What If They Are Girls!

There is a reason everyone calls her the "Iron Lady."  Call her a fashion designer, interior designer, a genius hacker, or even a talented healer. She is all that in a day and a ruthless assassin at night. Did I say she's a triplet? Oh yes! She has two other sisters who are geniuses in their own right.  Can you imagine Gerald Flynch abandoned them all onto Emily Fynn the day they were born, just because they are girls? Follow Adriana Hastings on a mission to acquire the same hard drive that could bring the Rockerfeller family to its knees.  With Aiden Rockerfeller on her tails, how will she shake him off from discovering her or even from getting too close to her heart? The most tormenting factor about the whole situation is that the Rockerfeller family may be responsible for her mother's murder. *** Follow me on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/freda.lotsu Discord: https://discord.gg/Qqmmv8cc Instagram: call_me_mirror Discord: call_me_mirror

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[Bonus chapter] Mom!

"How on earth would I say that, my darling?" 

Aiden spoke patronizingly. He knew he had to salvage the situation, else, he would have his mouth to blame. He took two steps toward Adriana and stopped right in front of her. With his hot breath fanning her supple skin, she raised her head slightly to look into his eyes, her gaze beckoning him expectantly. It is clear that she wasn't going to let it slide so easily.

Suddenly, Aiden's lips quickly came into contact with the corner of her lips. It was so quick and subtle that Adriana couldn't help wondering, "Was that supposed to be a kiss?" She could still feel his warm lips on hers, and strangely, she wanted more. However, she took a deep breath and reminded herself of where she was, memories of their other room deeds quickly flashing past her mind.