Where the hell am I, and is that a Kaiju!?

A CYOA try-harder never thought his 'adventure' would come to fruition. Now, left in a world he'd forgotten all about, aged down, and surrounded by enemies, he's forced to make do with the situation. Hopefully he won't be murdered by one of the many Superhumans, Kaiju, Gangsters, or even a random thug with a knife... --------------------------------------------- This will be a Worm fanfic with smaller bits added from other series, including Devil May Cry, Highschool DXD, and Fate. I'm aware that the Webnovel is not too widespread so I'll be explaining things as they progress. Just a warning, most consider this setting a death world version of DC and Marvel, well, more 'Death World'. Also, shoutout to PixelGMS and ltouroumov for creating the foundation of which the fic was birthed, specifically the CYOA that sparked my interest : https://ltouroumov.github.io/worm-cyoa-v6-fork/viewer/ Discord : https://ltouroumov.github.io/worm-cyoa-v6-fork/viewer/ Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/Nagross Check out my other stories! : Elder Blood Witcher : https://www.webnovel.com/book/elder-blood-witcher_15882698206325105 Steel Waste : https://www.webnovel.com/book/steel-waste_18419577106748205 Modern History : https://www.webnovel.com/book/modern-history_16738054905046405 Harry Potter and the Tragic Path : https://www.webnovel.com/book/harry-potter-and-the-tragic-path_19734319605086005 Unbound Familiar : https://www.webnovel.com/book/unbound-familiar_21400494206391105 Cyberpunk's Singular Peculiarity : https://www.webnovel.com/book/cyberpunk's-singular-peculiarity_24454941605533905

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"Okay, cool. Cool as the artic wind in the, artic?..." I chew my lip from the rooftop I was leaning over, observing the front door of the main PRT office. My decision to accept their deal hadn't come lightly, the risks of getting involved with a group that was undoubtedly involved with some secret shit on the level of MK-Ultra was hard enough to swallow. But in the end, the opportunity lined up too well with my goals to ignore.

That's not to say it'd be all hunky-dory as soon as I turned up. I had no idea if they were actually being honest with their proposal, nor if they were aiming for something else. I wasn't about to hand myself to some Master to see if their power worked on me, even if I doubted it.

I had made some preparations for this however, a series of videos that would be sent out to the public if I didn't use a coded message to stop them. In the event such mind control only affected my personality and left my knowledge intact I'd gotten a promise from Amy that she'd save me if she noticed any Master bullshit... Sure, my power didn't work on her, but maybe in my cat-form she'd notice something...?

Sherrel herself had decided to remain in the junkyard, both to tinker and to remain as a backup if my plans went tits up. The only real thing I could do now was either to hope the PRT weren't fucking me around, I was strong enough to escape if they were, or get the public rioting of my other precautions fell through.

To them I was just a thirteen-year-old forced into a life of crime, to hear I'd been Mastered and brainwashed by their so-called protectors would probably lead to the end of the organization, or so I hoped.

"Okay, no time like the present then..." I hop off of the roof and onto the street, the midday sun revealing my face to the many passersby as I calmly make my way to the office. My decision to do it now proved effective, as by the time I reached the automatic double doors I had a small army of civilians with their phones out behind me.

The two PRT officers standing on either side of the entrance froze upon seeing me, my 'earnest' smile sending a shiver down their spines as I 'casually' walked by. They barely managed to forced the door behind me closed and locked before the crowd of people followed.

"K-Kaibyo! W-we were expecting you to contact us first!" the receptionist all but squeaked, eyes darting to the security guards. I was able to tell the exact moment she realized the guards would be useless if things turned violent by the way her breathing picked up and... Was I able to smell her fear? That or she and or someone else had pissed themselves.

"Really? I thought you people would wanna get this done with quickly? Or... Was waiting a day too much...?" I say evenly. I wasn't sure how much they knew of me, but this was my chance to choose the perception I wished.

"N-No! Just, we would have liked a little warning. We could have had someone escort you, prevent a crowd from forming too." she waves a rigid hand at the door which had basically become a wall of phones and cameras at this point.

I shrug, "So, what now? Maybe some food? I haven't eaten in a while... Maybe a hotdog after the Lung-thing. I hope you won't send me away for stealing it...?"

The woman's eyes soften slightly but her expression remains locked. "If you'll just follow one of these gentlemen to the waiting room, Director Piggot had already been made aware of your presence. There'll be tea and cookies inside."

The two guards jump when I turn to them, the duo glaring at one another as if to decide who'd take me. In the end, the receptionist points one out and I'm swiftly taken from public view.

"So, er, good job with Lung... Guy was a monster so we're glad he got taken out before we had to deal with him." the man rubs the back of his head, "Could you imagine what a guy like that would do to a guy like me? Nothing pretty, I'll tell you that." he says, staring imploringly into the CCTV cameras lining the hallway.

"Thanks! No one's ever thanked me for hero-ing before!"


"W-well! This is it!" he suddenly announces, opening a door on the right and gesturing me in, "Just wait inside for the big-wigs to arrive."

I do as he says, but just before I enter I look him in the eyes and smile thoothily, displaying my large canines. "Thank, Eric."

His breath halts, "H-how..." he follows my eyes to his nametag, "Ah... You got me, brat."

Stepping inside, the room itself was a sterile white with boring blue carpet, the only thing decorating it being the small metal table in the center of the room, a chair behind it. In all corners of the roof were cameras facing inwards, no blindspot in sight.

Sighing, I sit down... And unfortunately, there were no cookies...


