680 Fusion! (6)

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"Let's hope the war is over by the time we return."

Area 9 was where Levi had first entered the Wizard World.

Here, he got to know Marlene and the others, became a Legendary Wizard, and became an official wizard. He had also spent a long time here.

Now that he was leaving, he was indeed a little reluctant and emotional.

"Let's go..."

He did not linger. He sat on the back of the griffin and left the Black Fire Island.

The Black Fire Island stood quietly in the sea.

Time flew by, and a year passed.

On this day, a black-robed wizard came to the sky above the Black Fire Island. He looked at the empty island below.

"The fire elemental power here is not bad. It can be used as the base of the Black Crow Tower in the future."

At this point, Area 9 had completely fallen and became a subsidiary area of the Black Sun Steeple.


Holy Brilliance Calendar Year 1073, Month of Beginning.

Yellow Earth Continent.


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