When Sky Falls In Love

Meet Selena Castroni, a simple girl and a nobody in her school who confessed her feelings for her long-time crush at the center of the basketball court after a championship game which made her heart shatter into a million pieces when her plan turned into a disaster. Skyler Alcarazo was the famous basketball superstar in Santa Clara Valley Academy who didn't want to have a serious relationship with any girl because, for him, girls would only distract his training and would ruin his future career. Besides, Sky was confident he could have whoever he wanted because of his good looks and overloaded sex appeal. Excerpt: "Sky, there is something I want to tell you," Selena said with shaking limbs as Skyler towered over her, wearing a victorious smile after his excellent performance during his game. "What is it, Selena? Do you want my autograph?" He asked, grinning at his younger brother's best friend. "No, I don't need your autograph; I like you, Skyler," she replied, blushing. "What?" He asked as his eyes widened in shock. "I said I like you, Sky, and I want to be your girlfriend," Selena answered, trying to control her emotions, and he laughed. Then, his face turned dark, and she could feel her blood drain from her veins as she looked at the disgusted look on Sky's face. "I thought you were different from other girls; I don't like you more than friends, Selena. Don't expect I have feelings for you because I treat you nicely; in my eyes, you are only my brother's best friend, nothing more, nothing less." Sky replied and walked away from her without taking a second glance. Selena's confession made her the laughingstock in her school, and things became complicated between them even after she gave Skyler one more chance, and she swore to herself she would make Sky pay for breaking her heart. But her plans became futile when Skyler became the greatest professional basketball player in the country and won the award as the Most Valuable player five times in a row. Skyler became a celebrity, while Selena had difficulty mending her broken heart. Sky was at the top of the world, enjoying his popularity and wealth, and having the hottest heiress as his fiancee made him the envy of all the guys all over Vizland Republic. One accident made him lose everything he knew he had, including his self-esteem. He became angry with the world and his existence. Selena was desperate to get a high-paying job to support his father's impending surgery. She grabbed the opportunity she read in the newspaper only to find out she would be dealing with the heartbreaker, Skyler. What will happen when the egoistic Superstar realizes fame is not the only thing that matters in the world? Can Selena be Sky's guiding light and savior in his darkest moment, or will she turn his world darker by taking her revenge on him? (Warning: Have mature content in the later part of the story)

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Feeling Jealous

Selena's POV

"Hmm!! Go away, Stan!" I moaned as I covered my face with the blanket and turned my body to the other side. I knew he came to wake me up as he tried to pull the blanket from my frame.

I didn't want to wake up since I had been dreaming about Skyler after I fell asleep.

"It's me," I heard not Stanley's voice but Sky, and I suddenly cringed and felt so conscious of what he was doing in my room.

"Don't go back to sleep, Selene, or you will miss the beautiful sunrise, and my brother told me it was top on your list," he added.

"What list?" I asked, but I was still hiding my face since I didn't want him to see me in my pajamas, and worst, my hair was a mess, and I needed to take a shower first before I would let him see me.

"About the things you love and appreciate in life," he responded, and I realized it was written on the first page of my diary.

I know my best friend didn't read the entries since Stanley always respected my privacy; besides, he thought I didn't keep any secrets from him.

"Come with me, sleepy head," he said, and I could feel the tingling sensation when he found my hand under the cover.

I could feel my heart react to his touch, and I could no longer contain my excitement, and I needed to get up before I would suffocate myself from having this overwhelming feeling because of his proximity.

"Please, get out of my room, Sky," I replied.

"Are you saying you wished to miss the sunrise in exchange for sleep? You can go back to sleep later, Selena." He said, and I smiled as I heard him call me Selena; it only meant I was getting on his nerves.

"Wait for me outside, and I promise I will fix myself fast and be ready in less than five minutes," I responded, and I could hear him sighing before I felt him move from the bed and heard his receding footsteps and the closing of the door.

I quickly got up after ensuring Sky was no longer inside the room. I made the bed, undressed my pajamas as fast as I could and folded them neatly, and hid them under the pillows.

I washed my face and brushed my teeth, and gargled mouthwash. I felt crazy thinking about our kissing tutorial. Who would have thought my kissing coach was my crush and the one I wanted to share my first kiss with? Not all girls would have their first kiss with the one they fantasized about, and I felt so lucky.

I couldn't share it with anyone since my best friend was his brother, and Stan had this scheme, and it was getting harder for me knowing I would be hurting Sky if I confessed to him since I am now starting to believe he was really into me.

"Wow, you are fast," he said; the moment I opened the door, I didn't expect he would be waiting for me in front of the door, and my heart beat faster as my mouth agape.

Skyler was wearing black jeans and a plain gray t-shirt, and I couldn't stop staring at his lips, and he took my breath away when he smiled at me, showing his perfect white teeth.