"So, he's just sitting there? Doing as he's told?" Piggot questioned Dragon, who was keeping watch on the young cape through the security feeds.

"He's calm. No sign of doing anything other than negotiating with us. Though, he didn't make any effort to avoid the public..."


"No way to tell as of right now. The only information we have is from prior reports of his behavior. The ABB members we've captured called him a monster who eats people, judging by some of the scenes he'd left, I'd no dismiss it so quickly." Dragon warned.

"Hm, has Colin gotten his equipment ready yet?"

"Almost, as always he likes being prepared. In the meantime I have Susan Karylin, his former CPS agent on the way. Hopefully a friendly face will put him in a talking mood. I would like to recommend putting him in contact with his mother if you truly wish to have him join us, however."

"Not so soon, the risks of something happening are far too high. The woman doesn't know of his crimes yet, and if the reveal ends with her cutting ties, I'd rather not have that kid rampaging. I'll send Battery and Vista to assist, it's right next to Arcadia and she's getting out of school I think. They'll keep him in place until we figure out what to do with him." Piggot states.

"Only if he becomes violent, right Director?" Dragon questions unsteadily.

"If he refuses to join the Wards, we'll have no choice but to act." is all Piggot says in response before cutting the line, leaving Dragon alone with her thoughts.


 "Hi! Kieu! It's been a long while hasn't it!" Susan greets me with an obviously forced smile. "Remember me? I'm that busybody that was helping you try get into school, the 'CPS' lady?"

I let out a breath through my nose, "I remember. What happened to that friend of yours? Theresa?"

Susan snorts despite herself, "Her? Never saw her again after the first time... Guess she was kind of wrong about you too? You can't be a Case 53 before triggering," she gestures at his inhuman features, "Not to mention the fact you still remember everything. Our mutual dislike of that woman aside, how have you been?"


"How do you think I've been? It was rough enough being some whitey working the cart with mom in ABB turf, let alone being a Case 53. I can't even go outside anymore," I sigh, "I feel like the ugliest person alive, sometimes..." I admit. That bit was actually kind of true, regardless of how attractive I seem to others, being a cat-boy was in no way something I'd ever wanted. I felt like a freak show at a circus, made only worse by the instincts I get sometimes. The fact I'd gotten completely used to the urge to drink blood, the need to mark territory, to lick myself clean of stains, or even panicking at the sensation of my feline ears even slightly wet.

The only good part about it was how comfortable sleeping in general was, especially under sunlight... That'd probably stop once I became part DXD Devil, they were the antithesis to light, to the point of getting weaker and exhausted more easily during the day.

"Kieu, you're not ugly. I don't doubt that you'll be swamped by modeling agencies once you join the PRT. Not to exaggerate but you are literally the dream boy of some people..." she says, looking at him kindly.

"D-does that include you, Miss?" I 'tentatively' ask while staring at her intently, wanting to see her reaction.

"Oh, charmer! Don't or it might actually start working on me." she waves him off, a wall of professionality erecting before her. "Speaking of charming... How's your friend doing? Miss Hotaro?"

"Takeshita?" my expression drops, "Still in the hospital recovering from the terrorist attack, I'd imagine..."

"Oh! I'm sorry to hear that. It must've been hard being forced to work under them after that." she states.

"Didn't have a choice. It was either I did it or Mom dies. I just about managed to keep her from being forced into prostitution though, so, that's a plus?" I drawled in a lifeless tone.

She nods reassuringly, "You did the best you could. I'm sure anyone with any sense can see that."

"I'll have to thank Canary for saving everyone. All those people, men, women, children, entire families... All of them were saved by her. She's a true hero." I ardently say, eyeing her expression carefully. While this woman was likely only a consultant for the PRT, her response to me could say a thousand words.

I still had no idea how they could justify throwing Canary in prison after both single-handedly wiping out a whole gang, along with rescuing almost every victim within it. The Master accusations were bullshit in my mind, as she clearly had no idea she was doing it, otherwise she wouldn't have done it live in front of the entire nation.

"Oh... Is, that how you see it?" she asked.

I nod, "How else could I see it? She sang for us, did everything to help us while the rest of the world was happy to watch in silence."

"She Mastered tens of thousands of people-"

"And? Did she mean to do it? Do she hurt anyone besides the sex slavers?"

"Well-... Not from what I heard but there has to be an investigation. That's why she's headed for trial." she explains it away.

"And if she's charged? What then?" I ask, voice sterner than the facade I'd been putting on. Susan wets her lips at my accusing tone and inconspicuously wrings her hands.

"I doubt they'll punish her after they see all the evidence. If that does happen though, there will be a good reason for it."

I frown, "Will the PRT be forced to be renumeration then? I heard they knew about her powers, yet they still let her sing."

"I-" she starts, only to be interrupted by a short knock on the door. It opens, revealing the masked faces of Armsmaster, Battery, and the shorty hidden behind them, Vista.

"The PRT knew her power to be supernaturally good singing, nothing else." Armsmaster robotically states, "As someone who was mastered by her, her powers were far more insidious than one might expect." he turns to Susan, "You may leave, I will take it from here."


"Leave. Kaibyo is in good hands."

I snort, "Yes, ignoring the fact I despise you. Your bike still in pieces? Oh, and how's life up on that yacht?"

"Not. A. Yacht." he growls at me, likely from all the flak he got after my disappearance. Our argument certainly hadn't done his career any favors.

He quickly ushers Susan out of the room before slamming the door, leaving her, Assault, and Vista outside. He lays a clunky suitcase on the table and stares at me, as if trying to peer into my soul.

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