Worldshift A New Beginning. Book

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Worldshift A New Beginning.


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It's been years since the system emerged on Earth, yet strangely, the world remained unchanged—no monsters, no apocalypse, no towers, no gods; everything was normal. That is, up until the unavoidable happened. Transported alongside the rest of humanity, Lucius Maxwell arrives in a new world, one filled with intelligent and dangerous races. As he explores and travels through this magical realm, Lucius unravels the mysteries surrounding the enigmatic "System." However, a hidden past haunts him—a past he can't seem to remember, a broken time. ---Author Note To Readers: This is the tale of Lucius Maxwell, unfolding not only his journey but also the lives of those around him in both the new world and the old. Each character comes with unique backstories and intriguing hidden details, weaving a narrative that unravels the complexities of their pasts and the mysteries that bind them together. --- Just a heads-up:The story is slow-paced. The positive is that it allows you to experience a very satisfying character growth, giving you a full image of their personalities, feeling their emotions, and witnessing how they deal with struggles while pursuing their goals. However, it's worth noting that this may not be for everyone, as some readers may find it slow and choose to drop it. Nevertheless, I believe that having a story written this way will fill you up instead of leaving you wondering about the missing plot holes. [Author Note: Check The Auxiliary Chapter: Zone Map for an Epic Map!] Tags: #HiddenPlots, #System, Angels #MinimalRoleOfSystem, #NormalMC, #UniqueStory, #OlderMC, #D&D Monsters, #MatureMC, #Romance, #NoArrograntCharacters, #GameElements, #Goblins, #Kobolds, #Dragons, #Golems, #Demons, #Gods, #Bloodline, #litrpg