Chapter 10: Warm-hearted Jiang Cheng

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The Cultivation Library was located in the eastern part of Wuyue City and was one of the top public libraries in the entire city.

In Wuyue City, as well as in the entire Liang Kingdom, libraries were indispensable public facilities.

In a world of cultivating immortality without the internet, they provided timely, abundant, and free knowledge to the public. If you wanted to learn about a certain academy, visiting the library first to gather information would be a good approach.

Of course, such places were not all called "libraries"; some were also known as "Scripture Pavilions," "Scripture Towers," or "Academies."

In a corner of the Cultivation Library's lending area, an elderly but refined man holding a copy of "Legend of the Sword God" made his way to his usual seat.

This spot was near a floor-to-ceiling window against the wall, outside of which was the small courtyard at the library's center. From morning till afternoon, one could enjoy the peaceful and warm sunlight, making it his favored seat.

However, today was somewhat different.

Opposite this seat, a young male cultivator was already seated, who must have arrived quite early.

The sunlight spilled over the young man's face, bathing his handsome features in a sanctified and radiant glow.

Just by appearance, this young man didn't seem like a bad person at all.

The elder was quite willing to share the seat with a studious and hardworking young man.

He pulled out a chair, sat across from the young man, and dived into the historical accounts recorded in "Legend of the Sword God."

The elder's name was Bai Wendao, a retired professor. However, he couldn't enjoy this leisurely retirement for much longer because his former employer, Tianheng Sword Cultivation Academy, was initiating an "Upgrade Campaign" to transition from a second-tier sword cultivation academy to a first-tier one.

He had received a rehiring notice from his former employer a few weeks earlier and was about to return to the academy to shine once again.

Precisely speaking, in a week's time, he would appear in the examination halls of the Tianheng Sword Cultivation Academy as an invigilator.

Bai Wendao didn't dislike teaching or students, but he did regret that his tranquil days were coming to an end.

Luckily, he possessed the cultivation level of the Foundation Establishment Stage, with a lifespan of three hundred years.

Even if he were to spend ten or twenty years shining back at the academy, he would still have many decades of leisure days to live.

Sometimes, an old man really needs to interact more with the younger generation, and teaching or invigilating at the academy, facing youthful cultivators, wasn't such a bad thing for him.

"Legend of the Sword God" was a biographical novel that narrated the stories of various legendary sword gods from Liang Kingdom's history.

Some of the powerful sword cultivators with incredible strength and exceptionally long lives were still alive to this day.

Having spent his life studying and teaching the way of the sword, these formidable sword cultivators were no different from idols to Bai Wendao.

However, the status of a Foundation Establishment cultivator and a professor at the Tianheng Sword Cultivation Academy was quite insignificant in front of true, formidable sword cultivators.

As Bai Wendao was engrossed in "Legend of the Sword God," the lending area of the Cultivation Library received some unwelcome visitors.

These appeared to be high school seniors who had just finished their entrance exams, borrowed a few magazines, sat down in the lending area, and started to chatter about their future options.

Bai Wendao frowned; he didn't dislike energetic youths, but the library's lending area certainly wasn't a place for discussions.

Bai Wendao looked up at the young male cultivator across from him, who was studying intently, and couldn't help but lament internally, If only everyone were as quiet, composed, and filled with sunshine as he is.

That said, Bai Wendao happened to catch a glimpse of the books the young man had borrowed.

"Criminal Law," "Human Anatomy," "Neurology," "The Truth Under the Forensic Scalpel"...


Bai Wendao was stunned.

Frankly, he found it difficult to connect such a sunny and handsome youth to morbid subjects like "forensic," "anatomy," and "neuropsychiatry."

The young cultivator gently set down his books, careful not to make a disruptive noise, and then gave Bai Wendao an apologetic smile.

Afterward, Bai Wendao saw the young man get up gracefully and walk over to the group of female cultivators who were chattering about their futures.

Bai Wendao didn't have high expectations of the young man's actions.