I could smell his heavenly scent on my nostril, and I wanted to hug him again like last night. Still, I composed myself and acted; like nothing had happened, even if I couldn't stop having butterflies in my stomach, and I felt my face blush when I found him checking me out, and his eyes zeroed on my legs since I was wearing casual shorts.

"Are you ready?" He asked, and I nodded my head since I find it so hard to talk as I tried to steady my heart from hammering against my chest.

"Good morning," I mumbled, and he chuckled.

"Good morning, Selene, it is a beautiful morning," he replied, and I got a little disappointed that he was walking fast without taking my hand, and I knew I should never expect something from him.

Being with Skyler would be trouble, but I couldn't resist his charm; I was following him, reliving the moment I spent with him last night, and I couldn't stop having knots in my stomach as I relived the first kiss shared with Skyler.

Stanley was beaming at us while leaning his back on the pick-up truck, and I could tell he was satisfied with what was going on between his brother and me.

"Good morning, sunshine," he greeted me with a broad smile and opened the passenger's door for me.

"Good morning!" I chimed, and I could see the meaningful grin on his face.

"Good job, Selena, we will talk later," he whispered as his brother walked towards the driver's seat, and I blushed.

I wondered why Sky didn't bring his car last night, and it would be easy to navigate the plantation.

I enjoyed watching the plantation staff doing their jobs, and I realized they were harvesting the coconuts as I could see the mechanized harvesting machines on the ground. I still wanted to see the manual Way of gathering them, but it would take time.

They will sell haft of the harvested coconuts, using the rest for their factories, for producing baking products, medicines, and food.

"I love watching the coconut trees, and I couldn't believe until now you have them here," I said, and Sky looked at me sideways.

"Do you know that it is called the tree of life?" She asked, and I nodded my head.

"Of course, I know because all parts of the coconut, from top to bottom, or leaves to its roots, are used to sustain human needs, from food to medicine, including beauty products, and I couldn't wait to drink the water from young green coconuts," I replied with a wide grin on my face.

"Wow, you must study your homework very well, Selene," Skyler responded, and I giggled, and Stanley remained quiet; I wanted to know what was playing on his head, but I had almost forgotten he was at the back since I was so busy flirting with his brother.

Skyler made a turn, and I didn't realize he was driving uphill, and I was speechless when I saw the beautiful sunrise he promised. I had been in Cawayan, where their farm is located, but Stanley didn't bring me here.

"Wow!" I mumbled as I climbed out of the car.

I looked at the sun on the horizon as it peeked through the clouds, and its rays started to creep on the earth while I could feel the early morning breeze brushing my skin.

"Beautiful!" Skyler whispered as he stood behind me. Goosebumps filled my skin as I could feel his breath on my neck, and I wanted to lean and feel his muscular chest, but Stanley stood beside me and took my hand.

"You can thank me later, Selene," Stan said.

"I can say thank you right now, Stanley. I would miss this if I didn't come with you," I softly said, and he chuckled.

"Yeah, you wasted my energy forcing you to come with me, but if I knew you would enjoy my brother's company without me, I should have never asked you to come." He said, sounding so hurt, and I know it was part of his scheme.

"I can always take you to a place where you can see a beautiful sunrise, Selene," his brother responded before I could answer my best friend.

"With your basketball games and practice? I don't think you can do that, bro; you were too busy that you couldn't even spend time with dad and me during weekends." Stanley said, and I felt Sky move to my right.

"You've got girlfriends from left to right, and bringing Selena somewhere might jeopardize your future career and reputation," Stanley said, and I could feel Sky stiffened.

"I am the one who will manage my time, and it was none of your business, Stan; I know you've got jealous of me; you have all the time to spend with Selena, while this is the only time I had to be with her." He responded.

"You were ignoring Selena for how many years, Sky, don't act as if you care about her," Stan responded sternly, and I don't think my best friend was still acting.

They were exchanging hurtful words because of me, and I couldn't help from being flattered, and I was wondering what was going on with them.

"Look, guys, why are you fighting?" I asked both of them, and Stan looked at me as I nudged him on his side.

"I am sorry, Selena; I know you don't need to hear about it, but what should I do? You had been spending more time with Stanley, and I didn't get the chance to invite you to come with me during my games." He said, and I didn't know what to say.

If he only knew how I wished to ride in his car and watch his games as his date, but I always left behind with Stan; sometimes, we watched when needed for attendance for our Physical Education class to show our support for our school.

"Don't make me laugh, Sky; you always have a girl inside your sports car, and you don't have time for Selena," Stanley responded on my behalf, and his brother fell silent.

"We better enjoy the view," I mumbled and felt jealous even if I knew I didn't have any right to feel this way, and I wondered what would happen to our plan to hurt Sky's feelings.

I don't think Stanley's plan would work knowing his brother got girls around him on campus, and sometimes those girls would come uninvited into their mansion, and he was always happy to accommodate them.