734 Ancient Saint! (3)

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However, for the outer sea region where the faith of the Seven Gods Church could not radiate, the titles were quite uniform.

The Forsaken Land of the God.

It meant that it was a barren land abandoned by the gods. There were dangers everywhere, and there was no future. Darkness enveloped it, and it was filled with ominousness.

In the early era of antiquity, the book "Nora's Geography" was left behind by the ancient Geography Master Wegener.

He called the earliest continent the Nora Continent, which was also known as the "Land of Man" and "Land of Fertility".

Wei Ge Na also obtained another term from a native who was isolated from the world. Those natives called this continent the "Ancient Pan Continent"!

Ancient Pan.

In the local language, it meant "ancient, primitive, chaotic, and open".

In short, from the knowledge of the Wizard World, the human world in the early ancient times was far larger than the human world Levi had seen.


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