Winter Rain

Author: MayDreamer
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What is Winter Rain

Read ‘Winter Rain’ Online for Free, written by the author MayDreamer, This book is a LGBT+ Novel, covering WEAKTOSTRONG Fiction, SLICEOFLIFE Light Novel, REVENGE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Xiao He Ling could be called as the heartthrob of his hometown, a ball of sunshine loved by all~ But the one who made hi...


Xiao He Ling could be called as the heartthrob of his hometown, a ball of sunshine loved by all~ But the one who made his heart throb to the point that...he couldn't even breath properly...was that one boy who appeared in his life out of nowhere and made his whole life upside down...

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SYNOPSIS Arriving at the scene of the incident, her whole being was shut down for a while, only a quote kept ringing in her head ''Sadly enough, the most painful goodbye are the ones that are left unsaid and never explained" Jonathan Harnisch. She stood rooted to the ground watching two unrecognized bodies burned with fire, Struggling for breath like an electric shock she couldn't move an inch. Motionlessly standing, oblivious of her surrounding Nina waited to wake up from the nightmare. However instead of waking up,she found herself swimming in darkness,her weak body couldn't stand what is happening around her she gave in to it and fainted, partially awake but too weak to open her eyes.subconciously she heard voices from her surrounding. First policeman:''Over here! she is probably still alive take her to the ambulance!! Second Policeman: ''Let's take the bodies out too!!" Third Policeman: ''Sir I found this! looks like it's a deliberate attempt and considering the fact that there are traces of blood by the pool side, I think the victims fought for their lives before being burned to death." Second Policeman:''And the fact that their bodies were the only thing that got burnt is also an evidence". First Policeman: ''Take the little girl out first! she seems to suffer from shock" "Yes Sir!" They both answered. With that Nina was taken out from the scene. However from her closed eyes after somehow hearing the policemen, tears was continually streaming from her closed eyes. ...................... But like an angel of no mercy she will be back to seek justice for her parents. ''Let the games begin!!!".

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Miracle Doctor And Empress

Within the prominent family of sorcerers in Mount Qingnan, the Zhan family, finally had a daughter, breaking the millennium curse that their family couldn’t have daughters. During her full moon banquet, the taciturn crown prince said he liked and wanted her, so the emperor simply conferred this newborn as his son’s crown princess. Zhan Yunge, the treasure of the Zhan family, has bones like jade, skin like snow, and moves like flowing water. True to her reputation, she was an absolute beauty. She only had two hobbies since birth, and they were reading and sleeping. Whenever she got bored, she would fortify her reputation of being arrogant. Nangong Xuan, crown prince of Shengyu Empire, was an all-rounded genius. He possessed divine looks, brilliant tactics, limitless talent, and an indifferent personality. He only had one hobby, and that was to dote on the girl he had fallen for at a young age. At the age of three, he had decided he would add his name into her list of hobbies. Everyone knew of her reputation of being a useless rich young lady. She just happened to be born into a top-class prestigious and powerful family, but only he was brilliant enough to recognize her for who she truly was and possess her. Arrogance was a disposition she retained from her past life. Acting spoilt was how she disguised her glamorous tactics. When she read, she was actually learning medical skills and sorcery. When she slept, she was actually cultivating her soul. On the day she revealed her true self, she stunned countless eyes and stole countless hearts! A rich young lady of many talents, Zhan Yunge, and a two-faced cunning crown prince, Nangong Xuan. As they pursue romance, they stirred up the entire nation. He wagered his country for a glamorous future where he and she would be together.

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Sinful Pleasures: Heaven and The Mafia Lord.

Two cops nab a drug lord, who offers them an outrageous bribe to get him off in the late 1980s. One says no, the other says yes, and soon it’s the honest cop who’s kicked off the force in a drug scandal. He was set up by his best friend, the crooked cop, who becomes the drug dealer’s right-hand man and, eventually, a master criminal in his own right. For the honest cop, It's all nothing but tragedy. He takes his family from Italy to start afresh but dies soon after. The family becomes separated when thugs take away the oldest son, Martinez. This eight-year-old boy ends up on the streets, fending for himself. He one day saves a man from getting robbed and he offers Martinez a chance to have a father again. A chance to rebuild himself. Over the next 20 years, the orphan transcends all the pain and trauma of his childhood to transform himself into the perfect sword of vengeance. Now an adult, nothing will get in Martinez's way. Now that he has found out that his father Valentino Rusello Is the mafia Lord of the most vast and cruel underworld business. A secret that was revealed to him because he had no chance for turning back. The same gang In which Rifat the best friend who betrayed his father Is trying to make his. Soon, Martinez begins to rise through the ranks and takes over after his father's death. All is going according to plan… until he runs into Heaven. Heaven is Rifat’s daughter and Martinez's doom. Kemal was the love of her life, and it broke her heart when he disappeared or so she played. Martinez and Heaven meet for the first time in an Alley because of Simon but she doesn't remember as they made her forget about what happened that night but Martinez later finds out that Heaven played a major role In what destroyed his family years ago. She doesn’t recognize the new man at first, but is strangely drawn to him all the same maybe due to the guilt even If she remembers nothing about the past. For the sake of his empire and her safety, He tries to harden his heart, but the spark just won’t die out. Soon their love catches fire, and the bond between them becomes Martinez's greatest obstacle. Can this unbreakable love conquer his thirst for revenge? What happens when the one he Loves the most turns out to be the one he has hated all his life? What would Martinez do when all the arrows to finding his little brother points out to an enemy of his. Rifat's Right hand man. Would he pull the trigger and let the bullets Into the Chest of the one who destroyed his childhood when he finds out she's the Love of his Life? This improbable love story puts Martinez and Heaven on a dangerous path, as the forces of love and revenge transform them both.

