1 Why are we still here?

I wasn't quite sure what I was looking at... These hands? These arms? The sudden clarity of my sight itself? The impossibility of the situation had me thinking I was tripping on something not-so-legal, but the longer I sat here, on this bench in this random park, the severity of the moment was compounding.

These hands, they lacked the callouses and scars I had built up over years of toiling and fighting, going from job to job, struggle to struggle, the proof of my existence up until now. The line on my pinky which I'd gained after a disgruntled girlfriend slammed it in my car door, the mark on my palm I'd gotten leaning on the grill as during my time as a chef, hell, even the elongated dot of a birthmark on the back of my hand was absent.

I turn my attention to these arms, they were frail, unlike the firm trunks I'd gained through experience and exercise, these belonged to a child who'd never worked out in his life. The only real thing of interest at all was the strange tattoo, an Omega symbol printed on the underside of the left wrist.

I clench my hands and look up over the trees and at the burgeoning sunrise, wondering just how I'd gotten here and if there was a reason for it. As far as I remember...

My thoughts blank as I try to recall. Worse, I quickly notice the holes in my memory, important were missing, even if I couldn't name them. My name, the names of my family, pets, girlfriend, even their faces were lost to me, every attempt to visualise them forming an amorphous creature that wouldn't look out of place in Silent Hill...

Why I remembered pieces of fiction and not essential pieces of information about myself, I had no idea... A malicious prank by some deity maybe? That would also explain the new body.

What was I even doing prior to this...? I think I was, home, maybe? I don't know, everything past getting back from work is gone, and even the drive home itself is fuzzy... On the bright side, I won't have to deal with those pricks at that construction site again. Fuck the foreman, fuck the workers, and fuck the company that hired us. I hope the homeowners enjoy the shit I took in their wall. How people think they can get by withholding our pay I'll never know, and how the Union takes their side in it is beyond me.

Discarding those last thoughts before I ended up here, I stand and brush the dust from my ragged shirt, jeans, and sneakers. Some people were already milling around and cutting through the park to get to their jobs, and judging by the few homeless people sleeping in nearby tents and tarps, I hadn't ended up in some utopian post-scarcity society.

Honestly, such a notion was instantly discarded once I caught a glimpse of the buildings surrounding the park, dingy, dilapidated, and all around hard on the eyes. The dull grey tones, half-broken windows, and height had me thinking I'd ended up in Gotham or something, but the lack of heavy smog made any crime-ridden American city just as likely.

It was like New York but somehow even shittier.

I sniff, catching the slight hint of saltwater past the smell of garbage and gasoline. A waterfront city then?

Shaking my head, I decide that the best place to look is likely the library, a computer would reveal just how far up shit-creak I am... Now to figure out where it is... I lock eyes on a middle-aged woman striding down the walkway and step into her path, "Excuse me-..." I trail off at the sound of my own voice, only now realising just how young I seemed to be, that or female, which isn't likely given the thing I could feel under my trousers.

"I don't have any money." she sourly states and moves to leave, but I stop her again.

"I just need to know the way to the library, my parents allowed me to go out but I forgot my way back..." I 'admit', trying to push reluctant embarrassment into my tone.

"Ah..." she blinks, "Sorry, with how this city is it's best for people, women especially to keep to themselves. Leave the park and follow main street for a couple blocks, you'll spot it not long after City Hall." she gestures haphazardly West-wards.

"Got it... Thanks miss, you really saved me." I say and don't wait for a response as I step away.


Scratch that, this place is worse than Gotham. My limited knowledge of DC aside, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have encountered a Supervillain barely minutes after I arrived.

Sirens blared as police cordoned off an area around a clothing store, or tried to at least. Their attempts were cut off as some chubby douchebag wearing a bag with holes cut for eyes smashed his way through the storefront window.

"Haha! Beware the might of Flash, the living taser!" he proclaims in an annoying, nasally voice, weak sparks of electricity crackling around his fingers.

"GET ON THE GROUND!" The police all raise their weapons at him, and the villain-to-be seemed to only now realise his limited-ranged superpower wouldn't stop the barrage of bullets awaiting him. He looks around frantically before jumping back into the store, coming out minutes later with a hostage.

Why they hadn't just shot him when they had the chance evaded me still.

"Now! You people go about your day or she gets it! I'll shoot a million volts into her, I swear!"

"Is a million volts a lot...?" I could hear one officer whisper to another.

"Probably?" the other shrugs but glancing down the road and heaving a sigh of relief, "Thank god the PRT are finally here."

An armoured truck with 'PRT' written on the side slides around the corner and skids to a stop in front of the villain, allowing some woman in green tanktop military fatigues and wearing an American flag-themed bandana around her face to step out.

Again, I had no idea how that piece of cloth hid her face, if secret identities were even a thing around here?

"It's Miss Militia!" someone from the gathering crowd of gawkers exclaims.

"Y-you wanna fight!? Try it!" 'Flash' shouts, holding his hostage out in front of him.

