging out with Kara is.

After finishing his bath, he headed for his drawer and got a cool black skin suit with glowing blue headlights on it. It was very futuristic and looked comfortable to wear.


After putting it on and sending a message to his mother that he was on his way to meeting Kara, he immediately headed out of his room and told the passing Maids that he would be back this evening.

He went out of the mansion and headed towards the Zor-El mansion. After passing all the people who kept staring at him and ignoring the talks about him behind his back, he eventually reached the mansion.

The moment he pressed a button on the side of the door, the door immediately swung open and a Seven Year old Kara who was also wearing a beautiful futuristic skin suit appeared.


She had a big smile on her face and was clearly happy to be hanging out with Lor.

Kara had picked one of her favorite skin suits as she wanted to look good in front of Lor. She wanted Lor to compliment her as she really put in a lot of effort to look good for him.

"Kara, I can see your ready to have fun. Nice skin suit by the way, it really looks beautiful on you."

Lor said to her with a smile.

Kara, hearing that, had a blush on her face. Her heart was also beating fast at the thought of being called beautiful by Lor.

She didn't know why a small compliment from Lor could cause her to react like that. It's been like this ever since she met him, even just looking at him would cause her heart to beat faster than usual.

'Ughh, why does this always happen around him?! Is something happening to me that I'm not aware of?'

She thought but she ignored her thoughts to focus on Lor. That's what's important right now.

"Thanks for the compliment, Lor. It really means a lot."

She said with a beaming smile along with a blush on her face.

"You mind if I come in?"

Lor said as he waited for her to allow him entry.

"Oh! Sorry about that, Lor. I was thinking about something."

She said, embarrassed as she stepped aside for him to enter.

"Thank you."

After entering the mansion, he saw a maid standing behind Kara as if waiting for something.

Once the maid saw him, she headed towards him as she made sure not to show her adoration for the adorable child in front of her.

Once she reached him, she immediately bowed to show her respect for the Son of Zod.

"My lord, My master and Mistress would like to see you. I hope that isn't a problem for you, my lord. You can also come along, young mistress."

She said, still bowing. She didn't rise up until she received confirmation from Lor.

"Hmm? Sure, I don't mind seeing Uncle Zor-El once again. It'll also be good to finally see your mother, right Kara?"

Kara simply nodded her head, excited for Lor to finally meet her parents while the maid finally stood up straight, thanking Rao that the Son of Zod wasn't an arrogant boy.

She turned around and lead Lor towards the living room while Kara simply walked beside Lor and throwing glances his way once in a while.

They eventually reached the Living room and Lor could see that it was highly futuristic just like all other things in Krypton. It had a holographic dog in it and soft looking couches that would be able to put anybody to sleep.

It was really amazing.


On one of the couches, Kara's parents were sitting there while waiting for Lor and Kara to arrive.

They immediately turned towards Lor and Kara when they arrived. The maid was already gone after leading them towards the living room.

Zor-El and Alura after seeing Kara, smiled and then turned towards the other person who arrived with her, Lor.

Zor-El adopted a smile on his face while Alura had a neutral look on her face.

Lor wasn't surprised by the fake smile or Neutral look that he received. Most high ranking people he meet's have either one of this faces.

This is a result of being the Son of Zod.

As for Kara, she wasn't really happy with the looks her parents were giving Lor. She brought him here to have fun and introduce him to her parents, she didn't bring him here to be met with those looks.

She reminded herself to have a talk with them later on.

"Hello Lor, Welcome to my abode. I hope your liking it so far."

Zor-El greeted with a smile on his face. Alura just watched Lor's face closely for any emotion on his face.

She was really surprised that Lor was such an adorable Child. His face was carved perfectly and didn't seem to have any blemish on it.

She could tell he would grow up to be a really handsome man in the future. One that would have women falling for him at every turn.

She also Noticed he had a really beautiful skin that only served to make him more adorable.

'Oh my Rao, just how is this possible?!'

She said with shock in her mind. She honestly couldn't believe such a beautiful and adorable child could exist.

No wonder her daughter seems to be falling more and more for him every time she meets him. At this rate, she'll fall so deep, she'll never be able to get herself out of it.

Hopefully, Lor wouldn't reject her when she finally expresses her love for him otherwise She wouldn't be able to handle it.

