12 Return! 100,000 Years After His Death, The Legend Still Exists!

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It was not easy to change an important historical event.

After conquering cancer, Lin Qiye had been worrying about it.

Unfortunately... Even though he had led the researchers to study cancer for ten years, it was still not enough to form a major historical event.

He had never expected that before his death, he encountered a spiritual energy restoration!

Everything came to him effortlessly.

Lin Qiye still gave a knowing smile. Although he knew that he did not have much time left, he could not hide the joy in his heart.

"Although I don't know why the spiritual energy restoration suddenly appeared, I'm almost certain that I can obtain an S grade."

Lin Qiye happily started the Deduction of Genesis.

This time, he spent a total of 2,000 movement points to deduce a perfect basic cultivation method - the Qi Refinement technique.

Qi Refinement technique could draw spiritual energy to temper the body, open up the meridians, and cultivate to the tenth level, allowing humans to run amok on Earth!

"It's enough for humans to gain a foothold in the early stages of spiritual energy restoration. As for the subsequent cultivation methods, our next generation will have their own blessings. I can't help them!"

Lin Qiye shook his head and chuckled.

He used his terrifying influence to announce the Qi Refinement technique to the entire country.

Lin Qiye's precious announcement immediately triggered a cultivation craze.

Within three days, hundreds and thousands of people in Country Xia claimed to have noticed the traces of spiritual energy flowing in their bodies when they were cultivating.

Humans had come into contact with cultivation for the first time!

A new era that was destined to be magnificent was slowly beginning!

However, it was a pity that the initiator of this new era, Lin Qiye, was on his last breath.

At this moment, Lin Qiye was lying on a bed in a private sanatorium. The needles on his body were so crowded that they could make a person with trypophobia faint on the spot.

"Quick, electrolysis. Carry out the electrolysis!"

"No, the dynamic balance in Professor Lin's body has been destroyed. It's the spiritual energy between heaven and earth!"

"It's over... Professor Lin... Professor Lin... He..."

"We're really useless! We're trash!"

The new doctors looked sorrowful.

However, Lin Qiye laughed heartily.

"Haha, why are you blaming yourself? I'm lucky to have lived for twelve more years."

As his voice fell, Lin Qiye's heartbeat gradually returned to a straight line without any fluctuations.

The greatest scientist of the present generation had forever closed his eyes.

Although he had suffered from the tortures of his disease, before his death, Lin Qiye's expression was calm and serene.

He had raked in benefits in this world!

His Life Lantern Gem had already taken shape.

It meant that after Lin Qiye returned to the main world, he would become a true Galaxy Practitioner!

He would be able to walk in the myriad of dimensions and simulate life, obtaining countless benefits!

He had completed a leap in his life. There were endless possibilities in the future, and it wasn't necessarily impossible for him to live forever!

Lin Qiye didn't have any regrets and left in satisfaction.

However, the doctors were immersed in grief.

The new doctors were especially crying their hearts out.

They were attracted by Lin Qiye's charisma and specially applied to take care of him, but they never expected to see their idol leave the world.

They felt as if the world had collapsed, and the universe was destroyed.

They squatted at the corner of the wall and cried. Their eyes were red and swollen from all the tears.

However, the dead could not be resurrected.

Lin Qiye left forever.

Ten minutes later, his parents rushed into the sanatorium.

"Son, you promised me today that you would come back healthy for dinner. I made your favorite braised chicken!"

Mother Lin covered her mouth with both hands and cried bitterly.

"My dear son, you have never lied to me. I believe in you. You will come back..."

Father Lin, who had aged more than ten years in an instant, cried silently and held Mother Lin's hand tightly.


On the other side, in a classroom of the National University of Science and Technology.

Professor Yuan, who had learned that his favorite student and half a son had passed away, fainted in the classroom.

Twenty minutes later, all the scientists in Country Xia forwarded an obituary at the same time.

"Mr. Lin Qiye passed away at the age of 30 due to a terminal illness. We deeply mourn the passing of Mr. Lin Qiye."

At the time the obituary was sent out, it started raining in Jiangnan City.

The rain was pouring, the clouds were as dark as lead, and the sky was rumbling. Lightning flashed, and thunder rumbled. It was as if the heavens were mourning Lin Qiye.

Half an hour later, in Jiangnan City, over a million citizens braved the torrential rain and held a flower to bid farewell to Lin Qiye on the street.

The ten-mile-long street was filled with grief!

The media started to send out messages to mourn.

"What a pity! Our country has lost a national treasure!

"In thirty short years, Lin Qiye had conquered cancer and more than thirty diseases, allowing hundreds of millions of people around the world to be free from the claws of cancer.

"Before his death, he even created the Qi Refinement technique with his sickly body.

"It's hard to list his thousands of achievements. Mr. Lin Qiye is unparalleled, and his name will live on in our hearts for thousands of years!"- Country Xia Daily News.

