693 The Dao of Humanity! (1)

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Lion King City.

In Levi's wizard tower laboratory.

Emperor Mu's eyes were filled with confusion as he looked at the white wolf girl in front of him.

"Algerta? Why am I here... I remember being controlled by the Golden Spine Bone... Wait, where's my Golden Spine Bone?"

Emperor Mu suddenly stood up. The pain in his body made him moan uncontrollably.

Algerta hurriedly said, "Your injuries have just healed. Master stitched you up a lot. You can't move, or it will collapse."

"What... what happened to me?" Emperor Mu calmed down and asked.

"You'll know when Master comes," Algerta said.

Levi had already walked in.

"Commander!" Emperor Mu got off the bed and came to Levi.

"You haven't recovered from your injuries yet. Don't be too agitated. Tell me if you have any questions," Levi said.

"Commander... did I lose control?" Emperor Mu asked.


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