20 Marvin.

''Aah...'' Alice moaned out of satisfaction after entering the bathtub.

Her silky and smooth-looking skin was shown briefly underwater.

The bubbles swimming on the water surface made her body scarcely concealed.

She looked at the bathroom wall, and the memories of the school day surfaced in her mind.

In her memory, she saw her giggling classmates who had flushed cheeks while gazing at the picture on the phone, like they wanted to devour it.

She felt chills all over her body.

'Why is he so attractive... He will always get in trouble... He doesn't understand the destructive power of his face...'

Alice bit her soft-looking lip.

'He is defenseless while playing the game as well... I heard that you can do intimate things ingame if both parties are willing to... But if someone forces him!' Her face went pale but shook her head almost instantly.

'My big brother is smart... He knows who to trust and who not... But... What if someone assaults his defenseless figure when he is playing! Maybe some of the caretakers who have taken fancy to him... He doesn't know what happens outside world when he is ingame...'

A lot of scenarios were going on in Alice's mind.

'Maybe I should quit school and become his personal guard... No... My parents would never let me... Bothersome...'

'No... I should calm down... My dearest big brother probably quits the game after 1 week... His genius mind probably gets tired of that game soon... That would be good— who knows if some vixen manages to seduce him. He should not marry anyone, and he should be my big brother forever...' Alice nodded with a smile and left the bathtub.

Her soft and beautiful body became visible, and her skin almost shined.

She quickly washed the rest of her body, making her skin look mesmerizing.

Her skin didn't have any hair. It was like a perfect masterpiece. Smooth and unharmed.

But Alice pouted while looking at her chest, which wasn't as big as her sister's and mother's.

'Those are only lumps of flesh...' She thought and wore her towel, and left the bathroom.

She quickly wore her outfit, a long-sleeved shirt, and tight shorts.

She went to her cabinet, locked heavily with three normal locks and a finger scanner.

She placed three codes on the locks and put her tiny index finger on the scanner.


The cabinet opened, and hundreds of pictures were stacked inside.

''Hmm...'' Alice pondered and grabbed a picture that showed Isaac smiling while playing with a kitten.

''Aww...'' Alice smiled and closed the cabinet.

She lied down on the bed and examined the cute picture.


Half an hour later.

Maxwell and the rest of the siblings arrived at home.

Isabella had already prepared the dinner.

The table in the dining room was filled with exquisite foods, and in the ceiling, a chandelier illuminated the room.

They all sat down on their chairs.

Soon, Alice joined the dinner as well. She pulled the chair below the table and sat down.

Her cheeks were slightly flushed in pink. The heat of the bathwater was still affecting her. Her body temperature also being much warmer than before.

Everyone gathered at the dining table, locked their hands, and closed their eyes.

''Thank you, Goddess of Snow, for blessing this meal,'' Maxwell spoke and took the first bite of the food.

20 minutes later, they finished the dinner.

Isaac looked at the clock and saw that the servers would be up in a few minutes.

''Isaac, will you go back to the game?'' Maxwell suddenly asked.

Isaac nodded, ''Yes, father.''

Maxwell nodded, ''Good luck.''

''Hmm?'' Isaac wasn't sure why his father said that but nodded in response.

Maxwell watched as Isaac left the dining room.

The rest of the children left, leaving only Maxwell and Isabella in the dining room.

''Why did the update come early?'' Isabella inquired.

Maxwell sighed, ''They said because more people started playing than expected... But that is a lie. They knew how popular this game would be... They sped up the update so that the world would change faster.''

''W-We weren't prepared for it to happen so fast,'' Isabella said with an anxious look.

''It's fine... I have four Legacy Contenders in my company. We will be fine.''

Isabella sighed and nodded, ''What about Isaac?''

''No need to worry about him... He is only a casual player. If he was even slightly more serious, he might be able to fight against Legacy Contenders... But alas... He doesn't take this situation seriously.''

''He is still young... Since they were children, the Legacy Contenders have been trained to be bearers of their Legacies.''

Maxwell sighed and lowered his head, ''It's all because I couldn't decide faster... I thought that everything Legacy Company said was bullshit... But I was naive and ignorant.''

Isabella touched his hand tenderly, ''It's not your fault... Who could have expected that everything they said was correct... It is like a fairytale.''

Maxwell sighed and smiled, ''To think... That the humans will be fighting against Gods.''


Isaac entered his room and glanced at the clock.

''Only 2 minutes...'' He murmured, grabbed his helmet from the wardrobe, and placed it gently on the bed.


He turned his head towards the door where a knocking sound came.

''Come in,'' Isaac said.

The door was opened by a young man with slightly longer brown hair and sharp eyebrows. He had a lean body with not much muscle. He looked rather ordinary, with few unique features. Especially his ear piercings. He was Isaac's big brother, Marvin.

''Marvin?'' Isaac was surprised to see his big brother. Soon, a joyful smile appeared on his face,

Marvin smiled and hugged his little brother, ''Isaac, I have great news.''

''What is it?'' Isaac asked curiously.

''I have found him.''

''Found who?''

Marvin smirked, ''The bastard who made you quit school.''

Isaac's face went solemn, ''Who is it?''

''Oliver,'' Marvin said with anger oozing out of his eyes. Even making Isaac feel chills throughout his body.

''What?!'' Isaac was shocked, ''B-But why!''

Marvin stopped hugging him and shook his head, ''Not sure. However, I am 100% sure that it is him!''

Isaac sat on the bed with disbelief filling his look.

''I can gather my friends, and we will go pay him a visit. After today, he won't be walking ever again.''

Isaac quickly shook his head, ''No, big brother!''

''But why?'' Marvin asked with a frown.

''I-It's my revenge...'' Isaac said with a firm tone. His heart was rapid, still unable to comprehend that Oliver was the culprit behind his pain!

Marvin sighed and nodded, ''If you need help, I will be here for you.''

Isaac smiled and hugged him, ''Thanks.''

Marvin smiled and nodded.

He left the room, leaving Isaac alone with his thoughts.

'Oliver... Why...' Isaac lied down on the bed. Eyes trembling, lips moving up and down, streams of tears threatening to pour down.

However, at that moment.


A dinging sound came from the VR Helmet.

''Eh?'' Isaac turned his head and saw the VR Helmet connecting.

''Why did it connect?'' Isaac was confused— he grabbed the VR Helmet and saw texts appearing on the visor.


[White Online - Update - Ready!]

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