When Sky Falls In Love

Meet Selena Castroni, a simple girl and a nobody in her school who confessed her feelings for her long-time crush at the center of the basketball court after a championship game which made her heart shatter into a million pieces when her plan turned into a disaster. Skyler Alcarazo was the famous basketball superstar in Santa Clara Valley Academy who didn't want to have a serious relationship with any girl because, for him, girls would only distract his training and would ruin his future career. Besides, Sky was confident he could have whoever he wanted because of his good looks and overloaded sex appeal. Excerpt: "Sky, there is something I want to tell you," Selena said with shaking limbs as Skyler towered over her, wearing a victorious smile after his excellent performance during his game. "What is it, Selena? Do you want my autograph?" He asked, grinning at his younger brother's best friend. "No, I don't need your autograph; I like you, Skyler," she replied, blushing. "What?" He asked as his eyes widened in shock. "I said I like you, Sky, and I want to be your girlfriend," Selena answered, trying to control her emotions, and he laughed. Then, his face turned dark, and she could feel her blood drain from her veins as she looked at the disgusted look on Sky's face. "I thought you were different from other girls; I don't like you more than friends, Selena. Don't expect I have feelings for you because I treat you nicely; in my eyes, you are only my brother's best friend, nothing more, nothing less." Sky replied and walked away from her without taking a second glance. Selena's confession made her the laughingstock in her school, and things became complicated between them even after she gave Skyler one more chance, and she swore to herself she would make Sky pay for breaking her heart. But her plans became futile when Skyler became the greatest professional basketball player in the country and won the award as the Most Valuable player five times in a row. Skyler became a celebrity, while Selena had difficulty mending her broken heart. Sky was at the top of the world, enjoying his popularity and wealth, and having the hottest heiress as his fiancee made him the envy of all the guys all over Vizland Republic. One accident made him lose everything he knew he had, including his self-esteem. He became angry with the world and his existence. Selena was desperate to get a high-paying job to support his father's impending surgery. She grabbed the opportunity she read in the newspaper only to find out she would be dealing with the heartbreaker, Skyler. What will happen when the egoistic Superstar realizes fame is not the only thing that matters in the world? Can Selena be Sky's guiding light and savior in his darkest moment, or will she turn his world darker by taking her revenge on him? (Warning: Have mature content in the later part of the story)

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A Wish Come True

Selena's POV

"I think we should stop our tutorial for the time being, it is getting late, and I didn't want you to catch a cold," Skyler said after he released my swollen mouth, and I didn't know how long we had been kissing each other.

I could tell I became a different person after tasting his sweet lips, and I hate to admit that I couldn't have enough of Sky's sweet mouth, and I realized why those girls became crazy about him.

But he needed to live up to his reputation; he is known for only having a fling and no serious relationship, and I couldn't help feeling jealous of Erika if ever she became his girlfriend.

"I don't think we needed to do that; I don't want your girlfriend to get angry with me," I responded, and he chuckled.

"Girlfriend?" He asked as he frowned at me.

"Erika, I think she is one of those rich girls you hang out with and the brightest student all over Senior High School students, and not only that, I believe she is the director's daughter," I added, and he chuckled.

"Erika doesn't own me, Selene, besides I was only helping you to be ready. I wish you to perfect it, so when your prince charming comes along, you will be ready, and he won't let you go; there are still some areas you need to enhance, which will be on our next tutorial." He responded.

I hate that I felt so excited about our following tutorial since I am willing to do anything to have his lips on mine again.

"l Just get ready because the next lesson you need to learn will be more intense, and we will be using tongues, but believe me, it will be more exciting, Selene," he whispered in my ear before he stood up and pulled me up with him.

I knew I was blushing, while it felt like it was nothing to Skyler. I could feel the hair on my nape stand up, and I could feel the electricity that traveled from my fingertips down to my spine as I felt his calloused hand on my palm as we started to head back to the plantation.

"What time is it?" I asked, trying to conceal the trembling of my voice.

"It is two fifteen in the morning," he replied, and I was surprised that I had spent almost seven hours alone with Skyler, and it felt like I was only talking with him for less than an hour.

"What? I couldn't believe it was very late," I replied with worries in my voice.

"Relax, Selene; we are on our way back to the house. Besides, your father would not know you spend time alone with me." He teased me, and I laughed.

"I am not afraid of my father finding out I was with you because my dad trusted me," I responded.

"I know Mr. Castroni is so proud of you, and I could tell he wished you were a boy," he stated, and I creased my forehead as we continued to walk.

"Why do you think my dad wished I was a boy?" I asked.

