Whatever It Takes... [HP X MCU (AU) Fanfic]

This is a Fanfic... I don't own anything!!! All the characters belong to their respective owners!! --~Synopsis (SEASON- I, II, III)~-- Lily Potter sacrificed herself to protect her son but things didn't go as planned and find herself in a different situation than expected... How will Harry cope with someone guiding him in his steps in the Wizarding World? Find out about the young Wizard with a different take on destiny and the changes it brings... --~Synopsis (SEASON- IV)~-- Harry is no longer the weak little child that he was a few years ago. Now, he is no longer alone without any allies, but his enemies have also started to make their moves with new enemies starting to rear their heads... What will Harry do? Will he crumble under the pressure or will he thrive in the face of his enemies? ~~This is not a Canon Rewrite or anything similar~~ --~Support the Author~-- If you appreciate and love my work, then you are welcome to donate to support me and keep me motivated. Upto 25 Chapters advanced Chapters of this Fanfic are available on my P.a.t.r.e.o.n. P.A.T.R.E.O.N Link- p.a.t.r.e.o.n.com/IngloriousMe --~Discord~-- If you want to discuss something or check the artwork or the character sheets then join my Discord Server. My Discord Server Link:- https://discord.gg/zdUqAGKrkm

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CHAPTER {318-320}


~~Near Gringotts, Diagon Alley~~

"Katerina, remember, there is no need to be needlessly cruel since we are on the clock" Gellert pointed out in a soft tone as he glanced toward Katerina. The said woman didn't look happy but nonetheless, she nodded her head in understanding. "However, there is no reason to hurry. We simply need to keep a steady pace" Gellert announced with a smile as he looked around.

"Remember, we are simply the distraction" Gellert said while staring at the white building in front of him, his gaze extremely sharp… Previously, their plan was to get inside Gringotts, empty several vaults and leave. Harry would have been there to prevent them from getting buried inside the cave in case the Goblins decided to collapse the cave.

However, their plan has changed… Now Gellert and his men were going to be a distraction so that Harry could silently infiltrate Gringotts and kill the Goblins before they could realize what was happening. Harry didn't even need to kill all the Goblins, he simply needed to kill the ones hiding inside the contingency room and take control of the detonation protocol.

After that, Gellert and men would simply swipe through the cave, cleaning out any survivors, crevice by crevice…

Gellert had no idea why Harry changed his plans, but it was not his place to question Harry, especially when Harry wasn't planning to risk their lives unnecessarily. Additionally, he was completely fine with either plan since he was certain that his men could take care of themselves against some Magicless brutes.

\Gellert, it's time. I will be there in a few minutes\ Gellert received the message he and his men were waiting for. 

"I have received the word, let's move" Gellert announced and signaled his men to start moving. Their role in the plan was to become a distraction and that was what they were going to do. Seven of his men walked out of the alley and disappeared into the crowd. The seven of them were going to enter Gringotts, acting and looking like normal people, but their job was to instigate a fight inside Gringotts. 

"When is Harry going to arrive?" Katerina asked, impatiently. The rest of them were only to head inside after Harry was here and even though they were on the clock, Katerina wanted some action. She couldn't wait to butcher some Goblins… She had never done that and she wanted to know if they bled red like humans or not.

"Have some patience, my dear" Gellert answered politely. "He said he will be here in a few minutes" Gellert answered before he turned back toward Gringotts…

~~Atrium, Ministry of Magic~~

A Portal opened inside the atrium and the members of Lost Garden along with Jacklyn Harper stepped through the Portal before it closed. "Hmm… I was expecting more Aurors" Jacklyn hummed thoughtfully as she looked around. The atrium was completely empty except for Amelia and a few Aurors standing behind her.

"I have no intention of arresting you" Amelia revealed with a stern look on her face. "Is the job done?" Amelia asked and Jacklyn simply cocked her head sideways with an amused look on her face before she snapped her fingers and four of her subordinates, who were carrying two trunks between them, stepped forward. 

"Yes, all the gold is accounted for, except for the percentage you owed us" Jacklyn answered as the men placed the trunks in between the two groups before they started to retreat. 

