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It all begins with a simple goblin. Within a cave amongst many others, a man, a foreigner is reborn. "Yup, that's me. A lovely heart-throbbing goblin......!" But one that promises a tale of ruin. Merely a single step, yet depravity follows. Tumultuous flames that threaten mankind itself, burning entire continents till it reaches the next world. Just what kind of catastrophe had been unleashed? "Oh, c'mon~ we're all friends here, aren't we...?" However, greed fills his soul, a gluttonous hunger like no one had ever seen. This sickening darkness, relentless in its approach, only hopes to devour all things or trample it underfoot. "But...if it's my destiny, then I'm afraid I have no choice. My fellow brethren, it is time." He calls upon the many demons who kneeled alongside his throne, the ones who prosper and thrive within disaster. Merciless in their pursuit, blood pooled into rivers, seas, and oceans. Ghastly. What existences hadn't yet gone extinct? "Aw~ it's so sad, I just might cry~" To continue treading down this never-ending path...with each and every step, they shall poison the world. ***** Multiverse/World Traveling: RE:MONSTER How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Arifureta Zero/Arifureta I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World and Became Unrivaled in The Real World, Too A Wise Man’s Grandchild The Legendary Mechanic More included later or upon request.... Authors Notes: To begin, I must warn you beforehand, this is a Depraved story about an Evil Protagonist. Not some cook-cutter villain, but someone who is legitimately Cancerous. It is no exaggeration to say that he is a plague that indiscriminately encompasses all who contracts it. And as such, I warn you again, DO NOT come here with the expectation of this being something easy to stomach. If you are a moral person who cannot distinguish between reality and fiction, it'd be best if you skipped over this one. I will not condone any reviews or comments condemning him on how evil or immoral the mc’s acts are, as I refuse to entertain them after giving this warning and will remove such things immediately. There is no fixed updating schedule for this story, this is strictly for entertainment purposes. Now, if you understand the code of conduct, please click [Accept] *I own nothing other than my Original Characters in this story. Neither the series nor franchises included belong to me*

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Chapter 15: The Story Mode Begins

Ezra | Ra | Day 8 | Former Orcs Mine, Unnamed Settlement

I won't deny that I'm handsome. That is something I can't possibly deny. If you asked me to do so, I'd refuse. 

I mean, just look at me. 

I wouldn't be surprised if there were a large stain in your undergarments by now. This is the level that I, the greatest king in existence, am on. It'd be wise of you to understand.

I'll give you a few seconds to comprehend that. If by logic a lion is much greater than a kitten, then compared to me, everyone is a peasant. This is a humble example by the way so please don't be offended. 

You can't open a history book and be saddened by the fact that Alexander the Great conquered Persia. I will put you in a leg lock and choke you to death.

So when you speak to me, don't forget to add 'Your Majesty'.

'Ezra the Elegant King.'

That's what they'll call me. Not because I forced them to, but because I deserve it. Like I said before, I would never force anyone to do anything they don't like. This is my creed. A man's word is as pure as their soul—and my soul is 99.9% organic.

Take that in and shit it back out. Its proper nutrients.

...…I love you. *MWA~*

Sinking my teeth into a large Orc thigh, I ripped off a piece and chewed leisurely. The blood and meat combined had made something I never thought would be appetizing. It's like juicy fried pork, except without the crispy crunch of the 'fried' part.

So in a way it had nothing to do with being fried, I was just living as a mere boy with dreams.

Can a boy not dream? 

Can he not cross the river before falling into it and drowning to death? 

He was destined to drown, but we shouldn't tell him that. It would ruin the dream.


I looked over at Kanami who seemed confused about something.

"Why, uh...Why are you both....?


"Ezra, why….are you sitting on Eri…..…?"

"Ohhhhh...I see what you mean."


Somehow, the emotions on her face keep becoming more and more obscure. Kanami, along with the other seven girls, sat close by around us. We were all feasting in our new cave/mine which the Orcs had been kind enough to provide.

