With Teeth (it's her kiss that's as black as the sea) Book

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With Teeth (it's her kiss that's as black as the sea)


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Wednesday had been intending to exceed her historical record of carrying 56 different weapons on her person for some time now, but the goal had fallen down her list of priorities in favour of more pressing pursuits. She's delighted the day she realises she has beaten that number by 10 without even trying for it. Enid, watching Wednesday make this discovery from the other side of the quad lunch table, crumples a whole metal fork in her hand mindlessly, blushing furiously. Yoko reaches an arm over Bianca to push Enid's jaw closed, murmuring to Enid that she can stop drooling now. The rest of the school population within hearing and sight range of this event immediately gains an additional 20 feet of distance or more away from Wednesday. There's at least one shriek of terror. Three people faint. All have just become aware of the fact that their resident void of darkness has gained some wickedly sharp claws and teeth and looks uncannily delighted about using them.


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