"Alright. I will take your word for that" Amelia accepted with a nod of her head before she signaled four of her own men to grab the trunks. "As per our agreement, gold for the second Contract will be paid after the task is completed" Amelia added and Jacklyn nodded her head in understanding. Harry was the one who made the deal in the first place and she knew how he was with gold.

There was no way he would do anything for free…

"If that's all, we should be on our way" Jacklyn announced as she gave the trunks a last look. Those trunks were the cheapest space-expanded trunks Harry was able to find and that was the only reason Harry hadn't asked them to get the trunks back. It would have been awkward to ask their Contractors to return the trunk and that was another reason why Harry decided not to use the trunks he already owned and buy some cheap ones.

'Ugh! That cheapskate…' Jacklyn groaned internally. 

Without saying anything else, Jacklyn opened another Portal, surprising Amelia and her Aurors. They believed that only Harry could open such Portals, but now it seemed that they were wrong. Apparently, Jacklyn Harper, who was close to Harry, could also open Portals… While Jacklyn and the members of Lost Garden started to leave, Amelia started to wonder if Jacklyn was the only one who knew how to open Portals beside Harry…

~~Gringotts, Diagon Alley~~

"Can't you stand straight?" One of the men asked loudly as he pushed another man out of the line. It only took a couple of minutes for the members of Lost Garden to take their positions and now that everyone was in their position, it was finally time to get the show rolling. 

"You are telling me to stand straight while you are the one who has been making weird gestures toward the women?" The man who was pushed out of the line, asked loudly, getting everyone's attention. The women inside the hall immediately turned to look at the man who was accused of making rude gestures at them.

"Lies!!" The man screamed and looked around frantically. When he noticed that the women were looking at him in disgust, he turned back toward the man he had pushed. "You are going to pay for that!" The man snarled and pulled out his Wands. Everyone around him looked at him like he was the biggest fool in the world. 

"What do you think you are doing, human?" One of the goblin guards asked menacingly as he pulled out his sword. The blade gleamed under the light, but the man didn't even flinch.

"What am I doing?" The man asked in an incredulous tone. "I pulled out my Wand, you filthy creature" The man answered with a sneer, and all the humans inside the bank gasped in shock. That was a completely wrong thing to say in this situation and from the way the goblin guards were pulling out their swords, it looked like the man was in for a really bad time…



"Hey, what the hell do you think you Goblins are doing?" Another man stepped out of the crowd and asked. "Do you think we Wizards need permission from you creatures in case we want to use our Wands?" The same man asked, earning fearful looks from the rest of the crowd and the Goblins who were already angry, gnashed their teeth in rage.

"It might have to do something with the insult, me thinks" Another Wizard spoke up.

"But why? It's not like he is lying or something… They are filthy creatures" The Wizard standing beside him nodded his head in agreement as he spoke out loud.

Now the tension was almost visible in the room… The thing was, insulting Goblins inside Gringotts was not illegal, and neither was pulling out Wands without any reason, but the Goblins loved to act otherwise. After all, there was a reason why they were able to create such a fearsome reputation. 

They could have dealt with the Ministry if it was only one Wizard… They could have sent him to the mines and told the Ministry to piss off. The Ministry would have accepted the loss and moved on since a single Wizard was no way worth starting a war. However, now it wasn't just one Wizard and they couldn't just capture all of them and send them to work in the mines.

The Ministry would never accept that… However, if they didn't do anything then their meticulously crafted reputation would be in tatters and within a matter of days, Wixen would start acting impetuously inside Gringotts… "Apprehend them!" An important-looking Goblin ordered loudly. He was aware of the risks, but these Wizards needed to be dealt with.

It took them decades to craft their reputation and if they let this go, then other humans would also come sniffing their weakness… They could simply scare off the Ministry or cut a deal with them afterwards since they were in possession of all of their gold…

The Goblin guards stepped forward menacingly, their blades gleaming dangerously, but before they could take more than two steps, one of the Goblin guards was beheaded by a Wizard in the crowd. The Goblin corpse hit the floor with a loud clang… "You dare try to apprehend Wizards? Looks like you creatures must have forgotten your place" The Wizard spat derisively.

"Kill the fuckers!" One of the other Wizards who was already causing trouble screamed.

