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Re-create based upon the characters, the plots, the backgrounds and other elements of Twilight.
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A Hot, Pulsating Kiss

Su Yunxiu was in the first year of university when she fell for someone. When he asked her out, they started a four-year relationship until they graduated, honing her mild nature and patience. She willingly withstood the rumors surrounding him, until a certain birthday party. There, she stood outside a half-closed door and heard the laughter in there. She then realized that everything, including their relationship, had all been planned, and she was just the subject of a bet. With the truth revealed, she deleted all his contact information, packed her things, and left. *** After breaking up, Su Yunxiu focused on her career and making money. Seeing that she was getting more outstanding every day, Xu Mu itched to get her back, and happily intercepted her on her way home. Laughing coldly, Su Yunxiu said, “I'm sorry, but good dogs always clear a path for humans — you're not.” Xu Mu: ... A man with a magnificent presence and a face mask slowly approached Su Yunxiu from behind, lovingly and possessively putting his hand around her waist as he whispered into her ear, "Let's go home, Xiu Xiu." They walked past Xu Mu without so much as a look, leaving him behind in tears and now a joke. Before meeting Yu Wenci, Su Yunxiu’s life was dull... But after that, he used all the warmth in the world to dispel her insecurities, allowing her to revel in his words and smile. He would say, “Why do you always end up looking so miserable whenever we meet, milady? Alright, you can stop pretending — cry all you want, I'm not going to laugh at you. Why act tough?" Pure love!!!

Mu Muxi · General
40 Chs

Twilight: Alex Denali

Having died in the old world, I opened my eyes in the brand new one. The world I was in seemed ordinary and parallel to mine, with the same history. But it still seemed to be able to give me a surprise, which all I had to do was accept. (Warning!!! Translated using a machine translator, so don't throw slippers...)

Wasilisk100 · Urban
Not enough ratings
13 Chs

Dreaming through multiverse or Just another Adventure

Well, it’s my choice in isekai terms ,if I will ever have that opportunity. Some travelling stuff,dreams and maybe some harem collection. Different worlds anime,manga,novels probably movies and serials. It’s my first rodeo don’t be too cocky about my grammar or karma will get you right from behind(just kidding (OR NOT)). Main world is Marvel, first world to trawler isn’t decided yet. First chapters are about Jonathan Wilson Vic, 15 years old schoolboy or at least was him. Now he is the same person but with another soul inside his body and memories of old John and retired Yakuza gang member. New John is reincarnated soul with 4 wishes. What will he do with his second chance? How will he live his life and what goals he will pursue? Well, this story is about it all. P.S. ( I wish to be this lucky motherf***er.) First travel after 15-18 chapters.

Funeraltxt · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
12 Chs


"You look so much like her. You have her eyes, her hair, her nose, Ah and even that beautiful arc of her eyebrows" The way he had said "her eyebrows " scared me. Much to my horror he pulled out a razor.

L_L_G · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
50 Chs


Ayan had seen his mother's murder when he was 12 years old and since then he wanted to kill that murderer but he did not even dare to do so. And he grew up thinking about whether it was okay to kill him or to forgive after growing up, he shifts to a place called Fork with his grandmother which is located in the mountain. Then he gets admission to a college and is feeling attracted to the professor.      And the professor who is a vampire was struggling to live his life, He wanted to die but a vampire has eternal life He has got his curse and his curse can be far from true love, but to date, he has not found his true love. And after living 732 years, he gives up. He always has to change his place after every 10 years so that his truth is not known and he always searches the hilly areas to live.         When Ayan joins the school, he becomes Daniel's best friend who is a vampire but Ayan is completely unaware of all this. and hangs out with Daniel everywhere and has a lot of fun with him but one day Jack belongs to a rich family and bullies every child Then both of them get caught in the hands of Jack but Eren comes in the middle and saves them both. And since then, Ayan wants to be close to the professor, and in the meantime, he Found so many mysteries inside the world. Jack keeps harassing Daniels again and again, who is Struggling with his power and Jack found Daniel Suspicious.

SVP137 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
4 Chs

Cursed Together With Mr. Vampire; I need to drink his blood!

*Mature Content Born as the prettiest daughter of a Duke made Triana grew up to be an innocent, spoiled girl. However, she realizes that her beauty is the reason for all the happiness she has gotten so far. Thus, she asks a witch to make her beauty immortal. Giving a torture potion to a vampire who has been confined in a hidden castle is a condition from the witch to Triana for her eternal beauty. The last Dracula’s descendant - He, who survived the war, was chained in magic, forgotten, and starving. Deceiving the vampire allows Triana to have a timeless beauty. But that way, she also realizes that she has been framed by the witch. The vampire's chains fell off and the girl in front of him should be his appetising prey. However, he realises something is wrong with his body when the girl almost died at his hands. “You two have the same arrogance. Isn't ‘eat or be eaten’ a principle of your lives? Now, suffer together in my curse!” Triana's and Vlador's hearts beat at the same time. Both will die if one of them dies. And Triana has to drink Vlador's blood if she wants to stay alive – While Vlador has to hold his huge craving for Triana's blood. What should they do? And how do they continue their lives in this circumstance? --- * Follow my insta @kalong_ungu_eng *This novel is rated 18+ and the author takes no complaints about the dark and explicit content. *The cover is mine. Do not use.

Lydia_Siu · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
31 Chs

Naya's love journey

Naya Adiba, a 22-year-old girl was forced to swallow the bitter pill at the same time in her life. Naya seemed to be forced to bear the shame and disappointment because the person she loved the most just left when she was pregnant. Amid the disappointment that she was feeling, Naya also had to accept the fact that she had to choose to marry a man she did not love. Rama, a man who is 27 years old as a candidate for his parents' choice, is very willing to accept Naya's situation with all her shortcomings. But can Naya live in a household with Rama, the man she doesn't love? can she forget the father of the child she is carrying? Can Rama turn Naya's sorrow into happiness?

Miss_Nila · Urban
34 Chs

the Alpha's Mate (book 1 to the 'alpha' series)

"Sit 07, I got a hour to make you look good" Jose turned to the makeup table to my right, Hanna growled in my head at the way she addressed us "My name is Ashlee not 07" I corrected her. She grabbed the tray of makeup and set it down on the table by my chair "in this place, your name doesn't matter, only your number is how you will be addressed" she commented grabbing my chin cleaning my face with a wipe that smelt like strawberries. *************** After a incident that happened when Ashlee was seven her pack members turn on her and she quickly turned from another pack member to a lowly slave, worse than a omega. On her 20th birthday her alpha sells her into a auction house for a good buck. Quinn is the alpha of a well known pack, on a night where he goes to the auction house to catch the sellers in the act of selling supernatural people he finds his mate amongst the slaves. He wants her, he gets her.

PinkSkies01 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
17 Chs