"Well, you are good with the mechanical thing; you love grease and everything," he responded, and I was shocked that he noticed me.

"You have seen me with grease all over my face?" I asked, and he laughed.

"Yeah, many times, and I could tell you are having a good time in your dad's shop that you didn't notice what is happening around you. Your father loved your work, and he couldn't stop talking about you; he told me once if you were only a boy, you could be a mechanical engineer too," he responded, and his words surprised me.

I didn't know he was watching me whenever he came to the shop. I could hear him talking with my father, but every time I raised my head, he wasn't paying attention to me.

"You are an extraordinary girl, Selene," he said, and I felt like I was walking on clouds when he took my hand, and my heart was racing with too much happiness that I wished on the stars that the night would never end.

"Yeah, in your eyes, because hot girls who belonged in your world would always surround you. I was different because I always wear worn-out clothes, especially around your estate," I responded.

"I love watching you with your coverall covered with grease and paints," he said, and I blushed.

"Don't flatter me, Mr. Superstar, but thank you, I never expected I would receive a compliment from you," I replied.

"I wished to spend time with you, and I hate that you became closer with my brother when I was the first one who greeted you on the first day you arrived in Santa Clara, but you didn't even say hi to me after I show you around," he said. I couldn't believe Sky remembered, and I almost forgot that part.

"Wow, you have a good memory, Superstar," I responded, and he grimaced at me before the whole place turned dark again, and I was waiting for Skyler to switch on the flashlight.

"Shit," he mumbled.

"Don't tell me you lost the flashlight?" I asked, and he fell silent as he searched his body.

"I am sorry, but we need to walk without it, and we couldn't go back because I am not sure if it fell or I had forgotten to pick it up from the ground." He responded.

"It is okay, as long as you won't leave me," I replied.

"Of course, I won't leave you, Selene," he whispered.

His husky voice made me feel so weak, and I am a liar if I said I wasn't enjoying my time with Skyler, even if I felt scared in the dark, but I knew the fireflies would be our guiding light by the time we go deeper into the plantation.

I didn't expect he would come closer to me so that I could feel his breath near my face, and before I knew it, Skyler was kissing me again, and I moaned as I clung to him.

I don't know what we were, all I could think about was the happiness I was having as I felt his arms around me, and I didn't care if I was only one of his flings; I will worry about it later, at least now, I am delighted for being with Skyler, and he didn't know my wish came true tonight after he let me experienced my first kiss.

I was catching my breath after we shared another mind-blowing kiss, and I was holding into his arms for support as we kissed again, and he allowed me to have a quick taste of what it would be like to feel his tongue swirling inside my mouth.

I admit it was something I couldn't explain, and I love every millisecond of it, and I realized Skyler brought me to a place I had never been before, and I didn't want him to stop kissing me, but we needed to let go of each other so we could go back home.

"I hope I can be alone with you tomorrow. Stanley would be angry with me if he found out I was having this kind of connection with you," he said, and I suddenly had hope that maybe he didn't do it for tutorial purposes only but to let me know the real deal.

"I knew we could be good together, but I got busy between practice and basketball games, and I didn't have time to spend with you and Stanley, and I knew you became best buddies while it felt like I was a stranger to you," he said as we go deeper into the coconut plantation.

I smiled when I saw the fireflies around us, and they looked so wonderful that I wanted to put them in a jar, but I knew we had to keep them free. They lighted our way, and I smiled as I held hands with Skyler.

It was a long walk back home, but the time I spent with him was too short. The manor looked so great as the moonlight gave light to its surroundings and the outdoor lamps became useless as the moon's light dominated their glow.

"Wow, I wished to stay outdoor with you and count the stars and chase the fireflies," he said, and I smiled at him.

"Me too," I responded as he squeezed my hand.

Skyler sent me to my room, and I wanted to have a good night kiss with him, but we were back in the house. I didn't know if he still wanted to be with me.

"Good night, Selene," he said and spun me around so I would be facing him; my heart was pounding hard against my chest as I looked at his handsome face, and I couldn't believe he still seemed so fresh even if it was already dawn and past bedtime.

"Good night, Superstar," I replied, and he shook his head as he beamed at me.

"When will you stop calling me that and call me by my first name?" He asked.

"Maybe when you start calling me, Selena," I replied, and Sky beamed at me.

"Not happening, Selene," he responded as he put put his hands on my hips, and when he pulled me with him, I could feel the butterflies swarming on my belly.

"It would be fine with me, Superstar, and don't dare to stop me from calling you that," I teased him, and my smile died on my mouth when Sky claimed my lips, and I was in seventh heaven as I put my arms around his neck and kissed him back without care that someone might see us.