When a Genius Makes a Mistake

Author: Shenyechi
Contemporary Romance
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What is When a Genius Makes a Mistake

Read When a Genius Makes a Mistake novel written by the author Shenyechi on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering weaktostrong, revenge, ceo, family. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


****Completed, but under revision.**** ***SUPER SLOW BURN MATURE 18+*** After struggling her way through university, Mina Harlow, a top tier graduate (and literal genius), with the aspiration of lifting her family out of poverty, was still living in the slums, taking odd jobs to earn a living. All of her hard work had been for nothing and her life is cast into turmoil because she offended the wrong Miss from a prominent family. Desperate to for her next source of income, Mina aligns herself with the wrong people, and finds herself amid several conspiracies that keep becoming more and more confounded by misunderstandings. She is mistaken for a spy, by one of the most influential families in the country and held captive as the confusion, mishaps and misunderstandings build up all around her. Under the extreme circumstance, Mina is thrown into despair, hatred and love all that the same time, but will the experience break her or make her ‘better?’ (This story is set in a fictional, modern day patriarchal society on the brink of a shift public opinion on the 'role' of the woman.) Excerpt: "Why are you crying?" "Because I'm stupid," Mina replied. The man laughed sarcastically. "I disagree. I think you are a very smart girl." "Being smart does not mean you can not be stupid." Who told her she was a genius anyway? ***THIS IS AN ADULT STORY WITH AN ADULT THEME. THERE IS VIOLENCE AND IMPLIED VIOLENCE. THERE IS ROMANCE IN THIS STORY, BUT IT IS NOT EXACTLY A LOVE STORY. ***

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"I own you Princess. No one will ever matter to you but me. Not even that scrawny looking boy who is waiting for you."" He walks closer gripping my neck in a firm hold that had me creaming my panties. ""I'm going to give you want you, what you have always desired. I'll ruin you for any man to come after me that's if I let him live. The thought of me throbbing inside of you gets me fucking turned on. So fucking hard I want you begging to stop but I won't and you why? Because your pleasure is mine alone."" He breathe huskily on my neck. ""Say what I need to hear and I'll make your wildest dreams come true."" He says and I moan shamelessly watching his finger caress my expose cleavage trailing down to my hot wet pussy. ""Say it Princess. Only the magic words will get you your utmost desire."" And I desired him more than I ever desired anything in life. His tongue lick my earlobe as those words sent vibrations down to my core, his fingers playing teasingly with my drenched pussylips. ""I-I am yours Papi."" I say through jagged breathing already at the verge of eruption watching his piercing silver grey smirk darkly loving how vulnerable I am for him. A dark promising smile that holds meaning untold. I want to be scared and back away from the insanely handsome man in front of me because I know who he is and what he can do to me. I blink, darting my tongue out to wet my chapped lips. Grey eyes darken further at that motion looking at me like a beast as I am his willing prey. If love is a flame I'll gladly burn for him. Sonia Vatore have been on the run ever since she watch the death of her family brutally massacred in front of her. In fear she changed her name taking the identity of your everyday American girl. Getting under the radar of Elijah, a ruthless and dangerous man, she found herself facing her deepest fear and her darkness desires. Mature content/ Adult language/ Violence/ 18+

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Ini dunia dimana sihir dan ilmu pengetahuan saling hidup berdampingan dari zaman ke zaman. Ada beberapa orang di dunia ini yang mempunyai kekuatan khusus dengan sebutan yang berbeda-beda. Mereka yang menggunakan rapalan kuno serta menggunakan energi mana sebagi sumber kekuatan mereka disebut sebagai Penyihir. Lalu ada ras baru dari Manusia yang mengalami evolusi dan mendapatkan kekuatan super alami layaknya tokoh super di buku komik, mereka disebut sebagai Pecuilar. Ada yang memperoleh kekuatan dari artefak-artefak kuno walau mereka sendiri bukanlah Penyihir ataupun Pecuilar, mereka disebut Magicster. Dan mereka yang mendapat kekuatan dari hasil percobaan ilmiah serta modifikasi gen secara buatan disebut sebagai Meta-Human atau Humanoid. Cerita ini bermula di Eternia. Salah satu kota futuristik yang berdiri di atas sebuah pulau buatan bernama Alten di Samudra Pasifik. Bercerita tentang seorang siswa SMA bernama Galih Hargana. Galih adalah salah satu dari sekian banyak orang yang mendapat sebutan Pecuilar. Dia adalah seorang Pecuilar yang memiliki label kekuatan asli Tipe 5 dengan code name : Mr.Universe. Tapi karena ingin menjalani hidup normal layaknya anak SMA kebanyakan, Galih lebih memilih menyembunyikan kekuatannya sehingga dirinya sering disalahartikan sebagai seorang Tipe 0 atau bisa dibilang Manusia biasa. Suatu hari, Galih berjumpa dengan seorang Gadis kecil di depan pintu rumahnya. Gadis itu mengaku bernama Ariela dan ternyata dia bukanlah gadis biasa. Ariela adalah seorang Meta-Human langka berjenis Artificial Angel dengan level kekuatan Tipe 4. Dia kabur dari lab pemerintah karena akan dijadikan sebagai sebuah senjata untuk persiapan Perang Dunia yang tengah diisukan akan segera pecah. Sadar akan potensi bahayanya, Galih yang tadinya tidak mau ikut terlibat, mau tidak mau harus terjun ke dalam konflik antara Manusia dan Penyihir yang semakin memanas demi melindungi teman-temannya serta menjauhkan Ariela dari tangan dingin para elit pemerintah yang bermaksud memecah peperangan lewat kekuatan gadis kecil itu. Lalu bagaimanakah kelanjutan kisah Galih? akankah dia berhasil melindungi Ariela serta teman-temannya dari oknum jahat yang ingin membawa Areial kembali? mampukah Galih mengungkap rahasia besar dibalik perseteruan Manusia dan Penyihir yang terus berlangsung pasca peperangan besar 26 tahun lalu? cari jawabannya di sini ya.

