290 Unexpected Reunion.

In the living room of Whitelock Residence.

Luna took a satisfying sip from the hot cocoa. Her eyes curved into a delightful look.

When she opened her eyes, she continued watching the talk show, shown on the TV.

The talk show's conversation topic circled around the Colosseum and the matches that were the most interesting ones.

Previously, it showed an clip of Isaac's match. However, Luna missed it while adventuring throughout the mansion.

Madison, Marshall, Mariah, and Sin's mouth's kept moving as more and more words came out. Their talk hadn't ended ever since it started in the kitchen.

However, it didn't seem as important as before when Luna wasn't allowed to hear their conversation.


Madison's ears perked up and she saw the car lights from the windows, ''They have arrived!''

She stood up and walked to the front door.

Marshall and Mariah peeked over the backrest and saw Madison opening the door.

Sin was rather concentrated on the talk show alongside Luna.


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