Where the hell am I, and is that a Kaiju!?

A CYOA try-harder never thought his 'adventure' would come to fruition. Now, left in a world he'd forgotten all about, aged down, and surrounded by enemies, he's forced to make do with the situation. Hopefully he won't be murdered by one of the many Superhumans, Kaiju, Gangsters, or even a random thug with a knife... --------------------------------------------- This will be a Worm fanfic with smaller bits added from other series, including Devil May Cry, Highschool DXD, and Fate. I'm aware that the Webnovel is not too widespread so I'll be explaining things as they progress. Just a warning, most consider this setting a death world version of DC and Marvel, well, more 'Death World'. Also, shoutout to PixelGMS and ltouroumov for creating the foundation of which the fic was birthed, specifically the CYOA that sparked my interest : https://ltouroumov.github.io/worm-cyoa-v6-fork/viewer/ Discord : https://ltouroumov.github.io/worm-cyoa-v6-fork/viewer/ Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/Nagross Check out my other stories! : Elder Blood Witcher : https://www.webnovel.com/book/elder-blood-witcher_15882698206325105 Steel Waste : https://www.webnovel.com/book/steel-waste_18419577106748205 Modern History : https://www.webnovel.com/book/modern-history_16738054905046405 Harry Potter and the Tragic Path : https://www.webnovel.com/book/harry-potter-and-the-tragic-path_19734319605086005 Unbound Familiar : https://www.webnovel.com/book/unbound-familiar_21400494206391105 Cyberpunk's Singular Peculiarity : https://www.webnovel.com/book/cyberpunk's-singular-peculiarity_24454941605533905

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Opposing Opinions

'Armsmaster.' I think to myself, looking between him and his over-engineered monster of a briefcase. The grumpy asshole controlled much of this city's PRT tech-related resources, yet here he is, interrogating a 'kid' and clearly unhappy about it.

"Forget your halberd?" I snark.

"I was told I wouldn't have to use it." he states, reaching over and unlocking the clasps on the briefcase. He doesn't open it yet however, instead just resting his arms on it. "To start, I have a few questions that WILL need to be answered. Any attempt to lie, avoid, or obscure will result in your immediate expulsion and arrest. Understood?"

I shrug, "And how are you going to judge what's a lie and what's not? If it's based on your subjective reasoning then I'd rather you just cuff me now."

"Regardless of my opinion for you, I will act with professionalism as my station requires. The results will be from lie-detection technology, objective, unobtrusive, tried and tested."


Sighing, I slump in my seat and wave a hand at him, "Well? Go on then. Quiz me."

"First you will intentionally lie to make certain your peculiar physiology is not obstructing the results. What colour, typically, is the sky?"


Either he is less sure of his tech or he's tried it on Case 53s before... Whatever, it's not like I can lie in any case, if it doesn't work then fantastic, otherwise I'd just be stalling for time. "Pink."


Armsmaster's mouth visibly frowns, "Hmph, as expected of such a specimen. It seems we'll have to do it the old-fashioned way." he opens the briefcase and pulls out a high-tech-looking recreation of a polygraph.

"While my other device failed to accurately adjust to your physiology, I'm sure you still have a heart. If your mind is still human this will work just fine." he says, hooking me up to it while I give him a blank stare.

"What colour, typically, is the sky?"


His expression doesn't shift this time, meaning he got the expected answer. I wasn't sure how my ability nullified other powers, but it seemed that physical detection units like this would still work. It wasn't like I knew any of the techniques to get around it either...

"Good. Now, is your name Kieu Ngọc La?"

I couldn't recall my past life's name so, "Yes."

"How old are you?"

"Thirteen, probably?" if he was annoyed at my vague answer, he didn't let it show.

"Were you forcibly inducted into the ABB?"



"What is your opinion of the PRT?" he questioned, seeming almost eager at my answer...

Now, how to word this without pissing them off and blowing the Wards offer? "A necessary, if ineffective evil for the current state of the world."

"Ineffective?" Armsmaster groused.

