207 Full Moon Night, Feast of Blood! (1)

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Levi cultivated for the next few days while reading the monster manual he had just obtained.

Franken was a celebrity in the wizard world.

He came from the Life School of Thought, and his primary skills were Monster Studies, Mutation Studies, Bloodline Studies, and Transformation Studies.

Especially in Monster Studies, Franken wizards were highly famous, also known as "Monster Franken."

This was because he had personally created many famous man-made monsters.

"Stan" was one of them. It was a stitched monster with infinite strength. The primary material used to make it was the corpse of a grand knight. Of course, it would be better if there was the corpse of a Giant, but the Giant was more complex to provoke than the grand knight.

Stan was much stronger than a grand knight.


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