What If They Are Girls!

There is a reason everyone calls her the "Iron Lady."  Call her a fashion designer, interior designer, a genius hacker, or even a talented healer. She is all that in a day and a ruthless assassin at night. Did I say she's a triplet? Oh yes! She has two other sisters who are geniuses in their own right.  Can you imagine Gerald Flynch abandoned them all onto Emily Fynn the day they were born, just because they are girls? Follow Adriana Hastings on a mission to acquire the same hard drive that could bring the Rockerfeller family to its knees.  With Aiden Rockerfeller on her tails, how will she shake him off from discovering her or even from getting too close to her heart? The most tormenting factor about the whole situation is that the Rockerfeller family may be responsible for her mother's murder. *** Follow me on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/freda.lotsu Tik tok: call_me_mirror Instagram: call_me_mirror Discord: call_me_mirror

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Be Happy!

The cemetery looked so serene and breathtakingly beautiful. It screamed of nothing but luxury.  If not for the few graves aligned in straight lines , one would have mistaken it to be a park. The whole vicinity was gated, with uniformed security guards patrolling it diligently. They were clans from the Rockerfeller clan's security team. However, none of them dared to come near the couple. They rather gave them room to be alone. 

Aiden's mother was laid to rest amid various luxuriously eye-catching decorations, on and around her grave. If aesthetics could bring back the dead, she wouldn't have been lying six feet underground at the moment. 

The message engraved on her gravestone, "Forever in our hearts," as well as every other decoration at the place, spoke volumes of how she was well loved by her family. Even the carefully selected rare items that adorned the place gave a clear indication of how meticulous the planner was.