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It all begins with a simple goblin. Within a cave amongst many others, a man, a foreigner is reborn. "Yup, that's me. A lovely heart-throbbing goblin......!" But one that promises a tale of ruin. Merely a single step, yet depravity follows. Tumultuous flames that threaten mankind itself, burning entire continents till it reaches the next world. Just what kind of catastrophe had been unleashed? "Oh, c'mon~ we're all friends here, aren't we...?" However, greed fills his soul, a gluttonous hunger like no one had ever seen. This sickening darkness, relentless in its approach, only hopes to devour all things or trample it underfoot. "But...if it's my destiny, then I'm afraid I have no choice. My fellow brethren, it is time." He calls upon the many demons who kneeled alongside his throne, the ones who prosper and thrive within disaster. Merciless in their pursuit, blood pooled into rivers, seas, and oceans. Ghastly. What existences hadn't yet gone extinct? "Aw~ it's so sad, I just might cry~" To continue treading down this never-ending path...with each and every step, they shall poison the world. ***** Multiverse/World Traveling: RE:MONSTER How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Arifureta Zero/Arifureta I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World and Became Unrivaled in The Real World, Too A Wise Man’s Grandchild The Legendary Mechanic More included later or upon request.... Authors Notes: To begin, I must warn you beforehand, this is a Depraved story about an Evil Protagonist. Not some cook-cutter villain, but someone who is legitimately Cancerous. It is no exaggeration to say that he is a plague that indiscriminately encompasses all who contracts it. And as such, I warn you again, DO NOT come here with the expectation of this being something easy to stomach. If you are a moral person who cannot distinguish between reality and fiction, it'd be best if you skipped over this one. I will not condone any reviews or comments condemning him on how evil or immoral the mc’s acts are, as I refuse to entertain them after giving this warning and will remove such things immediately. There is no fixed updating schedule for this story, this is strictly for entertainment purposes. Now, if you understand the code of conduct, please click [Accept] *I own nothing other than my Original Characters in this story. Neither the series nor franchises included belong to me*

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Chapter 16: A Goblins Path

Ezra | Ra | Day 8 | Former Orcs Mine, Unnamed Settlement

A black snake wreathed in shadows slithered around the back of my neck. It flicked its tongue. Its eyes glowed an ethereal blue.

[You Have Chosen <<Conquest >> {Domination} Path]

[The {Domination} Storyline Will Be Triggered At Any Point In Time]

Yea. There really wasn't much to think about in the first place. I'm a fucking chad. I don't need women.

Who said I needed women, huh?

You knuckle-head~

I just want people to kneel under me. To kneel at my feet. To kiss my toes. To suck my toes.

You get what I mean? You pickin' up what I'm puttin' down?

I need people to understand others as well as I do. I understand people very well, which is why 99.9% of my own relationships don't work out. I understand too much, and because of that, people don't understand me.

We all have troubles; I just have more troubles than the average person. 


Alright. I'm calm now. I can't help it; my head gets all muddled sometimes and I get the urge to gut someone like a pig. Okay, okay, I'm sorry. In truth, I really wanted to rip out someone's intestines and hang them by their neck.

If you asked me, that's a much better alternative.


The snake hissed quietly. It glared daggers at my goblin comrades as if waiting for the moment to pounce.

What a cute thing. No one noticed its menacing stare except Rin-chan. She always had that kind of awareness, though.

That acute sense of being eyed by a predator. 

My other shadows stood in line at the surrounding walls. They were like my sworn knights who'd stop at nothing to protect me. Aha.

The newly recruited orcs stood stoically with their pig faces, holding spears, axes, and any other kind of weapons they'd stolen over the years. They were a group of dirty bastards, for sure. My adorable little dirty bastards.

The former Gobuji-kun stood behind me like an attendant or personal bodyguard. He had a fierce expression. The others were already aware of him, so their initial surprise didn't last long.

It was a little rag-tag at first, but it's all coming together now, isn't it?

Shadowy snakes crawled and slithered. Horned Rabbits stood at attention. Armored Tanukis lay in wait. Large bats hung from the ceiling.

You have to appreciate the aesthetic.

You have to take in everything around you.

You have to breathe life back into that everything.

And you have to get naked and frolic around like mindless beasts.

See, this is a part of that understanding I was talking about.

I'll help you as much as you help me.






