48 Level 13.



Isaac looked at the screen and saw that only 11 seconds remained before his Uncommon Flintlock was reloaded, and 23 seconds until his older Flintlock, but the Goblin didn't let him escape that easily.

He kept swinging the wooden mace, but the swings were quite sloppy and slow.

Even though the Goblins were higher leveled than Isaac, it felt like the Goblin's every stat was lower! But Isaac had a hunch that the strength stat might be enough to gravely injure him!

He didn't take risks and kept his distance.

It would be ideal if he could climb to the tree, but the Goblin would make it in time to stop him.

''Kra! Kru, Kru!'' The Goblin suddenly started shouting, and Isaac went pale as four more Goblins appeared from the cave!

[Goblin - Level: 11]

[HP: 112/112]

[Goblin - Level: 12]

[HP: 119/119]

[Goblin - Level: 12]

[HP: 123/123]

[Goblin - Level 13]

[HP: 131/131]

The Goblins used their short limbs and started running towards Isaac with their maces, ready to smash Isaac's head in pieces.



''KRA!'' The Goblin screamed and swung the mace!

Isaac grimaced and used his arm to block, but the impact sent him flying.

''UGH!'' Isaac crashed on the nearby tree— even though he didn't feel pain, it felt like all air escaped his lungs, making breathing much harder!

The Goblin smashed the mace on the ground and started running after Isaac.

[You Lost 77 HP!]

Isaac grimaced after seeing the message popping up. He was correct— the strength of the Goblins was no joke!

The Goblin was still 5 meters away from him— his short limbs didn't make him a fast runner.

Isaac groaned and stood up—he waited until the Goblin was close enough.

The Goblin saw that the human stopped moving— it looked like a slight smirk appeared on his face.

He swung his mace in hopes of killing the foolish human!

But, when the mace was about to hit Isaac, he quickly did a sidestep towards the left as a bunch of messages appeared in front of him.


[Reloading Is Ready!]

Isaac quickly took two bullets from his pouch and reloaded the pistol.

''KRUH!'' The Goblin screamed with a sound that would make children and babies cry.

He turned his massive head, which didn't fit his short body at all. He was glaring at Isaac— he swung his mace once again, but then his vision was blocked by the barrel of the Flintlock pistol.

''Goodbye,'' Isaac said and pressed the trigger.


The Goblin widened his eyes and turned into pixels.

[You Killed Goblin!]

[300 XP Earned!]

The four Goblins screamed in anger, but they were still 10 meters away from Isaac.


Only 5 seconds remained until his second Flintlock was reloaded.

He pointed with his Flintlock pistol, which had only 1 bullet remaining, towards the Goblins— he aimed it towards the strongest Goblin out of the four.


He squeezed the trigger and watched as the bullet pierced through the Goblin's forehead.

[You Killed Goblin!]

[300 XP Earned!]


[Level 12 -> Level 13]

The remaining Goblins were now only 5 meters away from Isaac.

But, Isaac turned around and started running away, while the Goblins tried to catch him, but it was an impossible feat.

Isaac started slowing down after noticing that the Goblins seemed to be too far away.


[Reloading Is Ready!]

He reloaded his Common Flintlock and stopped running.

He waited as the fastest Goblin arrived 25 meters from him.

Isaac did the first breathing method and aimed the Flintlock pistol towards the Goblin.


The bullet flew like a cannon and pierced through the Goblin's torso.

[-56 HP]

Isaac didn't seem to mind the low HP. He threw it to his Inventory and took an Iron Sword.

He remembered that Dexterity is a special stat for Swordsmen!

But, the Swordsman class has special codes, which allows them to learn Swordsmanship skills and how to use the swords more efficiently.

The Marksman class was the same, it allowed them to aim better.

Isaac also realized that some Shooter classes can't use the same weapons as other Shooter classes, but they can use weapons from different ones, like from Fighter class.

He was certain that it must be because it was very difficult to use weapons from different classes, but if Isaac could use a revolver, he would be overpowered.

Isaac was a complete newbie with a sword, but the Dexterity stat allowed him to use the sword somewhat. He held the iron sword on his left hand and his Flintlock on his right.

The first Goblin arrived in the attacking range, he was about to swing his mace, but Isaac stabbed the sword forward!

''KRUH!'' The sword pierced through the Goblin's throat, but when Isaac saw the damage, he was completely shocked!

[-1 HP!]

''What?!'' Isaac screamed and dropped the sword, he quickly retreated, and now he realized it.

Shooter class can't deal enough damage with swords! Even if they hit a critical spot, the damage is very minimal!

The Goblin took the sword from his throat and threw it towards the ground.

He was angrier than ever before!

The two other Goblins arrived and instantly attacked Isaac!

Isaac dodged the first mace, but the second one hit him in the shoulder!


Isaac landed on the ground painfully— he almost dropped his Flintlock pistol, which would have been a catastrophe.

[You Lost 65 HP!]

The three Goblins went after him, and Isaac's survival seemed very slim.

But... Then salvation arrived.


[Reloading Is Ready!]

Isaac took two bullets with his shaky hands and reloaded.

He quickly aimed the Flintlock pistol towards the first Goblin, who was already swinging his mace!


The bullet left the barrel and pierced through the Goblin's heart!

The Goblin turned into pixels, and his mace dropped in front of Isaac.

[You Killed Goblin!]

[180 XP Earned!]

Two Goblins remained, but only 1 bullet!

Isaac gritted his teeth and pointed towards the nearby Goblin, but then he saw that the second Goblin was running right behind the first Goblin, who was almost on attacking range!

Isaac calmed down his nerves and closed his left eye— he did the first breathing method and waited until the Goblin was right in front of him.


He squeezed the trigger and watched as the bullet pierced through the forehead of the first Goblin, but it didn't stop there!

The bullet also pierced through the second Goblin!

They turned into pixels, leaving two maces behind.

[You Killed Goblin!]

[225 XP Earned!]

[You Killed Goblin!]

[225 XP Earned!]

[Name: Wraith]

[Level: 13]

[HP: 43/176 - Chain Armor Effect!]

[XP: 725/2500]

[SP: 20]

[White Coins: 1800]

[Title: Adventurer]

[Class: Marksman]

[Legacy: None + Legacy Tournament Contender]

[Legacy Rank: No Legacy]

[STR: 20]

[AGI: 40]

[VIT: 36]

[STA: 25]

[PRE: 60]

[CHA: 20]

[DEX: 20]




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