Kuchelly_08_ · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
2 Chs


Athena, a resilient dark-skinned woman, steals to survive and care for her hateful father. When her actions catch up, Aiden, the boss, rescues her. Discovering her father's betrayal, Athena reluctantly leaves Louisiana for Boston with Aiden.   In Boston, Aiden assigns widowed Mrs. Evelyn Chester to oversee Athena’s farm work as punishment. Aiden departs to his city home, leaving Athena to clash with Evelyn. Despite initial resistance, they bond, and Athena gains the freedom to choose her preferred task—gardening.   In Boston, Athena befriends Hazel, a maid working in Aiden’s grandma’s house. Hazel shares insights on surviving on the farm and warns of dire consequences. One rainy night, Athena is drugged and abducted by workers Milo, Theodore, and Callum in the stable.   Returning home, Aiden faces his parents’ inquiries about marrying his betrothed, Princess Aurora. Betrothed since childhood, Aiden, not a believer in love, sees the marriage as a pragmatic union for business and kingdom alliances.   A call from Evelyn alerts Aiden to Athena’s disappearance. He swiftly returns, organizes a search with Hazel’s revelation about a maid orchestrating Athena’s kidnapping for human trafficking. Determined, Aiden mobilizes to rescue Athena, knowing he has three days to reach her captors before they sell her. Athena’s escape attempts prove challenging.   During the second night, the drunken men sleep, except for Callum who assaults Athena. She escapes, and Aiden, discovering her in the woods, carries her home. Bloodied and traumatized, Athena remains silent. Aiden, unable to examine her, entrusts Evelyn with the task.   Aiden takes a week off, moving to the family house on the farm to care for Athena. Despite her silence, he visits regularly, gradually easing her pain. They bond over walks and gardening, and Athena eventually shares the harrowing details of her ordeal.   Reluctantly, Aiden brings Athena to the kingdom under the guise of a maid. Rumors of her pregnancy surface three months later. Aiden confronts his parents when they mock the pregnant maid. Aurora apologizes on his behalf, and he confides In her about his childhood connection with Athena.   Aurora suggests Aiden claim responsibility for her pregnancy to avoid expulsion. He does and his parents agree to keep her in an old tower for safety. Aiden visits daily. Athena, realizing Aiden’s identity, attempts to confront him, leading to a tragic fall. She hides her pain until alone, breaking down.   Rumors of Aiden impregnating a maid jeopardize his contract marriage with Princess Aurora. Aiden, initially silent, is persuaded by Aurora to open up to his parents. Together, they apologize to Athena, clarifying the situation, and Aiden reopens the palace gates.   Athena questions Aiden about hiding his identity; he admits to enjoying the mystery. As she recovers, Aiden shows her the kingdom, bringing life back to her eyes. During a picnic he proposes to her. He decides to confess his love, but she vanishes, leaving him anxious. Aiden, in panic, finds Athena in the royal garden. She rejects pity, but Aiden confesses his enduring love. They marry, ruling Montonui united.

Anne_Effiong · Urban
Not enough ratings
5 Chs


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I love the way the Author started the book, it was fantastic and the character design is awesome


Very interesting start and plot. The character design is amazingly done. Looking forward for more chapters. Keep up the good work and keep updating.


Amazing! I love the plot since it's something I haven't read before, and the way the author puts a dot after each paragraph or segment helps maintain the flow of the reading. The only advice I could possibly offer is to implement more descriptive writing. Otherwise, the novel is wonderful! Keep up the good work, author!


First of all, I like the conversations between the characters, the start was nice and interesting. I will be looking forward to more chapters!


I love how straightforward the story telling was. Plus the interaction are cute and the characters have chemistry. Looking forward for more chapter!


Okay for starters, love the way the writer began the story, the characters are great and overall the book really do have potentials, Great work


This story has a lot of potential. I would recommend the author to work on grammar, and sentence structure. Other than that, I found no major issues.


The genre is my favorite, and I really enjoy your story. I especially like the character of Ling, and I find your writing to be well-crafted, easy to understand, and with a good flow. I am looking forward to reading more chapters in the future


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