World of Supernatural: I'm Raizel(Twilight,VD,Originals,Underworld..)

Fate sometimes brings more surprises to life, as Jay found himself as one of the most powerful fictional being (Cadis Etrama Di Raizel from Noblesse), where more surprises await him. A world infected with various fictional beings from different fictional worlds would be interesting. Noblesse(alternative reality) X Twilight X Vampire Diaries X Originals X Underworld X Teen Wolf

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Chapter 18

As they got into the car and waited for a few moments, Selene and Michael settled in, with Eve remaining unconscious in the back seat. Despite Selene's initial disbelief in Raizel's words, her eyes instinctively searched for Eve until she finally laid eyes on her daughter, leaving her stunned. Raizel glanced at them through the rearview mirror, observing their reactions. While Michael wasn't as surprised as Selene, he was filled with joy, mirroring her emotions. However, Selene couldn't easily accept the reality of having a daughter without her prior knowledge.

The car didn't linger for their emotions to settle; it moved forward. Selene and Michael couldn't tear their gaze away from their daughter, prompting Raizel to gently intervene from the front seat, "Let her sleep for now." His words served as a gentle reminder for them to regain their composure. Still, Selene couldn't help but steal glances at Eve from time to time, while Michael attempted to comfort her by placing a hand on her shoulder. Selene held onto Michael's hand tightly, seeking comfort.

Until they reached the airport where their private jet awaited, silence remain. None spoke, each lost in their own thoughts and emotions.

As it was time to depart from Europe to Forks, Raizel and Frankenstein exited the car and waited for Selene and Michael to join them. Michael gently lifted Eve into his arms, attempting to wake her to no avail. Concerned, Selene looked to Raizel for answers, her expression questioning. Raizel sighed softly in response to her gaze, stating, "She won't wake up until we reach Forks."

Selene pressed further, asking, "Why?" Raizel, choosing not to elaborate, simply walked towards Frankenstein, who had finished making arrangements. "There is a reason," he cryptically mentioned, leaving Selene with unanswered questions. Michael, however, seemed to grasp the situation, suspecting that Raizel might have used his unusual powers on Eve. Despite his thoughts, he followed Raizel alongside Selene.

Once aboard the flight, the attendants, though familiar with Raizel, couldn't help but admire his every detail. Selene, accompanying Michael, held onto Eve while the attendants offered to assist Michael, who declined, leaving them puzzled. The jet headed towards the Victoria Inner Harbour Airport.

Throughout the flight, Selene remained by Eve's side, while Michael found himself seated beside Raizel, much to Frankenstein's annoyance as he arrived late. Despite Frankenstein's silent frustration, Raizel didn't seem to mind Michael's presence, prompting Frankenstein to unwillingly take a seat nearby.

Raizel remained with his eyes closed, supporting his head with a hand, seemingly unfazed by Michael's desire to speak but hesitant to initiate the conversation. Eventually, Michael gathered his courage and uttered, "Sir," prompting Raizel to glance in his direction. Michael, feeling increasingly nervous under Raizel's gaze, struggled to articulate his thoughts. "Sir... why are you... helping us?"

Raizel was taken aback by Michael's assumption regarding his motives. In reality, Raizel's motives were driven by his curiosity about the Corvinus Strain. He wanted to ascertain whether the strain could indeed mutate with noble blood and to what extent. However, he didn't want to impose his curiosity on others merely to satisfy his own ends. 

Initially, he hadn't intended to assist them; rather, he had contemplated removing them from the equation due to the potential threat posed by the Corvinus Strain, which could prove advantageous to the Union if it could indeed mutate with dominant bloodlines like werewolves and nobility. Raizel was determined to prevent such an outcome.

Despite his reservations, Raizel hesitated to take action, particularly because he wasn't a stranger to them, being a fan of fictional characters himself. He had a deep affection for characters like Selene and Eve. Ultimately, he made the decision to allow them to live, but on his own terms.

Raizel shifted slightly in his seat and calmly stated, "I don't need a reason for what I do, Michael. All I do is follow my will, nothing else." Michael's eyes widened at Raizel's words, prompting him to realize that he didn't know who Raizel was, but Raizel knew him. With genuine interest, Michael asked, "Sir, who are you?" Raizel glanced at Michael and replied simply, "Raizel." Though it wasn't the answer Michael was seeking, he muttered, "Sir Raizel," before falling silent.

Later, Michael attempted to engage Frankenstein in conversation. Frankenstein responded with a smile, but his facial expression betrayed a hint of frustration towards Michael, leaving him puzzled by the well-composed man's peculiar behavior. Within 14 hours, they reached the airport and arranged for transportation to Forks. Eve began to slowly regain consciousness, much to the delight of Michael and Selene, who had fully accepted her as their daughter. Unlike in the show, Selene's affection towards Eve wasn't affected by Michael's absence, leading her to maintain a close proximity to Eve.

As they approached Forks, the moody weather greeted them, with Selene familiar with such conditions. She glanced out the window until they entered a road surrounded by woods. Finally, the car came to a stop in front of a solitary mansion nestled in the woods. Raizel addressed them, capturing their attention, "Here we will live from now on." Frankenstein exited the car and opened the door for Raizel, while Selene and Michael followed suit, stepping out into their new surroundings.


Guys, Raizel is on a quest to cure his weakness. And guess what? He found a clue! cue dramatic music The clue? Var Dohr. But of course, he's hesitant. Typical Raizel, right? Always unsure if it'll work. So, we all have to wait and see.

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