907 Water Dragon's Song! Spiritual Limit Break! (3)

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"I didn't fight for it. After going around in circles, the strange item still ended up in my hands. This is life... What does this mean? This means that this item is fated with me and should belong to me!"

Levi was secretly delighted.

"But I can't be sure. I should go and find some information about the wondrous object first. If it isn't a Truth Oddity, I'll be happy for nothing, or if I refine it randomly, I'll go berserk or something."

When it came to Truth Oddity, Levi had to be careful.

"Fifth-circle Wizard Tool, a Truth Oddity, and the three treasures that Sauron created... I, Levi, am also full of treasures. In the future, I must not be rash. Otherwise, if my treasures are destroyed by others, the gains will not make up for the losses."

"If this is a Truth Oddity, even if it's of the lowest quality, I should be able to achieve a 100% success rate with the Succubus Potion. There's no chance of failure!"


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