World of Supernatural: I'm Raizel(Twilight,VD,Originals,Underworld..)

Fate sometimes brings more surprises to life, as Jay found himself as one of the most powerful fictional being (Cadis Etrama Di Raizel from Noblesse), where more surprises await him. A world infected with various fictional beings from different fictional worlds would be interesting. Noblesse(alternative reality) X Twilight X Vampire Diaries X Originals X Underworld X Teen Wolf

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Chapter 19

Eve stirred in her sleep, troubled by haunting dreams of Raizel's domineering presence, looming to take her life. Trembling, she sat up in bed, her breaths shallow and rapid.

Beside her, Selene's worried gaze met hers, and Eve recoiled, instinctively moving to the corner of the bed, her defenses raised. Despite her fear, there was an inexplicable familiarity in Selene's presence, a sense of connection.

Before she could dwell on these thoughts further, the door burst open, and Michael rushed into the room, his face illuminated with relief and joy at seeing Eve awake. Eve's confusion deepened as she observed the way both Selene and Michael regarded her with warmth and affection, a stark contrast to the cold, calculating gazes she was accustomed to from those who viewed her merely as a tool.

Summoning her courage, Eve whispered, her voice barely audible, "Who are you?"

Selene's gentle approach, her arms outstretched in a gesture of comfort, momentarily softened Eve's defenses, coaxing her guard down as she began to utter, "We are...".

 But before she could finish, Raizel entered the room, his mere presence commanding attention. In an instant, fear gripped Eve once more, her hands clinging tightly to the bed. Unable to transform into her hybrid form, she felt vulnerable and weak, a mere girl facing a monster.

Raizel observed Eve's terrified expression, yet he chose to ignore her fear as he gently called out, "Eve." Eve's gaze darted towards Selene, uncertain of whom Raizel addressed. However, upon noticing Selene's delighted expression, Eve realized that Raizel was referring to her, bestowing upon her a name she had never been aware of.

Selene's heart swelled with happiness at finally learning her child's name, but her joy was tinged with confusion as she observed Eve's bewildered reaction to her own name. Raizel attempted to ease the tension, reassuring Eve, "There is no need to be on guard. No one intends to hurt you."

Despite Raizel's reassurances, Eve couldn't shake off her fear, her instincts still on high alert from the overwhelming presence Raizel exuded, particularly when he had wielded his powers last time they met.

Undeterred, Raizel continued, his voice gentle yet firm, "I believe you've never had the chance to meet your parents." His words captivated Eve's attention, drawing her in like a child listening to a bedtime story.

With a warm smile, Raizel glanced at Selene and Michael before returning his gaze to Eve. "I believe I've given you what you've always wanted most, Eve," he stated cryptically before taking his leave.

Eve pondered Raizel's words, piecing together their meaning as she glanced at Selene and Micheal. She had never believed the lies told by those at Antigen about her parents' demise, always yearning to meet them. Now, to have them all together in the same room was beyond her wildest dreams.

Summoning her courage, Eve addressed Selene tentatively, "Mom?" Her voice quivered with emotion, mirroring the longing of a child reunited with her mother. Selene enveloped her in a tight embrace, tears of joy streaming down her cheeks as Michael joined in, completing the embrace with a sense of warmth and belonging that Eve had never known before.


As Raizel strode through the main hall, his demeanor took on a seriousness seldom from before. Though he maintained his composure in the presence of the Corvin family, inwardly he bristled with alertness, sensing the presence of an intruder within the mansion's walls. Were it not for Raizel's prior instructions to Frankenstein not to engage the guest, there might have already been a clash between Frankenstein, displeased by the intrusion upon his master's domain, and the intruder, who awaited Raizel's arrival with a calm resolve.

What intrigued Raizel most about the intruder was the overwhelming aura of darkness he exuded—a presence reminiscent of a noble's contractor. Without the memories that had been stolen from him, Raizel found it difficult to discern the intruder's allegiance, whether they were affiliated with a traitorous faction or with Lukedonia. However, there was something peculiar about this encounter that gave Raizel pause.

Finally, Raizel reached the hall where the intruder stood before Frankenstein, who remained on guard against the unwelcome guest. For a moment, Raizel remained silent as he was greeted by the intruder with a respectful bow and the title of "Lord." The figure before him was none other than Luke Evans, known for his portrayal of Vlad III "the Impaler," also known as Dracula.


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