Dunia_aksi · Fantasy
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4 Chs
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Brilliant author with an excellent penmanship.. . 👏👏👏👏👏 I don't give reviews often.... but I would like to put in a word about this excellent novel. .. The characters are portrayed well... each and every person thoughts and inner feeling is put forth in a well defined way. . I appreciate the author for her wonderful work. keep it up author. thank you very much for giving me a wonderful time reading your novel.


Reveal spoiler


I Have read a LOT of Webnovel bools lately, this has by far been my favorite in quite some time. endearing characters, good storyline all be it a slightly slow progression...i find myself on the edge of my seat, Wondering what will happen next. Great Job author!


Why is this book not having any reviews or ratings ??? I mean this book is really good !! The story is good, imaginable and the author describes it well.. I'm actually surprised by how many chapters the author is posting per day... Within a month, the author reached 236 chapters.. I'm really shocked o_o You really are doing a good work author !! Keep it up :) I like this story and I have added it in my library and you people also won't regret reading this book..



why i have to do this to suffer from read this book from the burn i received after reading nonstop am i addicted i hope no but for sure the plot reasonable good [img=faceslap]


it's a 5/5 for this book .ok author u are good and very creative .this book has made me drop all other stories and just focus on this one until I finish it ..have really enjoyed it and still reading am now on page 760 chapter 151.great book great story great everything


Very well done , am enjoying it very much!💞💐👍🎉🤗 Well written, spelling and grammar!💞💞💞 Looking forward to the next twist and/ or turn..Thank you Author!🤗


It's so frustrating but so good. I didn't even notice that I got so invested in this story until I got around 25% through it. I just hooked me in.


I did not think this was going to be as good as it actually is. I have seen the stupid genius "syndrome" happen a lot. I'm hooked. [img=update][img=update][img=update]


This is a really good story with an interesting plot. I really love how the author uses words to describe things so well!! The names of the characters are also cool (for me). I really like it all and really, your writing speed is so good, I mean you update so fast and quick. Too bad that you are not having any ratings, this book deserves well!! I hope you continue writing and not give up! :) :) Good luck with your work!!


I have to say the author can write in a fast speed. I was overwhelmed by how many chapters that the author can achieved. This story has a great description, I mean, look at the points, I can imagine them well. Although I just read a few chapters, I feel that this story is very nice and potential. MC seemed like a strong character, but we'll see about what she'll stumble upon with. Great job author! Keep it up!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


It starts out well and I like that. The protagonist has a strong sense of giving her family a better life and that's beautiful. I will keep reading. Good work!


A lot of misunderstandings because of no communication, and it's not just once or twice between the same people. Also, you get to chapter 200 and the cost is 3000 coins for one chapter. I'm sorry, I had to stop there.


I LOVE this book. I’m glad mina finally got to be happy , it was long over due. It a relatable story because a lot of people go through similar situations. Some overcome those while others don’t.


IF you have a strong mind and emotion, go ahead! Read this roller coaster of a "read" and feel lots of emotions (mostly anger lol)! Character wise, I love the side characters more, tbh. Storyline is clear and detailed! Author's choice of words is realqly the best! I think that's what makes it more "emotional" because the words are reaaallyyyyy descriptive! Each scene, actions/movements, background, emotion are well expressed and written! Kudos author!


Hi! I think you are an excellent writer, and you have been writing Romance story, but would you like to try something new and reach different readership? My name is Molly. I'm an editor of an Adventure Fiction site. Given your outstanding writing skill, I would like to invite you to join our Adventure Fiction Contest. Only 3,000 words is necessary for a review (Examples and writing tips are provided). Once your application is approved, we can offer financial support programs for your further motivation. Besides, when your novel hit a certain word count, we will advertise it to targeted readers. Writing with us= Paid by Writing + New Readership. Join us now! You can find more information at : https://bit.ly/3tBG7l7 Or reach me at : Rebecca_661@outlook.com


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