"Heartbreaker, Slaughter House, ABB, Empire, Merchants, Coil, Teeth, and the thousands of other capes, organizations, and institutions that you people allow to exist. You have the most powerful capes in the world at your disposal and you're more focused on doing advertisements and sucking cock." I jab a finger at him, "Either the people who control the PRT are intentionally stupid and or corrupt, or there's something else going on."


"We will take your words under advisement." he blandly replies, displaying no reaction. "... What are your intentions for joining the Wards?"

"I want to stop being hunted and see my mom, the rest of what you're offering I couldn't care less about." I simply state.

"You lied."


I tilt my head at him in thought, "Hm? Okay, I'd like to make the world a better place as well then, will that do?" I say, recalling my plans to gather information to break Canary out. After all, a world where that girl is imprisoned with evil scum isn't a world I want to live in.


He doesn't pursue my answer, likely deciding it was some childish flight of fancy to be a hero, that or some heroic aspiration that he couldn't care less about. It was good as I didn't think I'd be able to wheedle around my intentions for Canary if he truly came at me.

"How many people have you killed?"

"People?" I snort, "None."


Armsmaster opens his mouth to speak but slowly shuts it upon getting the result from the machine. "Explain."

"I only put down scum that deserved it. Subhumans who'd be more useful to society mulched, treated, and canned. An ethical Soylent Green." I joke, despite meaning every word of it. Call it rationalization, but I honestly considered the ABB, Empire, and Merchant cunts I killed to be less than people. For everything they do, the evils they commit, they relinquish their rights to be called anything but vermin.

"That..." the hero trails off, "Is unacceptable reasoning. Even the worst criminal deserves a fair trial, and even the worst of the worst has a right to life." he says, as if trying to teach a child.

"The PRT's current Kill Orders say otherwise, don't you think?" I retort. You couldn't honestly and seriously suggest everyone had a right to live when the PRT actively hunted and put huge bounties on dangerous capes. The Slaughter House 9 were worth millions at this point, the kidnapped and brainwashed little girl wet-tinker of theirs was just as hunted as the rest.

"Those are different circumstances-"

"Because they're too dangerous to control? If someone's too powerful they wave their 'right to life'? No, just because you can grandstand over insignificant scum doesn't change reality. Your PRT is like me, dangerous scum gets put down. If you can control them, you imprison them."

Armsmaster sighs, "You won't be able to join the Wards if you try to murder people, 'scum' or not."

"Then I'll hold back, but know this, if someone shows themselves to be too dangerous to me, the public, or society in general, I'll kill them..." my lips quirk, "For the good of the world."


"Do you, or have you ever, engaged in cannibalism?" I tentatively ask.

I fold my arms, this had been one of the questions I'd prepared for. It was well known at this point that I 'ate people', but no one truly knew why. Thankfully, some of the current theories floating in PHO threads would help with what I want. "My powers require I drink blood. I need it, it's a basic fact of my new body. Without it..." I leave it vague, wanting him to draw his own conclusions.

"You die?" he questions but I don't answer.

"It has to be human, but cape blood is far better, not sure why but it's orders of magnitude more effective at keeping me sated... You could say my quality of life is determined by the quality and quantity I receive. Of course, I only targeted criminal scum for my fix." I explained.

"So you will require blood while in the Wards?" he furrows his brow in consternation, looking half ready to cut the 'interview' short. "How much?"

I grin, displaying my large canines, "I could drink non-cape blood endlessly, I've found that the stronger the cape the less I need. A couple gallons from weak capes sates me, less for stronger people. If it's not too much trouble. Just see it as another business expense, like whatever funds the materials you build into Tinkertech."

Armsmaster rubs his jaw, "I'm not sure how the public will receive that information..." he shakes his head and wonders if Aegis would be willing to donate some blood, his powers make him perfect for the position after all. "Some final questions before a decision is made. Do you intend to hurt, harm, or do anything to negatively impact the current members of the Wards?"


"Do you intend to hurt, harm, or negatively impact the PRT?"