She raises a single brow at him before manifesting some sort of green energy around her hands which turns into a single huge taser. "Mine's bigger than yours." she drily remarks, catching a laugh from some in the crowd... Even the hostage seemed somewhat relieved at the byplay.

"Oh yeah!? Well-, I-er..." the Supervillain fails to formulate a reply, and so instead just angrily stews in silence. At least until one of the PRT grunts quietly tossed a flashbang near the foot of the guy.


It goes off and the villain gives a grunt of surprise, momentarily losing grip of his hostage who sprints to safety. There, the PRT raise strange-looking guns and hose the superhuman with some sort of foam, locking him in place.

With that done, Miss Militia turns her attention to the crowd, crossing her arms and 'proudly' posing for the cameras... After that she begins taking autographs and questions, turning the crime scene into a fucking photo-op.

"Yeah, I'm so done with this." I mutter, shoving my hands in my pockets and moving past the crowd. Here's hoping the library isn't burned down by the time I get there.


So, I wasn't wrong in my initial assumptions, that being transmigrated to another world... Or is it reincarnation since I'm in a new body?

I finally caught a full glimpse of myself in a mirror placed in the lobby of the library. Five and a bit feet tall, short brown hair, brown eyes, and an above-average face, for a preteen at least. His age was at most thirteen, which put him in a real bind for options towards income.

No sane business would hire a thirteen-year-old, or if they did they wouldn't pay enough for me to afford even the shittiest apartment. Seeking help from the government was also an option, but I'm going to leave that until I learn more about this world... If superheroes exist, transdimensional dislocated individuals could also exist.

At least his age made him legible for the free library pass, anyone under sixteen could come whenever they wanted, presumably to try and boost grades or something. As the computer area was currently being used as an online cafe though, I doubted their efforts were achieving anything.

Waiting for one of the gremlins to vacate a machine, I sat down and got to work.



So, there's good news and bad news.

The good news is that the world isn't on the precipice of destruction, the PRT or 'Protectorate' seems to have things well in hand, and some super-superhero called Scion disabled every country's nuclear armaments, preventing any thought of nuclear annihilation from a trigger happy nation or mind controlled official.

There are no aliens invasions(Aside from some parallel earth called 'Earth Aleph', though there's not much mention about it aside from some fiction from my homeworld like Star Wars passing over), and no fascist dictatorships like the Imperium of Man(also aside from China which was a communist shithole even back in my home reality).

Of course, this is where the bad news comes in... This isn't a universe I recognise, leaving me in the dark involving the 'plot' of the world. While there aren't any earth-destroying super-beings flying around, that didn't mean it was safe either.

Case and point, the three giant fucking Kaiju that popped up occasionally to wreck everyone's day. They're called 'Endbringers', and as far as I can tell, they're incredibly powerful beings that no superhero, or 'Cape' as they apparently like to be called, can handle.

Behemoth, a giant bipedal doomsday look-alike which can essentially nuke a place whenever he wants.

Leviathan, a giant blue bipedal sea monster that sunk Kyushu and crippled the entirety of Japan back in 1999.

And finally Simurgh, a pale fifteen-foot tall sexy as all hell woman with a shitload of random wings sprouting from her sides... Despite being the closest physically to humanity, she is arguably the worst. She can essentially see the future and plan for it, causing butterfly effects that'll assist in the downfall of humanity. This is fucking scary as she doesn't even have to do anything overt to cause chaos.

She could prompt a scientist to go on holiday early, which ends up in him and his family getting into an accident, and from there creating a mad scientist. This shit is bad enough that entire city's are sometimes purged if she turns up and starts singing... Those who aren't killed are referred to as 'Simurgh bombs', as they're all part of the angel's various plots.

The fact that no one knows where the fuck these things came from is only the nail in the coffin for my dislike of this place. These things can turn up in any city and wipe them out, it's bad enough that heroes and villains team up to try and fight them off...

Speaking of which, Parahumans...


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♦ Topic: WTF are Parahumans!?

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Guest2269 (Original Poster) (Guest) (Limited Privileges)

Posted on January 1st, 2010:

Hello, I'm new to this whole 'Cape-scene' and I'd like to help with a school project I'm working on. Consider me as someone who's been living under a rock for years and give me all the information you're willing. Basically, what are Parahumans, where do they come from, and how do they operate? As far as I can tell from reading online, there's a bunch of theories with no concrete answers.

There has to be a reason for Capes suddenly appearing, right? Before Scion arrived in 1982 there's no mention of them, so, maybe a government experiment gone wrong? IDK...

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► Yollie_50

Replied on January 1st, 2010:

You're asking a lot, even the vets here who like to proclaim they know everything have no idea. To me, all you need to know is this, most Capes are raging assholes who have some sort of disorder. If they're not massive narcisists they're power-hungry crazies. The fact most Capes trigger when they're young only makes it worse, like giving a teenager a rocket launcher and asking them not to blow up their bullies.