After all, such a polite and genteel youth would hardly be intimidating to rule-breaking girls; at his age, there were plenty of guys who blushed simply talking to girls.

But soon, the discussions ceased.

The library returned to silence.

And the young male cultivator settled back into his seat.

"I'm very sorry if they disturbed your reading."

Jiang Cheng took the initiative to express an apology to Bai Wendao on behalf of his ill-mannered schoolmates.

"It's okay."

This word of forgiveness unconsciously slipped from Bai Wendao's mouth.

Jiang Cheng smiled and did not engage in further conversation, immersing himself in the study of human musculature and nerves once again.

Working in a game company, the ability to learn is indispensable.

The reason Jiang Cheng assumed the position of Chief Planner for "Immortal Gods" was not only due to his excellent personal charm and outstanding professional capabilities but also because sustained, long-term learning had provided great help in his continuing advancement on the planning path.

Bai Wendao grew curious about this young man.

As an educator, he had seen many students, but none possessed Jiang Cheng's composed and assured temperament.

The most valuable aspect was that he was not only exceptional but also well-behaved and full of compassion for the elderly.

From any perspective, he was a warm-hearted, ambitious, and radiant outstanding youth—except for the books he held in his hand.

Bai Wendao took the initiative to approach Jiang Cheng, "Would you like to join me for a cup of tea outside?"

Jiang Cheng did not want to drink tea at the moment, but it seemed the elder might need help, as logically, very few would spontaneously invite a stranger to tea.

"Sure, but I need to return these books first."

Bai Wendao pointed toward the library's exit, "Over there, there's a temporary storage rack for personal items, where you can leave your books for now."

The two put away their books and, guided by Bai Wendao, arrived at a tea shop outside the library.

Steaming green tea was placed before them. Bai Wendao opened the conversation, "Young man, what is your name?"

"I go by the surname Jiang and the name Cheng."

"Jiang Cheng? How would you interpret that name?"

Jiang Cheng himself did not know, since the name was chosen arbitrarily. But after coming to this world, he felt his name could have a whole new interpretation.

"Cheng, meaning to possess many houses, represents a modest aspiration."

Bai Wendao laughed heartily, finding Jiang Cheng's explanation most amusing.

"My name is Bai Wendao, a retired old man. I usually enjoy fishing, tea tasting, and researching sword cultivation."

Noticing the calluses on Bai Wendao's palms, Jiang Cheng commented, "You must be a predecessor in the way of the sword."

"I wouldn't dare claim such a title. The path of sword cultivation is as profound as the ocean, and I have spent my life merely glimpsing its threshold, hardly worthy of being called a predecessor. I'm just an ordinary cultivator who wields a sword."

Jiang Cheng nodded.

He agreed with Bai Wendao's remark that "the path of sword cultivation is as profound as the ocean."

Indeed, sword cultivation was regarded as the most complex of all cultivation paths in "Immortal Gods."

To balance the combat power of sword cultivators, Jiang Cheng had lost more than a few hairs.

"Indeed, sword cultivation differs greatly from the traditional cultivation methods. Traditional cultivation advocates for shoring up weaknesses and progressing evenly, whereas sword cultivation is a path of specialized practice. Detrimentally, due to its excessive specialization, sword cultivators themselves are divided into countless factions. The Sword Control Faction, Sword Qi Faction, Slaughter Sword Faction… each forms its own system, none acknowledging the others."

Bai Wendao's eyes lit up, "Young Brother Jiang has such insight into the way of the sword?"

Not wanting to overstate, Jiang Cheng modestly replied, "I merely have a rudimentary understanding."

Despite their substantial age difference, the two found their conversation highly congenial.

Periodically, the sound of pleasant laughter could be heard from the tea shop next to the Cultivation Library.

Jiang Cheng's politeness, eloquence, and appropriately profound knowledge left a good impression on Bai Wendao.

Bai Wendao couldn't help but think that if he encountered a student like Jiang Cheng when he returned to teaching at the Sword Cultivation Academy, his post-retirement teaching career would likely be very enjoyable.