"I don't know. I will serve justice, if the PRT does something evil then I'll go against them." I state, causing Armsmaster to pause and grumble something under his breath.

"Do you have any problem submitting yourself to mandatory PRT checks? This includes therapy, power testing, education, risk-threat assessments, health tests, drug tests, psychological review-"

"As long as you don't probe or dissect me, fine. Just give me the option to take an alternative if I find something, too much, I guess?"

The man slowly nods, "You will also be required to participate in costume design, publicity events, and the like." he pauses at my scowl, "You will not be required to do 'advertisements', but if you seek to advance your career and popularity, it is a must. How the public receives you determines how the PRT treats you. Understand?"


"Lastly, do you intend to engage in any more gang-related activity?"

"I never wanted to and I will never willingly go back into it." I say, prompting the man to shut his briefcase and stand.

"Wait here, depending on how long it takes to deliberate on your answers you will be watched for one to two days. You will be granted a room to sleep in, be thankful you will be provided a television. Do you have any questions before I leave?"

"Yeah... How's the pay?"

"Eight dollars an hour, most of our Wards income derives from publicity deals, toy sales, interviews, and more. Is that all?"

I shrug and he exits, shutting the door behind him. That could have gone better, but it definitely could have been worse. They were probably worried about issues of privacy concerning the lie-detection technology. This 'interview' might have to go on public record, and the options in what they can do to me, a thirteen-year-old abused youth, are quite limited.

Hopefully they'll decide soon.


"So how'd it go?" Assault asks as Armsmaster exits the room, Vista perking up to hear his response. It wasn't every day you got a new teammate after all.

"Complicated. He holds disdain for the PRT but does not seem malicious. More distrustful for the institution."

"Can't blame him. From what I've heard about his life he's right to think that." Vista can't help but add to the discussion.

Armsmaster shakes his head, "Regardless of the reasons for it, it's still a less than desirable trait for one of our Wards. He despises our relationship to the public and has some less-than-savoury views on criminals..."

"Like what?" Vista questioned.

"That, is private." the man easily responds. "The interview has been sent to the Director, now we wait for their response. Vista, you may leave but the Director has requested you stay in case Kaibyo decides he'd rather not join."

"Time off school? Count me in!"

He nods, "Go take one of the rooms, I need to speak with Assault, privately." he says as she skips off, leaving the two men alone in the hallway.

"Bad?" Assault simply asked.

Armsmaster nods, "He apparently requires blood to survive, the rumours of his cannibalism weren't exaggerated. Not only that, he sees criminals as animals to be slaughtered. That mindset, while matched by some in the PRT, is simply unacceptable for a Ward."

"The kid's therapist is gonna need a therapist..." Assault can't help but joke, "You think this'll work? Tossing him in the Wards?"

"No-, maybe?" Armsmaster sighs, "He is a very disturbed young man who has suffered injustice at every turn. His crimes are extensive, and while I think he can be rehabilitated, inducting him into the Wards, in my view, is the opposite way to go about it."

"Weird, I thought you'd be all for it? Or are you still mad about the bombing?"

"Always on that." the armoured man mutters, "He was a distraught young man having a tantrum, while annoying and detrimental to my career I don't hold it against him. I just don't see the benefits to allowing a violent, possibly psychopathic young man into this profession. He has fought enough, killed a number of capes, and helped subdue Lung... Public service-wise he's accomplished more than most, I believe he should be given the opportunity to peacefully fade from public view."

"Yeah, let's figure out how to disguise the cat-boy." Assault chuckles, "He's a Case fifty-three, there's no chance in hiding what he is. Plus the blood thing..."

"Surgery could remove the ears and tail, contacts for his eyes, blood bags can be acquired."

"You think he'd let us start cutting bits off of him?"

"No, but it would be for his own good..." the man sighs once more, "Regardless, it's in the Director's hands now. Let's hope she makes the right decision."

Assault shrugs, "I'll be nearby, let me know if the kid decides he's hungry or something."

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