"Mr. Lin Qiye's death is the most painful loss in the history of mankind. Humans should mourn. Even 10,000 years later, we will still feel pity..."- World Media.

The media was full of regret.

Lin Qiye's life story was once again spread around the world.

He became the most influential celebrity of this century, and with a perfect and flawless image, he became the beacon for young people to strive for.

He was young, intelligent, and brilliant.

He was heroic and promising.

He had a noble character and selfless love.

The only regret was that he had never fallen in love.

He had devoted his entire life to scientific research and mankind.

Even on the eve of his death, he had left a heavy legacy for mankind - the Qi Refinement technique.

Humans thanked Lin Qiye with admiration, tears, and a 90-degree bow toward Jiangnan City.

The humans comprehended the Qi Refinement technique with their hearts.

From then on, the humans entered the Qi Refinement Era.

Ten years later, in the 10th year of the Qi Refinement calendar, the Qi practitioners of Country Xia were unprecedentedly strong, killing the mutated beasts on Earth.

In the 20th year of the Qi Refinement calendar, the Genius of Country Xia, Qin Jiuru, was the first man to cultivate the Qi Refinement technique to the 10th level of perfection.

He felt enlightenment and naturally comprehended the next realm, the Foundation Establishment Realm.

He followed Lin Qiye's selflessness and added his breakthrough and cultivation method of the Foundation Establishment Realm to the second page of the Qi Refinement technique scroll.

In the 30th year of the Qi Refinement calendar, Country Xia had unified the world, and at this time, they were unprecedentedly prosperous.

Qi practitioners at the peak of the Foundation Establishment Realm could cross the galaxy with their bodies.

However, the best practitioners at the Foundation Establishment Realm discovered that at the end of the universe, there was a dead end. They had touched the barrier of the world.

Unfortunately, even the genius Qi practitioner Qin Jiuru was unable to shake the barrier in the slightest.

In the 100th year of the Qi Refinement calendar, when the strongest practitioner Qin Jiuru was patrolling at the bottom of the ocean, he accidentally discovered a pearl.

After swallowing the pearl, Qin Jiuru had stepped into the Golden Core Realm! His lifespan could reach up to 500 years!

Qin Jiuru perfected the Golden Core Realm cultivation method and added it to the third page of the Qi Refinement technique scroll.

In the 200th year of the Qi Refinement calendar, Qin Jiuru had reached the peak of the Golden Core Realm, and more than 500 practitioners had entered the Golden Core Realm in Country Xia.

In the 500th year of the Qi Refinement calendar, 6,000 Golden Core Realm practitioners tore a hole in the world barrier. They began to explore the new universe.

In the 1,000th year of the Qi Refinement calendar, Xia universe had completely conquered the new universe, and the two worlds had merged.

The planet's universe level had increased from a micro-universe to a small universe.

The next day, the leader of the Qi Refinement Alliance sprinkled a handful of yellow soil in front of Lin Qiye's grave, which was located at the center of the new universe.

All the Qi practitioners in the Xia universe were in front of Lin Qiye's memorial statue to commemorate him.

Before Lin Qiye passed away, he used his last bit of strength to create the spirit of the Qi Refinement technique, becoming the guiding light in every practitioner's heart. They would never forget it even after a thousand years.

In the 1,200th year of the Qi Refinement calendar, Xia universe discovered and conquered many other small planets. It started the Ascension Era.

In the 50,000th year of the Qi Refinement calendar, Xia universe overcame countless worlds and became a large universe in the current time and space.

They finally met an evenly matched opponent!

From then on, millions of years of mutual struggle began.

At the boundary of the two cosmic barriers, Country Xia's Qi practitioners swarmed over like locusts. Their swords blotted out the sky, and they rushed toward the human-shaped, muscular army of the Godly Tiger race.

"Charge! Wherever the spiritual energy covers, it will be the territory of Country Xia! We, the sons and daughters of Country Xia, will annihilate all enemies!"

"Conquer the Godly Tiger Universe! We will sprinkle the soil of this universe in front of Elder Lin's grave. This is our ultimate romance that has lasted for fifty thousand years!"

"Elder Lin's spirit will forever shine on us as we move forward!"


[Your S+ score only supports you to look at what happened after 150,000 years.]

[You died in the simulated life. This simulated life has come to an end. Your soul and body are returning.]

A magnificent history spanning millions of years flashed before Lin Qiye's eyes.

Lin Qiye's eyes were brimming with tears.

"I didn't expect that a passerby like me would leave such a deep imprint in the Xia universe.

"It's a pity that I can't live longer. If I lived for 50,000 more years, I would be able to obtain a large number of movement points!"

Lin Qiye was rather emotional.

However, Lin Qiye was also satisfied to reach such a level in his second simulation.

He was so satisfied that his joy was beyond words.

Because the rewards really blinded his eyes!

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