Knight Warpath: Conquer The Infinite Darkness Book

novel - Fantasy

Knight Warpath: Conquer The Infinite Darkness

Jie Nan The Salted Fish

Ongoing · 439.4K Views

  • 292 Chs

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The ancient power was about to end its slumber and the silent specters were spreading under the ground. With the expansion of the dead, dangers lurked in the night. The transmigrator recovered his memory and fused with a revenant. “I am the Exclusive Knight and the Watcher of the Night. “In the world of monster hunting and the spread of demons, I’m the lonely Demon Hunter. “As evil descends and specters cause disasters, I’m the Savior of All. “With the wrath of ancient gods that desolates the mortal world, I’ll become the glorious God Slayer.” In the infinite world, an endless conquest had begun.


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