'It seems Rao has really blessed the house of Zod with this child.'

She said with jealousy in her mind. After all, who wouldn't want such a beautiful child as their own? And from what she's heard about him, he's also very talented and has a high chance of becoming the next General and surpassing Zod.

Such a child would bring fame and glory to any house that had him.

'The house of Zod was really lucky this time.'

She thought in her head as she released a sigh.

"The House is really beautiful and has a good feeling to it, uncle Zor. You really did a good job with it."

Lor said as he took in more of the room.

'That holographic dog is really cool'

He thought as he looked at the dog who also turned towards him and barked.

"I'm glad you're enjoying it. Would you like something to eat?"

Zor said while gesturing for Lor and Kara to seat on the other couches.

Lor seeing his gesture, moved towards a free couch and sat on it. Kara also followed and sat next to him.

"Ah. No need, I already ate back home. So no, thank you."

"I see. Anyways, I'm told you have business with my daughter....is everything alright?"

Zor-El said as he raised an eyebrow.

"Of course, nothing is wrong. I'm here to have fun and play with your daughter, I hope that's not a problem?"

Lor said as he chuckled at the double meanings of his words. He doesn't have time for such things, besides, his body is still that of a child's.

he'll worry about that later on in the future.

"Of course not but I hope things don't get out of hand between you guys."

He said as he gave a subtle hint to what he truly meant. Although, Kids don't do that kind of stuff at their young age but that doesn't mean they can't be curious about those things.

Kara is oblivious to those kinds of things and what 'love' truly means as that's the way her parents raised and wanted her to be but that doesn't mean she can't find out.

She's eventually gonna know about those things and although her parents don't want her finding out, they can't stop it.

But that doesn't mean they can't slow it down until she eventually learns about such things.

"Ah, no worries. I promise we won't go too far."

Lor, understanding what he meant, replied.

Kara is just seven years old. Doing such a thing to her, never even crossed his mind.

"Good. You may go have fun."

Zor-El said as he nodded satisfied while Alura who hadn't said anything, decided to speak.

"It was nice meeting you Lor. I hope me and you can have a talk some other time."

Lor nodded towards them as he and Kara both went upstairs to her bedroom. Kara was leading the way since Lor didn't know where her room was.

After passing several doors and meeting several maids who also gawked at his appearance, they finally reached her room.

It had a nice bed, along with lights glowing around the room. It also had chairs and tables in it, obviously for friends who come in.


"This is my room....I hope you like it."

Kara said with a nervous expression. She didn't know why she was so nervous for somebody to enter her room.

'It's not like it's the first time a friend visited me and entered my room so why am I so nervous?'

She thought as she tried to figure out why she's so nervous.

"It's very pretty and clean. I like it."

Lor said as he looked around the room. He walked towards one of the chairs in the room, not aware of the blushing mess behind him.

After sitting on one of them, he turned towards Kara and gestured for her to sit on the chair opposite of him.

Kara seeing it, walked towards the sit and sat on it. They then started talking about different topics and what they were gonna do the next day.

After their talk, they went to the playground to go have fun. They played tags, hide and seek and different games they found interesting.

Due to the fact that Krypton was more technologically advanced than Earth, simple games like Hide and Seek were way harder than they were supposed to be.

If you were hiding then it was far easier for you due to there being multiple doors and technology capable of camouflaging you.

So it was way harder to find someone if you were the seeker but although it was hard, it was more fun to play and way more satisfying if you did get to find the hider.

Just like that, Lor and Kara spent Hours having fun and interacting till it was getting late.

Once they saw it was getting late, they headed back towards Kara's room and talked for sometime.

"Hey Lor, what do you wanna be when you grow up?"

Kara asked as she stared intently at the beautiful red eyes she loves so much.

"Not sure, but my duty has already been set for me from birth. I'll probably be the next General after my father dies or retires."

Lor said but he was just lying.

Krypton was gonna be destroyed in Six Years. At that time, there would be no point in having a goal or dream on krypton.

Everything would have been destroyed and if he had a goal on Krypton, he would just be wasting his time.

Krypton was doomed and there was nothing useful on it that could aid Lor on earth.

Well, everything but the technology.

Krypton was very advanced and it had several Technologies that could be very beneficial on Earth.

So he was gonna take the Technology that he thought was useful and could aid him in training.