They were also kind enough to provide their limbs and organs for us poor starving goblins to eat. That's what you call a kind soul. Almost on the level of my own.

When one says 'I'll give you the skin off my back'—turns out, the Orcs meant it literally. Or was it 'the shirt' instead of skin....I don't know, I forgot.

Anyways, what was I saying again....?

Oh, right. Eri. The girl who provided her actual back for me to use as a chair. She was against this little arrangement at first. That's a normal reaction given by normal people. 

But I was gifted with the art of persuasion. It is my talent to loosen up bottlenecks for people to break through. If something is inconvenient for them, I have the ability to make it convenient.

Isn't that wonderful?

"Aha. Don't worry about her. She may look pitiful..."

".....W-where's the 'but'.....? Isn't there supposed to be a 'but'....?"

"Hm? What 'but'....?


Oh. Yup. There goes the emotions. You're losing them quite fast, should a face look that dull?

I was tempted to blow a kiss at her, but that too goes against my creed. Blowing a kiss at a goblin goes against the word of man, and if that is the case, then I might vomit up my soul.

I may have fucked a goblin, but exceptions exist everywhere do they not?

This and that are different.

My heart remains untainted. That's all that matters.

[You have lost your Virginity!

Reward: +500 DP!]

A pop-up window. Would you look at that....

Thick hips and a nice ass, I couldn't have asked for anything better.

[You have Stolen a very important Side Character's Virginity!

Reward: +250 DP!]

And they all come rolling in. You just won't let me ignore you, huh.

I can't ever have peace with System-chan constantly ringing my line. 

No, you can't come through. I've already told you this.

[Hidden Quest Complete! 

You have Massacred the Orcs!

Reward: +24800 DP!]


Hidden quests? Since when was that a thing?

Dropping slabs of meat into my lap isn't a pleasant way to handle things, especially if my dick hurts afterwards.

[Hidden Quest Chain Complete! 

You have Recruited Multiple Named Subordinates! - You have given your Subordinates Strength! - You have Conquered the Orc Territory! - You have Established your First Settlement! - You have Changed the Course of History!

Reward: +25000 DP!]

Okay, Okay, Okay, I understand. I get it now. I'm a revolutionary in the making. Ordinary people wouldn't get it, but calling me out like this really gives my ego a turbo boost.

You ever seen 'Nitro' being used in one of those racing games?

It's like that except x100.

I'm not sure if I can handle this all at once. Fuck, I'm getting dizzy.

Words, words, and more words. Give me a chance to comprehend these words before declaring me bankrupt.

[You have Completed the Tutorial!

Story Mode Quests can now be accessed

Reward: +1000 DP!]

My head instantly cooled down. 

Hidden quests and 'Story Mode' quests, is it?

I'm starting to understand how this system of mine works.

Rewards can be obtained through certain actions, most likely ones that affect the coming history of this world. They have to have a certain kind of meaning. Recruiting named subordinates changed the world's course to begin with. Making them even stronger and more coordinated ahead of time can be seen as a special achievement. 

Conquering the Orc territory could be explained easily. This isn't something that can be done by mere goblins. No matter how you put it, goblins aren't capable of such a thing. Not 'ordinary' goblins, at least.

Establishing my first settlement. The fact that the word 'first' is included means that the end goal is likely to have multiple. Rewards will probably be distributed upon taking over or creating a new settlement that actually has worth. The Orc territory has 'worth' for us goblins at this stage.

And now....Tutorial. I've completed the tutorial by also completing the hidden quests. Out of everything in the hidden quests, the thing that's most likely to conclude a tutorial would have to be of great importance. Gaining subordinates, Conquering territory, or....Establishing a settlement. 

I see.

Conquest and Dominion.

[The System <<Travel >> Function Has Now Been Fully Unlocked!]

True. It didn't seem to be that useful before, so I didn't bother paying attention to it. The initial function was only to travel to places I've seen before in this life for an exorbitant amount of DP. 

Yea, no. It had 'Fuck Off' written all over it. It was such a scam that it threatened to rip the pants off my legs.

