Why are the Talismans I Drawn Banned Again?!

Author: Quiet Support
Magical Realism
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What is Why are the Talismans I Drawn Banned Again?!

Read ‘Why are the Talismans I Drawn Banned Again?!’ Online for Free, written by the author Quiet Support, This book is a Magical Realism Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: After Jiang Cheng transmigrated to the Cultivation World, he discovered he had no talent for cultivation, but he was une...


After Jiang Cheng transmigrated to the Cultivation World, he discovered he had no talent for cultivation, but he was unexpectedly gifted in making talismans. …… Buyer, "Jiang, I need some talismans for self-protection." Jiang Cheng, "This Fireball Technique is perfect for you." A few days later. Buyer, "Jiang, there's something not quite right with this Fireball Technique?" Jiang Cheng, "Is there fire?" Buyer, "Indeed, it did catch fire." Jiang Cheng, "And the ball?" Buyer, "I did see it." Jiang Cheng, "Did it protect you?" Buyer, "It left me exposed." Jiang Cheng, "???" Jiang Cheng, "Then you would like..." Buyer, "I would like to buy another hundred million of them!" …… The book is also known as "Expanding the Sect Rules Starts with the Talismans I Draw", "I Didn't Start the Bad Atmosphere in the Cultivation World", "Transmigrated, Then Forced to Defend My Innocence", "Supposed to Be Fireball Technique, How Come It’s a Blazing Bonfire Instead", "Who Has Time for Love When Drawing Talismans?"

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Chukwuma_Isamade · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
1 Chs

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anyone know raw name of this novel??????


Someone rawsss please??? Rawss ??? Would be really helpful


The story is good and interesting, but there is not a lot of talk about the world he is in from the perspective of "Jiang Cheng". Also from the 70s plus chapters there are a few chapters that have a lot of jumbled words some a backwards and others are scrambled I don't know if it is a translation issue but it makes it really hard to enjoy the story. I hope this gets fixed soon. Thanks


too much water i read all avaible chapter paid and only two talisman ? too much character it goes everywhere it started good but you have to ruin it i m sad really. an because there s so much people i can t remember who is who name are so similar etc there s no 'characteristics' to the people no depth just a name an identity and that s it, and explaination for a small things goes for an entire chapter, one taliman 50 chap ? bro it s not a dissertation but a book, good idea but lame, anyone can write that way just nonsense onto nonsense, and everything is too perfect no challenge for mc really. oh i want that oh it s there. just use your life as a template or how can people relate ? keep going i hope for your sucess bye


This feels a lot like another one that recently came out called (Don't confiscate my identity as a human) Both are interesting main characters are interested in the law. Being from the modern world they use the laws to stabilize their positions and to protect themselves from the lawless.


This book in summary: Jokes aside its a fun and interesting read!


At the beginning I really enjoyed the story…BUT now I will prob drop it, cos the harem of girls is way too annoying and feels so unnecessary ugh. All the other girls can’t hold a candle to Liu Qing, and are just a waste of screentime tbh


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