In general though I'd recommend looking at William Manton's Work, the 'Manton Effect' is a big part in why villain Capes aren't going around popping heads like nothing.

► Guest2269 (Original Poster) (Guest) (Limited Privileges)

Replied on January 1st, 2010:

@Yollie, you mentioned triggers? The event that causes people to develop super powers. There's lots of ideas floating around but is there one that is most commonly believed?

► XxVoid_CowboyxX

Replied on January 1st, 2010:

Everyone knows triggers are caused by aliens when someone gets pissed enough. The government tries to cover it up but we all know whats up.

► Yollie_50

Replied on January 1st, 2010:

Ignore @XxVoid_CowboyxX, he's a troll conspiracy theorist. Add anything he says to your project and your teacher will toss it out. That said, I'm pretty sure he's right about triggers occurring during high-stress situation... It would explain why most capes are batshit insane.

You want examples then take a look at Nillbog, or Glaistig Uaine, the former raised a monster army and caused an entire city to be quarantined, and the latter speaks to voices in her head.

► HiPunchSoon

Replied on January 1st, 2010:

@Yollie_50, You're forgetting the fact that the Fairy Queen(Glaistig Uaine) can instantly kill people she touches and summon their shadows to fight for her. Pretty sure the voices in her head are part of her powers... Thank fuck she got Birdcaged, imagine if that psycho got Eidolon or Alexandria.

► Pricture_Perfect1

Replied on January 1st, 2010:

If you wanna fill wordcount the easiest way is to list Parahuman ratings, y'know, scores on powers. Tinkers build shit, Brutes are tough, etc.

Extra points for adding the Unwritten Rules, that shit'll get you extra credit at least.

► Guest2269 (Original Poster) (Guest) (Limited Privileges)

Replied on January 1st, 2010:

Err, @Pricture_Percet1 could you tell me what the 'Unwritten Rules' are? Again, treat me like I've been living under a rock.

► Pricture_Perfect1

Replied on January 1st, 2010:

Jeez, you have if you've never heard of them! Basically is a code of honour among capes. Don't break the truce during an Endbringer fight. Don't reveal a Cape's identity. Try not to use lethal force(Most villains dgaf about this one tbh). No rape. No mind control. No mass-civilian attacks. Etc.

If anyone overtly breaks these rules you'll have heroes and villains banding against you. The PRT enforces this even for criminals, like, they won't remove their masks even while in custody. Though, after their trial all bets are off.

► XxVoid_CowboyxX (Temp-Banned)

Replied on January 1st, 2010:

@Pricture_Perfect1, how do we even know this guy has an assignment? Dude doesn't even own an account, he's probably some villain phishing for info about capes under the radar. Well too bad! Everyone knows Eidolon is President Gillen. FFFY THIS IS A JOKE, don't ban me for 'guessing a cape identity' because this shts bogus.

End of Page. 1,


My foray onto the most popular forum turned out some 'useful' information that wasn't really publicly available. Most useful of which were the Unwritten rules.

There was also the Parahuman ratings, or Power Classifications to be more accurate.


An ability that grants a cape enhanced speed or mobility. This could involve teleportation or simple super-speed.


An ability with an area of effect. An example would be creating a mini-earthquake, or altering the gravity around a location.


An ability that grants a cape enhanced strength or durability. Says what is says on the tin, though, from what I can tell these ratings are not always so straight forward 'durability' without caveats.


An ability that allows a cape to shift into another state. Abilities like those granted by Logia Devil Fruits would count in this category, turning to fire or something.


An ability that allows a cape to control others or create minions. Those in this category are almost universally hated. The fact that someone like Heartbreaker, a serial mind-controlling rapist who likes to target famous celebrities, allows me to sympathise with the public's worries.


An ability that allows a cape to create or alter devices with futuristic technology. Basically Tony Start without intelligence or common sense. Almost all of them could be considered mad scientists with little regard for what they create.


A long-ranged, offensive ability. Probably the most straightforward class, shooting shit. Be it high-speed projectiles or fire.


An ability that focuses on information gathering. Not much intel on these guys outside of 'Thinker be smart'. I wouldn't be surprised if there were Thinkers with abilities matching Seers though.


A melee/touch-based ability. The Fairy Queen would be a good, if extreme example of this.


An ability that allows a cape to alter their form or appearance. A category Werewolves would find themselves if they existed... God I hope Capes and Endbringers are the only supernatural beings around.


An ability that allows a cape to manipulate powers in some capacity. The 'Eidolon' guy mention in the earlier thread is probably the biggest example of this. Apparently he can pull new powers out of his ass at will, making him one of if not the strongest Parahuman alive.


An ability that focuses on stealth and/or infiltration. Invisibility, forgetful aura, etc.

All of these can be labelled with a number one to ten, it can go only ten of course but at that point it's in 'FUCKING RUN!' territory. The difference between a twelve and a thirteen isn't much if they both can fuck you outta existence.

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