1 The Room

"So... Have you calmed down?"

"Yes, I've calmed down a bit... I'm sorry I insulted you a moment ago."

Somewhere in the multiverse, there was a room.

It was in typical 19th-century English style. The left wall was occupied entirely by a huge rack full of books, while on the right wall there was an elegant white marble fireplace and a couple of pieces of furniture including an old pendulum clock.

In the middle of the room was an antique desk, on which sat a typewriter, some papers, and a cup of hot tea that exuded a fragrance of wild berries.

In the main seat was a man who, despite having completely white hair, did not look at all senile and on the contrary, together with the black suit he was wearing, gave him an aura of vitality and elegance.

"Don't worry Mr. Marcus, your previous behavior is understandable given your current situation".

On a seat on the other side of the desk was a white figure in the shape of a human being. The figure was the soul of Marcus, an ordinary person who liked fantasy novels, manga, and anime (i.e an otaku). Well, at least until he died.

"Well honestly speaking, I thought I would have a long and peaceful life.... but did I have to die like that?!"

Marcus had started his day normally, the only difference was that today he had to go to the hospital for a routine check-up. But before he could get to the hospital he was hit by an ambulance.

Then he appeared in the room with a man who looked like a butler from a British TV series. In that situation, Marcus was very confused and all he could do was insult the man and demand answers about it.

"Well... I won't deny it, it was certainly a rather ironic and ridiculous way to go, but I can't do anything about the means used by the agency's field agents. I only work in the administration and assignment department. " said the man indifferently.

"Wait for a second...What field agents and what agency? And, where am I exactly?"

"Oh, how thoughtless of me, I haven't even introduced myself!"

The elegant man took a sip of tea, adjusted his tie, and then spoke.

"My name is Edward, I am a member of the Reincarnate Administration and Assignment Department, which belongs to the Agency of Transmigration, Invocation, and Reincarnation, commonly known as A.T.I.R."

"The what of what thing?!"

Edward took another sip of tea and looked at the clock on the wall.

"Well, since it looks like we still have time, I'll tell you about A.T.I.R and what we do here."


The multiverse is a space where different universes or parallel worlds coexist with almost no interaction. But in some special circumstances, some of these parallel worlds could interact with each other.

These interactions were usually caused by spontaneous cosmic phenomena, but could also happen by the interference of a third party such as a god or other being with powers capable of breaking or altering the space separating one universe from another.

These cosmic phenomena allowed different entities such as souls to travel from one universe to another and in some cases, the souls retained memories of their past lives or underwent some kind of reconstruction that endowed them with unique and special powers.

The gods were beings made of pure energy who lived in their dimensional planes or realms but still monitored, administered, or ruled one or more worlds. If a problem arose, some gods would have to step in to solve it.

The downside was that if a god intervened directly to save the world, their presence alone could end up causing unimaginable disasters, as well as costing them a great deal of divine power that would leave them vulnerable to external threats. Other gods simply lacked sufficient power to intervene directly or were forbidden to do so.

For all these reasons, gods and other entities found it much more profitable to abduct/summon beings or souls from other dimensions to solve their problems for them.

Unfortunately, the constant abduction of souls/beings from other worlds ended up generating anomalies and cosmic catastrophes or triggered wars between gods from other universes destroying multiple worlds and almost led to the collapse of the entire multiverse.

To prevent this from happening again, a group of Interdimensional entities created the Agency of Transmigration, Invocation, and Reincarnation (A.T.I.R.) to regulate the traffic of souls to other worlds so that no more catastrophes would occur that could endanger all of creation.


"In short, we regulate who or what travels from one corner of the multiverse to another and prevent any disaster that could destroy the multiverse."

"Any disaster? Like what?"

"Well, for example... there is the case of Earth GDR 6-98."

Earth GDR 6-98 just like the Earth where Marcus came from, was a world without magic or any kind of paranormal energy and was only habited by a single race with enough intelligence to create an advanced civilization. But the most important thing about this world was that it was not under the supervision of any god or similar being.

Having no one to monitor them, the habitants of GDR 6-98 became the target of cosmic entities from other worlds to use them as pawns to solve their problems.

One day more than 10,000 people were abducted simultaneously by different gods! They promised them that if they could save their universes, they would return them to their homeworld.

Of the 10,000 people only 6,524 survived, but the gods kept their word and returned them to GDR 6-98 where they belonged. The only downside was when these ''heroes'' returned to their homeworld they discovered that they had been missing for almost 80 years and had lost any chance of regaining their old life.

If that had been all, nothing would have happened. No one would care about the lives of a couple of thousand people who were left homeless or who lost family and friends. But the ''heroes'' had brought back one very important thing from the other worlds they were sent to: supernatural powers.

This, together with the pain of having lost practically everything, turned the 6,524 returnees into weapons of mass destruction. In less than six months the entire civilization of GDR 6-98 was annihilated. After that, some of the remaining ''heroes'' attained divinity, thus managing to become gods and left their world to go to other universes to conquer or destroy them.