"Yeah, show them their place!" Another one joined in and all hell broke loose as the crowd finally broke out of their trance and realized that a fight was about to break out inside Gringotts and they wanted no part in it, so they simply started to run toward the exit… This was exactly what Harry and Gellert wanted to happen. 

The seven men grinned as the first part of their job was complete, now they simply needed to hold out until Harry was in possession of the detonator…

<Line Break>

Harry appeared inside the deepest parts of Gringotts through a Portal with the Invisibility Cloak wrapped around him. The part of the cave was completely unknown to the outside world… Hell, even most of the Goblins residing in this cave didn't know about this part. Only a handful of Goblins knew about this place, which was kind of understandable since this was their last line of defense.

Harry casually strode down the narrow hall until he started to hear some Goblins speak in Gobbledygook. He couldn't understand them, obviously, but he could understand their intent. This place was not only their last line of defense, this place was also some kind of a control room. While the Goblins were forbidden from possessing Wands, they had managed to develop their own kind of Magic.

The Goblins were using their own brand of Magic to monitor the whole cave system…

Harry simply narrowed his eyes and one of the Goblins exploded… The remaining Goblins screamed in surprise and outrage, but before they could do anything, the room was flooded with heavy pressure, pinning all the Goblins to the floor. Now that none of them would be able to reach the detonator, Harry slowly pulled off the Invisibility Cloak, revealing himself to the Goblins.

An alarm went off inside the control room as soon as Harry took off the Cloak, which was kind of expected. "That's quite annoying…" Harry mumbled under the breath and the alarm stopped ringing. "Now that the annoying thing is taken care of, what to do with you…" Harry mumbled thoughtfully as he tapped his chin.

"H-How did yo-you find this place?" One of the Goblins managed to grit out with a lot of difficulty.

"Through hard work, of course" Harry answered dismissively as he picked up the detonator. The detonator was much bigger than what Muggles used for their explosives, but this detonator was supposed to work from anywhere in the world, so that could explain why the detonator was so big. Harry couldn't wait to rip it apart and see how it worked… For the time being, he simply decided to put away the detonator.

"Now that the detonator is taken care of, let's see if you guys have anything else to give us the finger as a last resort" Harry spoke and a Goblin flew up to him. The Goblin was glaring at him hatefully, which was to be expected considering the circumstances. Harry looked straight into the Goblin's eyes and moments later, he was shuffling through the memories of the Goblin.

The mind of a Goblin was different from a Wixen, but the theory behind the process was the same… However, in the end, it was just a theory, in reality, the process was a lot more complicated than that… If a person was not being careful then they could be easily trapped inside of a Goblin since their Minds worked differently, but if someone managed to do it safely even once, they could do it all the time without any problems.

However, instead of finesse, Harry simply decided to use brute force to get the job done… It was barbaric, but Harry didn't have a Goblin who was willing to be a guinea pig for him…

Harry managed to see a few images before the Goblin's mind started to collapse, but he wasn't worried because there were still some Goblins who were going to help him perfect his technique. He pulled himself out of the Goblin's mind and dropped the body before he turned toward the rest of the Goblins… However, before starting again, there was something else he needed to do.

\Gellert, start clearing the caves\ Harry finally sent out the message Gellert and his team were waiting for…



~~Gringotts, Diagon Alley~~

"I guess they weren't messing around" Rufus mumbled under his breath as he walked through the corridors, looking somewhat disturbed and aghast. This wasn't the first time he was in this place, but this was the first time he wasn't being accompanied by a Goblin. They were walking through the corridors of Gringotts without any Goblin accompanying them.

It was a highly unsettling experience for him and from the looks of it, he wasn't the only one feeling like that…

"No, they are trying to make their name. There is no way they were going to mess around for such an important task" Moody answered with a snort. At first, he wasn't sure what to think of the idea Amelia came up with, but if they were able to make it work, then she would be remembered as one of the greatest Ministers of all time, which was saying something.

To be honest, Alastor didn't have anything against the Goblins, but at the same time, he had no love for them… If their destruction was going to help them in the long run then he was all for it…

"Did you ask them to clear the bodies too?" Rufus asked with a frown when he realized that there were no corpses, either human or Goblin, in sight. There wasn't even a trace of blood they could find. It was like the whole place was wiped clean.