For example, the training simulator and AI. That would be very useful. He'll also have to tell his Father to create his Superhero Suit.

Although, he wouldn't call it that in front of his father. He would call it as his future battle suit when he goes on missions and becomes the new general.

That would definitely make his father happy and eager to get the suit done on time.

"Hmm, that's a nice goal. I can't wait to see when you finally become the new General!"

She said excitedly as she stared at him.

"Hehe, Thanks. What do you wanna become in the future or what's the duty you were assigned at birth?"

Lor asked back as he looked at her.

"Hmm, im gonna be a doctor in the future! That's the role I was assigned."

She said excitedly. She really wants to help people and see everyone happy with a smile on their faces.

'I guess that's where her motivation to become Supergirl comes from.'

Lor thought as he looked at her with a soft smile.

"I'm sure you'll be a great doctor someday."

Lor said as Kara blushed heavily at his compliment.

"T-Thanks, that really means a lot to me."

She stuttered as she gave a cute smile to Lor.

"Well, I guess it's time I go now. Mother's probably waiting for me now."

Lor said as he got up from the chair, not noticing the sad expression on Kara's face at the thought of him leaving.

"Oh...Ok. Can we meet again tomorrow?"

She said with hope practically oozing from her voice.

"Sure, We can play tomorrow. How about that?"

Lor turned towards her and said with a smile.

"Yes! I'll like that please!"

Kara said, extremely excited to have fun with Lor again.

Lor just looked at her with a smile and turned around, walking towards the door.

The door slid open and he turned towards Kara again.

"Cool. I'll see you tomorrow?"

He said.

"Sure, I'll see you tomorrow."

She said as she gave a smile to Lor.

Lor turned towards the door and started walking out, only for him to stop as he heard Kara call out to him.

"Oh and Lor...Thanks for hanging out with me today.."

She said with a smile forming on her lips.

Lor didn't turn back but he simply just smiled and waved back at her while continuing his walk.

"Your welcome, little girl."

He said, leaving a pouting Kara who was upset at being called a little girl.

He finally reached the stairs and walked down. Once he reached the door of the house, he saw all the maids and Zor-El along with Alura waiting for him.

The maids were bowing while Alura and Zor-El stood there.

Once they saw him, the maids all together said a thank you for coming to spend time with their young mistress while Alura gave a simple smile and nod.

"Thank you very much for spending time with Kara, she really needed it."

Zor-El said with a thankful smile on his face.

"No worries, Uncle Zor. Kara is my friend and I'll be happy to spend time with her every now and then."

Lor said with a smile and walked towards the door.

The maids made way for him and Zor-El and Alura simply watched him as he left.

"He'll make a fine General someday, dear. I can feel it."

"I know how you feel my dear. I too also think so."

Zor said before walking back to his room, followed by Alura. The maids closed the door and went back to their duties.

As for Kara, she just stood by her window and watched as Lor walked further and further away from her mansion.

"I'm not a little Girl, You idiot."

She murmured as she watched him with a love struck expression.

Lor eventually made it back home and opened the door after putting in the passcode and retina scan.

And just like he expected, he was immediately wrapped in a hug by a blur and brought up into their embrace.

"Oh, my baby boy! Mother's missed you so much! Did you miss mommy? Were you okay? I Hope nobody touched you? Are you hungry? Don't worry, there's a lot of food already prepared for you to eat..."

And just like he also expected, his mother kept bombarding him with different questions on how his day went.

He would have loved to answer all her questions but he really wanted to go to the bath right now. Although, he didn't sweat at all playing with Kara but he can't help but feel like he's dirty despite no dirt being on him.

It's a habit from his previous life. So much work would have made him sweat so he's used to taking a shower after all that exercise.

"Mother, I'm tired. I wanna take a bath and sleep." 

Lor said to her while giving her an annoyed expression.

Faora seeing his look decided to take him to his room and wash him. She held him tightly in her embrace while walking towards his room.

They walked past the Maids and reached his room. She opened it and went towards the bathroom.

She stripped off her skin suit and and also stripped off Lor's skin suit. She then proceeded to wash him throughly.

After the wash, she cleaned her baby boy and then put on the skin suit he usually wears for sleep on him.

Just as she carried him and put him on the bed in order to have a talk with him, a knock was heard on the door before somebody proceeded to enter the room.

