877 Dark Ancient Tower! (4)

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In the bedroom of Xavier's wizard tower.

"Ah... This feels good. You're amazing. How long have you been practicing this spell?" Xavier climbed up from the prostitute's limp body and leaned against the bed with a tired expression.

"Lord, it's been a hundred years." The prostitute leaned against Xavier's chest and said sweetly.

"Don't tempt me. I don't have a single drop left..."

As soon as Xavier finished speaking, he discovered that a Fifth-Circle Wizard had appeared in the bedroom. His simple restriction arrays were useless to him.

"Vice Principal!"

Xavier quickly put on his clothes and said seriously.

"Xavier, did you see a meteor fall nearby just now?"

The fifth-circle expert asked.

"What meteor?"

The fifth-circle expert observed for a while.

"It's fine. You can continue. I won't disturb you anymore... It hasn't been peaceful recently. You can stay on Starfire Island from now on."


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