890 Sudden Wealth, Undying Bird Fruit! (5)

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This woman was too rich.

In the Star Sea, every island was many times more valuable than the outer sea region.

Levi could afford it, but he felt that there was no need. He could return to the Witch's Family at any time in Nether Capital. This way, it would be more convenient for him to take refuge.

"You guys can cultivate here. I still have something to do here."

Levi said as they parted.

"Sorry to trouble you." Marlene smiled bitterly.

"Thank you for treating me," Winnie whispered with a red face. When she was unconscious, she only felt something warm enter her body and look at her inside and out. Later, she found out that Levi cured her of her coma.

"You're welcome. I still remember your kindness in leading the way back then," Levi sighed.

When one was old, one would always start to remember.

A hundred years ago, the young knight who entered the Wizard World had finally made a name for himself.


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