The only people who could enter without needing permission from Lor are Faora and...


The person who did enter was Zod. He saw his wife about to get on the Bed and his son on the bed too.

Zod was done with his duties for the day and he could finally come home after so long. He hadn't talked to his son for a while now and decided he'll do just that when he sees him.

He smiled immediately when he saw his son. He wanted to talk to Lor as Lor hadn't been training for sometime now.

Actually, since yesterday since it was at that time he decided to stop training and take a break.

"Hello my son. Did you enjoy yourself at the El's house?"

He asked as he walked closer to the bed and sat on it, just beside his son.

Faora already sat on the bed, and was on the other side of Lor. She was upset that Zod interrupted their alone time.

But she decided to move past it and listen to their conversation.

"Yes father, I had a good time with Kara today."

Lor said as he looked at his father with a smile.

"Good, I was just making sure. I just wanted to ask why you've stopped your training."

He said as he looked towards his son for an explanation.

Lor had a feeling his father would ask him this question since his father was very serious about his training and Lor succeeding him.

If something came between Lor and his training then Zod wouldn't hesitate to destroy whatever is distracting his son.

"I wanted to relax for a few days. I've been training for a long time now and I thought i could use a break once in a while. Why? Is that problem?"

Lor said while using the innocent kid act. He already activated his acting skill for maximum effect.

"Yes, I-"

Zod was just talking and was about to say that he can't take breaks now especially while the planet could be invaded at any time.

Until he was cut off by Faora interrupting.

"No baby, it's not a problem. Your father was just making sure if you were still going to keep on training after your break."

She said while sending a glare at Zod. Lor was just Eight Years Old and was already training as much as an adult.

She doesn't want that for her baby but Zod keeps pushing for more training, saying that at any time, Krypton could be invaded.

If Krypton was invaded and they weren't there to protect Lor, how was he going to protect himself?

By throwing predictable punches that could easily be blocked and in that same instant, be beheaded?

It's things like this that make Faora put up with her baby being trained so harshly despite not being of age.

But now he can't take breaks once in while? Despite other adults taking one?


"Of course mother. I'll definitely go back to training after my break."

Lor said with a smile as he turned towards her.

Zod wanted to say something but Faora gave him a sharp glare.

Zod could have simply ignored it, after all, Faora is his subordinate but he didn't because they were currently in front of Lor.

He didn't want Lor to see his parents arguing in front of him. It could turn out bad for his future growth.


"What you're mother said, Lor. I'll see you tomorrow."

Zod said as he got up from the bed and headed towards the door. Just when he reached the door, he suddenly stopped and turned towards Faora.

"Oh and Faora?"

He called out as he looked at her sternly.


"My room, right now."

He said.

"What? But I was ju-"

She was saying but got cut off.

"My room, RIGHT NOW."

He said, more sternly this time and with a tone that won't take no for an answer.

Faora seeing she couldn't do anything, decided that she'll put her conversation with her son on hold for now.

She stood up and walked towards the door and left with Zod but not before Wishing her Son good night and blowing him a kiss.

Lor simply waved at her back and giggled, playing the role of a child just as good as other times.

She closed the door and the room descended into silence.

'It seems Father and Mother are about to have an Argument. Hopefully, this doesn't ruin her relationship with Zod.'

Lor thought as his previous cute and childish demeanor suddenly changed to a serious and cold one.

He laid on the bed and thought about his improvement's for the past Four Years.

'I've once grown far stronger than I was before. My physical attributes have grown far stronger than I expected but that's good.'

'But Although, my physical attributes have grown pretty far and I've been absorbing the Red Sun Radiation for a long time now, my other abilities as a Kryptonian haven't surfaced yet.'

'I wonder how long I'll have to wait before my abilities resurface. Hopefully, it's before the planet blows up.'

Lor thought as it would be really bad if he doesn't unlock his abilities before the planet explodes.

[No worries, host. Your abilities will soon awaken.]

'Hm? System, what do you mean by that?'

Lor questioned.

[Your abilities are taking so long to awaken due to being under a Red Sun but it won't be long until they awaken. In the Next Four Years, you should have them by then.]

'Hmm, Good. I can wait for Four more Years.'

[Also Host, when your abilities awaken, Your Physical Attributes would have a huge jump in strength. You would be way faster, stronger, invulnerable and have better senses than you have now.]


