Why reincarnate as a useless skeleton? Book

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Why reincarnate as a useless skeleton?


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[WPC #224 Silver Price Winner: Undead and inmortal] Hello little soul. Were you murdered? Hit by a truck? Did you commit suicide or just slip in the bathtub? Well, the point is, you're dead. But don't worry about that, because this is not the end. Welcome to A.T.I.R. At A.T.I.R. we make sure that qualified souls who deserve a second chance are sent to other worlds to live a new life! Although it should be noted that not everything is free. It is likely that after your reincarnation, you will have to fulfill a certain purpose. But nothing too serious, so don't worry! Now enjoy your new life! WARNING: The journey between dimensions can cause the acquisition of superpowers, loss of senses (blindness, deafness, loss of touch, etc...), baldness, short-term memory loss, loss of organs, and body malformations. The agency is not responsible for the place or world where you will be reincarnated, if your species changes or if you suffer a problem during the trip. Any inconvenience you may have, please notify the complaints department (they will probably ignore it). Thank you for choosing A.T.I.R., have a happy life! "That doesn't sound very good..." Follows the story of Marcus, a simple guy who was reborn in a skeleton and despite all the misfortunes, somehow he is still "alive". Fighting monsters, demons, humans, ridiculous situations, and existential crises. Marcus will embark on an adventure to get his freedom in this new life and find the reason why he was called to this world. But his decisions could alter the destiny of an entire universe. Starting from the bottom to reach the heavens. **** Sigh... Look this is my first novel so I honestly don't know how to write a good synopsis without making too many spoilers But trust me, the novel is much better than this synopsis. I would appreciate any kind of critique to help me improve as a writer and English is not my native language. So I apologize for any grammatical errors, I will try to fix them if you let me know. I will try to post a minimum of three chapters per week.The chapters are between 2000 to 3500 words. (The cover was made using A.I)