206 Black Snake Breaks Its Limit! (3)

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The Giant Bear of the Northern Territory was a symbol of courage. He could tame three giant bears as pets. In the impression of others, Levi was a rude, barbaric, and violent barbarian from the North.

Such a person was unreasonable.

Not to be provoked.

The hypocritical Southern nobles naturally understood this logic.

Finally, Levi heard a report on the security of the territory.

"Lord, there have been some strange murders in the territory recently. My strength is low, so I can't determine who the murderer is. However, I suspect the murderer shouldn't be a human," the sheriff reported uneasily.

"Oh? Not a human."

Levi did not care much about the matters in the territory.

However, when he heard that the murderer might not be a human, he was no longer sleepy.

He smelled the scent of an evil spirit.

"It just so happens that my Seal of Dragon Might is almost at level 3. Let's see which lucky fellow has delivered food."


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