'Why is that system? Why would I suddenly be faster and stronger all of a sudden?'

[Because Your abilities right now such as Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Invulnerability, Superhuman Stamina, Superhuman Hearing, Super Vision, Super Smell, and Accelerated Healing are still too weak. They haven't been exposed to enough Radiation. At the time, when abilities such as Super Breath, Heat Vision, Black Light Vision, Flight, X-Ray Vision and other types of Vision start appearing, Your Current abilities would have had enough Radiation to be truly strong.]

[The only thing limiting you now from getting your full abilities is the Red Sun. Once Your body has drunken enough Radiation, that's when Your abilities will truly start to shine. You just need patience host, patience.]

'And that's what I have right now. Good, to think my abilities are still weak due to the red sun. It seems like the Red Sun is truly dangerous, it's even slowing down the time I would have gained my powers but I already knew that.'

'You can't stop me Red Sun. By the time the planet explodes, I would have had all of my abilities. It's too late for you.'

Lor thought while smirking at the Red Sun setting. It might have been able to keep the Kryptonian's from ever reaching their true Potential but it won't stop Lor. not now, not ever.


He ignored the Sun and decided to do something he hasn't done in a while.


[Name: Lor-Zod]

[Title/Alias: [Son of General Zod] [Cutest Child On Krypton] [True Prodigy] [Heart Snatcher<New!>] [Mama's Boy<New!>] [Future General<New!>] [Future Hot Stuff<New!>]]

[Strength: 36]

[Speed: 36]

[Defense: 36]

[Stamina: 36]

[Senses: 25]

[Skills: [Walking] [Running] [Punching] [Acting] [Kryptonian Language] [Speaking] [Bathing<New!>] [Kicking] [Advanced Martial Arts<New!>]]

[Abilities/Powers: [Perfect Kryptonian Physiology] [Superior Adaptation and Evolution] [Extreme Talent] [Anti Cloning/Anti Power Copy/Anti Power Theft]]

'Hmm, not bad but what's the meaning of the new titles?'

Lor thought while feeling embarrassed at the fact that even the system acknowledged him as a mama's boy.

'My God. This was the reason I wanted her to stop calling me that! I was worried this would happen, now it's stuck there.'

Lor thought while feeling extremely embarrassed.

[[Heart Snatcher] Title has been given to you due to the fact that it's very easy for you to make girls fall in love with you. You easily win the hearts of girls and can just as easily break them as if they're mere toys.]

[[Mama's Boy] Title has been given to you due to the fact that You are forever your mothers boy. No matter what decision or act you take in the future, you will forever remain as her most precious thing in the whole world, Her baby boy.]

[[Future General] Title has been given to you due to the people believing that you'll be the next General after your father. Your the Son of General Zod, not to mention you also have great talent when it comes to fighting. It's already a fact you'll be the next General.]

[And [Future Hot Stuff] Title has been given to you due to the fact that Every Woman who has seen you has come to the Conclusion that when your Older, You'll definitely be extremely handsome. You're already showing signs of a handsome face, it won't be long till your officially the most handsome man on Krypton.]

'I...see. I didn't know I had that much impact on Women around me. Not to mention, I have already won the hearts of several girls, No wonder they kept Drooling and giving me a seductive look.'

'I've already won their hearts.'

Lor thought, coming to a conclusion. Winning so many girls heart's was completely out of his expectations.

'Well, I guess that's good for me.'

He decided to ignore those girls since they have no use for him. They'll eventually die so there was no use starting a relationship with any one of them unless he took them along with him but he doesn't want to do that.

Too much Work, he says.

'Anyways, let's put that matter aside. I just hope everything's okay with Mom.'

Lor thought while sending a worried look towards the direction of his father's room. He couldn't hear anything due to the Sound proof walls blocking him from hearing anything.

His hearing hasn't reached the point of ignoring sound proof walls, nor has his vision reached the point of looking through walls.

He just hopes everything's okay with his mother.


"There's no use thinking about it. I'll find out tomorrow."

He said, finally breaking the silence in the room.

He turned to rest on his sides while placing the blanket over his body. He then turned off the lights in the room and laid his head on his pillow.

'I can't wait to finally start flying. It'll be so awesome.'

He thought with excitement before finally falling to sleep.


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