895 Perfection! (4)

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Levi immediately began to refine the array.

Levi had high hopes for this expensive combat array.

The refinement difficulty was much higher than 40,000 Glory.

However, in the end, Levi managed to successfully refine it without any mishaps.

In the wizard tower, a total of 24 array items floated like war drums in front of Levi.

On the surface of the war drum, there were 24 different patterns of evil ghosts from hell.

Among the 24 war drums, four were array cores that needed to be controlled by wizards. There were no other requirements. They only needed to be carried with them.

"Each wizard needs a total of four wizards to preside over an array core. Their cultivation level has to be above the second-circle level. If it's too low, they can't preside over the third-circle array.

"After so many years of development, the Psionic Academy should be able to recruit corresponding wizards.


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