914 Stab The Thunder Dragon, Snatch The Succubus! (5)

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The moment the Blue Dragon Lady saw the small pagoda, her heart skipped a beat.

"He actually brought it out...What was this guy doing? Does he not intend to go to Dark Ancient Tower? Or could it be that the Thunder Dragon Family already has many keys?"

Just as Blue Dragon Lady was thinking.


Suddenly, rays of light lit up the area around the entire island.

The light of the grand array that covered the entire island soared into the sky. In an instant, a dense lightning net surrounded the entire auction venue.

The lightning net emitted a destructive aura.

Levi's expression changed slightly.

"Fifth-circle array, Thunder God's Net...From the information that the Mind Flayers had sent me, I thought that Sorrett's plan was the same as before. He would frame the Blue Dragon Lady with some demons and then take the opportunity to make a move."


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