689 Bug Luminist! (4)

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"700,000 Aether Stones, just a step away from reaching a million Aether Stones, becoming a millionaire. Exciting," Levi felt a small surge of excitement within him.

With 700,000 Aether Stones, he could do many things.

Of course, he wouldn't spend this money recklessly.

On the one hand, he needed to purchase various wizard knowledge.

On the other hand, he needed to prepare for the construction of his own wizard tower.

Building a wizard tower in the true sense was a massive project that required a vast amount of Aether Stones. From construction blueprints, main project materials, to various energy conversion arrays, control arrays, practice arrays, defensive arrays, transmission arrays, spatial arrays, and more, it all required a considerable amount of money and involved various professional fields.

Many wizards subcontracted different parts of their wizard towers to specialized wizard tower construction organizations.


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