"At least four universes were destroyed, another dozen worlds were almost annihilated, and a war ensued that left more than 7,000 gods wounded or dead!.... But that happened millions of years ago and hasn't happened since."

Edward grabbed the teapot to his left and poured himself another cup of that wild fruit-scented tea, took a sip, and then continued speaking.

"Anyway, to prevent incidents like this from happening again, the agency dispatches field agents to different universes, then to select and collect capable individuals to then be sent to other worlds."

"About that, why me? From my point of view I'm just an ordinary person."

"You were selected because you meet the requirements, you are persevering, hardworking, and do not give up despite the problems. Plus you have read and watched over hundred fantasy and science fiction series so you are very knowledgeable on the subject. Well, although compared to other people selected for reincarnation, the amount of fantasy novels and anime you have read and watched hardly meets the requirements you still have other qualities that..."

"Wait a minute, you're telling me... that the only reason I was chosen for this... was just that I'm an otaku!"

Although Marcus didn't know it, the agency was responsible for the creation and distribution of at least 70% of the fantasy stories on Earth (many of which seemed to be based on real events), to ''train'' and inform humans to then send them to other worlds.

"Basically, yes.... but I have to say it's rare to see someone like you here."

"Why do you say that?"

"You're American, aren't you?"

Marcus nodded by way of reply, though he didn't understand what was so odd about that.

"It's just that usually 80% of the people who come from your world and are selected for reincarnation are Japanese, Chinese, or Korean. They adapt very well to the new environment and are always very excited about the mission to save the world and fulfill god's will. In fact, our agency is responsible for more than 40% of the traffic fatalities in those three countries."

Marcus was shocked. While he knew the agency was impressive, he didn't expect the agency to be so embedded in his world to the point of being responsible for thousands of people's deaths a year.

But before he could say anything about it, the typewriter on Edward's desk started typing on its own.

Five minutes later, a sheet full of strange words was in Edward's hand who, after reading the contents of the sheet, couldn't avoid looking at Marcus with sadness.

"I'm very sorry Mr. Marcus, but it seems that the entity that requested you does not wish to give you any kind of ability or benefit and wishes for you to be reborn in an incredibly hostile and dangerous environment."

"What, this is a joke right?" asked Marcus. There was a certain tone of disbelief and nervousness in his voice.

"I'm afraid not. I'm very sorry... but these things sometimes happen."

"Are you sure there's nothing you can do! Anything is fine.... please."

Edward looked at Marcus, he had seen the life this soul had on Earth and it wasn't the best, so when he heard that this soul's second chance would be hell, he couldn't help but feel sorry for him.

Edward decided not to stand idly by, he snapped his fingers and suddenly a screen and a blue holographic keyboard appeared in front of him. He started typing on the keyboard at a frighteningly fast speed. A couple of minutes later, when he finished, the screen and keyboard disappeared and a light appeared out of nowhere.

The light went to where Marcus' soul was and merged with it, but there was no apparent change.

"I just installed an "upgrade" to the stat system you were supposed to have in the world you're going to and added an "inventory" although it's not the best of them all. Unfortunately, it's not much, but it's the least I can do.." Edward said with a bit of pity.

''Sigh... okay, this is better than nothing... Thank you. I know we didn't know each other for very long, but I hope we can meet again."

They both stood up from their seats and shook hands by way of farewell.

"Emmm... Mr. Edward, is it okay if I can ask one last favor of you?"

"Don't worry Marcus, I'll take care of your P***web account."

"Thank you very much!"

Marcus' soul began to glow and in a few seconds, he disappeared into thin air.

Edward sat back down, drank some tea, snapped his fingers making the same blue holographic screen appear, and started typing on the keyboard.

"Oh my...I have to admit you have good taste Marcus.... hmmm, I think out of respect for your good taste I better blow up the computer."

And just like that, Marcus' last unfinished business on earth was resolved without a trace of his existence.


Marcus woke up startled, he wondered what happened, where was he, what happened to Edward?

But before he could answer those questions, he heard a robotic sound, and then, something popped into his mind.



[User status completed]


Name: Marcus Edevane

Race: Undead

Species: Common skeleton

Rank: 0.5

Level: 1 (0/10 xp)


HP: 30/30

MP: 0/0

Strength: 9 Stamina: max

Defense: 7 Intelligence: 0

Vitality: 3 Wisdom: 20

Agility: 10

Stats points: 0



{[Poison Immunity][Necrotic Immunity]

[Disease Immunity][Cold Immunity]

[Dark Resistance lv:1][Evil Resistance lv:2]

[Primary Sense lv:1][Inventory lv:1]}


{[Blunt damage lv:8][Solar/light damage lv:10]

[Magic damage lv:4][Aura damage lv:4]

[Spiritual Damage lv:10][Fire Damage lv:9] [Sacred Damage lv: Max]}


Marcus was speechless, a black status screen with white borders appeared in his mind.

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