True Name: [] [] [] [] [] [] []

Name: Ezra (Ra)

Rank: 1

Race: Goblin (New Species)

Gender: Male

Level: 63 —> 100+

Job-class: Shadow Lord

Subclass: None

Shadows: 88 —> 130

DP: 400 —> 51,500


Strength: 105 (E-)

Endurance: 90 (E-)

Agility: 135 (E-)

Magic: 100 (E-)

Intelligence: 87 (E-)

Luck: 15 (F+)

Free Stat Points: 0 —> 185

[—[Personal Skills]—]

• [World Language] • [Stealth] •

[Shadow Extraction] •

 [Shadow Preservation] •

[Presence Detection] • 

[Detoxification] •

[Armor] • [Silent Butcher] •

[Unarmed Combat Mastery] •

[—[Inherent Skills]—]

Goblin: • [Unique] • [Dominance] • [Precocious] • [Rape] • [Cunning]

 • [Demon Tribe Factor] • [Night Vision] •

[—————— ——————]




Oho, a lot of mhm stuff here. I've now reached level 100 after the skirmish against the Orcs. My bank account has also reached a new level. It's been a good life. I'm content with dying now. 

"Sui-chan, could you come over here and cut my wrists for me?"

"W-w-w-what did you say....?"

"I said, could you come over here and exist for me?"

"U-uh, I...huh...?"

Words. Even though people can comprehend the language in which it is spoken, they cannot understand the words themselves. 

Please, I beg of you, don't hurt me.

I won't tell anyone, I swear, please believe me.

Give that back, it's not yours, you thief.

A bunch of fucking words. Noise, and more incoherent noise. It becomes indecipherable when a blob of flesh is attempting to speak to you. A mere chunk of flesh strings together the letters of a certain language and tries to pose as an actual person.

What more can you do but listen quietly and acknowledge that it's speaking.

Ah.....I got lost in thought again.

Where was I?

Oh, yea, my stats...…

By the looks of it, they are extremely high compared to the average goblin. By my sophisticated calculations, F-, F, and F+ level stats should be around 'Below Average Human' to 'Athlete Level' in terms of power.

E- should probably be around 'Street Level' and so on and so forth.

Now, with these free stat points of mine, I'm gonna increase my stats before the evolution rather than saving them. It's only an educated guess, but based on my extremely accurate hypothesis, I believe that the higher my current stats are, the higher my base stats will be after evolution.

I know, I know. You're clapping so hard that your hands are bleeding right now. No need to give me any kind of reward. A kiss on the cheek is just fine. 

You are beautiful. This king loves you.

With this in mind, please have sweet dreams. Because this king will appear in them and sexually assault you.

Don't be afraid. Let it happen.

After all—

It's not rape if we're both screaming.








[The Maximum Level Has Been Reach]

[Scanning Evolution Paths......…]

[Deciphering The Most Optimal Evolution Path...….]

[An Evolution Path Has Been Deciphered]

[Due to your achievements thus far, you are eligible to evolve into a Hobgoblin (Rare Species)]

[Would You Like To Evolve?]



Ah, oh, I see. The screen that arrives when you're about to sleep. It's my system screen though.

Huh. System-chan has overridden the world. System-chan is taking over. What an unbelievable thing.

Huaaaaa......Anyways. Let's go for it. 


Make me a Hobgoblin.

You psychopathic system.








Ezra | Ra | Day 9 | Former Orcs Mine, Unnamed Settlement

I opened my eyes to the sound of rain.

—Thud. Thud. Thud.

It was like the furious poundings of a beast. It could pour down from the sky and sweep away everything. It could flood the area and leave nothing behind.

The ground...…..

I looked at the hard surface I had slept on. Stone, rock, gravel. It was a combination of things that made people uncomfortable. Cold and stiff. 

It was truly blasphemous.

I touched this cold and stiff ground with my hand. Just pressing my palm against it. There, I immediately noticed something different.

So that's the case......

That was the case. That was indeed the case. The hand that was in front of my eyes was an unfamiliar one. Larger than what I had grown used to and possessed a somewhat grayish complexion.

The strength that was connected to this unfamiliar hand—The strength that was apparently in my body was also unfamiliar.

Damn. Shit. Holy shit. I'm taking a holy shit right now......

There was no comparison. If before, I was a child walking around with my childish strength, then now, I'm a special forces operative walking around with special force-like strength.

Not even an average grown man. You couldn't compare it like that. I had to be an elite grown man with elite strength. I felt the difference. I felt as if I could lift the sky with one hand.

I'm exaggerating, but still......

I could probably bring down a building if I tried hard enough.