"Yes, I asked them to get rid of the bodies and remove all signs of the fight" Amelia answered with a grave look on her face. "We could have handled the blood and gore, but I don't think our new employees could have" Amelia elaborated and Rufus nodded his head in understanding. Alastor simply hummed and looked back at the small group of Wixen following them.

"I am surprised that Arthur managed to find this many so soon" Alastor pointed out airily.

"Do not underestimate him" Amelia said as she shook her head. "He may not seem much, but he is pretty well-known and he is well-liked by almost everyone. He knows people in all the Departments" Amelia explained with a sigh. She gave Arthur and his group another look… It was obvious that didn't agree with her methods, but didn't mind what they thought about her methods.

As long as they were doing their job, Amelia wasn't going to care…

Soon, the entourage arrived inside a large opening, only to find Harry Potter waiting for them along with Gellert Grindelwald and Katerina Kabal… There were only three of them, but none of them dared to underestimate them. "Good, you guys are finally here. I am a growing child, I need my sleep" Harry quipped as he turned around to look at them.

Amelia and her group froze when Harry said he was a child and he needed his sleep… "The act of an innocent child… It doesn't suit you" Alastor huffed as he threw Harry a dirty look.

"Don't need to be so grumpy, old man. Are you still testy about your stay in hotel MACUSA?" Harry asked with a chuckle. However, before the argument could escalate, Amelia decided to step in.

"Enough" Amelia called out. "Can you not aggravate him, please?" Amelia requested while looking at Harry, who simply shrugged and decided to stop poking at the paranoid bastard. "We are here to finish the deal, aren't we? So, let's just do that and walk away so that all of us can part on good terms" Amelia finished with a huff.

Harry gave her a look before sighing… "Fine… Take away all the fun, won't you" Harry mumbled unhappily before he sighed again. "Alright. Let's get this over with" Harry announced and Amelia pulled out a sack from her robes and handed it over to Harry, who accepted it with a bright smile on his face, and then he pulled out a piece of parchment from his robes and handed it over to Amelia.

"This wasn't a part of the deal, but I am feeling generous. It's a map for your convenience" Harry explained and Amelia gave him a grateful look as she stuffed the map in her robes.

"10,000 Galleons as promised and you will receive the rest after a week" Amelia said while she stared at the sack in Harry's hand. Harry gave her a nod before he turned around. He didn't even bother to count the amount since he knew that Amelia wasn't planning to cheat him. Amelia might be a lot of things, but she was not stupid.

"Good, we are leaving" Harry said and opened a Portal. Both Gellert and Katerina stepped through the Portal, but Harry stopped in his tracks and looked back. "I will be looking forward to the next Contract" Harry said with a smile before he stepped through the Portal too. The Portal finally closed, leaving only the Ministry employees inside the bank.

"Arthur, let's not dally around. You guys have quite the task in front of you" Amelia said before all of them started to head toward the Goblin archives…

~~Incant Alley, Edinburgh~~

Emanuel Barone was fast asleep when someone started to loudly bang on the door. Emanuel groaned and sat up in his bed before he glanced toward the clock hanging on the wall and started to wonder why someone was banging on his door like the world was on fire. Emanuel climbed out of his bed, but the person banging on his door wasn't planning to stop.

"I am coming!!" Emaneul screamed in annoyance and the banging finally stopped. He walked up to the door and yanked it open only to find one of the guards standing at the door, looking like he had seen a ghost. "What happened? Is the world on fire?" Emanuel asked, his voice dripping with annoyance. This was way too early for someone of his station to wake up.

"Sir, Harry Potter attacked the San Luis branch and the British branch of Gringotts and now the Goblins have declared war on us!" The guard explained hurriedly and for a moment, Emanuel thought he didn't hear the man correctly.

'Maybe, I am still asleep and this is just a nightmare' Emanuel wondered and pinched himself. He winced at the pain, but that was not his concern right now. 'The world is on fire sounds much better than another Goblin Rebellion' With that thought in his mind, he promptly passed out…


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