But now, I have to see if what changed is really what I'm imagining. If it is, then that opens up an infinite amount of opportunity. Realistically speaking, based on numerous reliable facts and evidence verified through various sources—

Oh…..so that's how it is. That's how it really is. Past the system interface's main menu. Inside the <<Travel >> tab, a new option is displayed in all its holy glory. 

A world traveling option.

I placed a hand on my chest. The throbbing pulse located between each and every one of my ribs felt vivid. How colorful. I want to sing. I want to fly around like a bird and drop shit on people's heads. 

I just farted; did you hear it?

Smell it, bask in it, relish it. 

[Would You Like To Travel To Another World?]

The answer to that is obvious, is it not?

You couldn't have given me a better offer. Sell me a dream and I'll buy it without hesitation. I am a go-to customer for con-artists. Understand that this king is already poor without a penny to his name.

Thats why, you—

[First World (1,000,000 DP)]

—Goddamn capitalist son of a bitch. Go to hell.


Deep breath in….Deep breath out…..

I am in awe at whoever came up with this exercise because it never seems to work for me. Where are they at? I just want to see 'em so I can strangle 'em from top to bottom.

I sighed and Kanami opened her mouth.

"Ezra, is…is everything alright?"

"Perfectly fine. Perfectly fiiiiine...…"

"I…I see."

"Speaking of which, Kanami, is everything alright with you as well....?"

"Oh, me? Hehe. I'm doing great, I guess....!"

"You hate to see it. ....What about you, Rin-chan?"

"Ah, uh, I'm always happy to be here, sir!"

"How lovely. And you, Fuuka?"

".....If I'm with Nii-sama, I'm also happy."

"That really warms my heart. ....Mei-chan?"

"Ah, ah, uh, I….um, I like spending time together with everyone...!"

"Sweet child.... Sui-chan?"

"I-I-I-I'm just so happy to have so many friends, so...…"

"Aha, how innocent. Rai-tan?"

"I'm….I'm grateful to you for letting us stay here like this."


"W-well, we owe you a whole lot for the gifts….."

"Wow. You guys are too serious. I couldn't imagine being so serious everyday. I'd rather let loose from the start than have pent up stress. If you ever need to vent your emotions, just come to me. I have a good outlet."

They all looked at me with bewilderment. It was evident that they had no idea what I was talking about. That's fine though. Everyone has to find out at some point, even if you don't take the initiative. 

It's not as if everyone wanted to go to school to learn what a quadrilateral is, or why letters are used in math.

Like I said before. Persuasion is my gift.

A somewhat strained but perplexed voice came out from underneath me.

"Uh….Um…..E-Ezra-nii, you…you forgot about me, I think..."


"You called on everyone...I was the only one who wasn't...…."

"Is that so?"


Anyways. Back to the main topic at hand.

I've apparently completed the 'Tutorial' for the system without even knowing there was a tutorial. Surprise, surprise. Now I've gained access to something called 'Story Mode Quests', and if I were to make a guess, these quests aren't just one-off. They lead to something.

They have meaning and will likely have a major impact on the future ahead. 

Now you might be wondering; 'How do you know this, your majesty Ezra the Mighty Elegant King?'

And to answer that obvious question, it's naturally because of...…

[———— ————]

[Story Mode Quests]


Choose Your Preferred Path For This World:


—Conquest: {Desire} or {Domination}

—Renown: {Infamy} or {Virtue}

—Guidance: {Protagonist} or {Antagonist}


*Your Chosen Path will Henceforth Decide On The Manner Of Quests You'll Be Receiving

[———— ————]

This shit.

All of the quests given by the system are optional with no penalty. It's completely left to my discretion. But this here gives me the option to choose which genre of quests I'll be receiving.

This is the true essence of the 'Fantasies and Desires System.' No matter what I pick, my freedom takes precedence. 

To sum up the meaning of each of those options, the Conquest path leads to Desire, which is basically greed and lust. You take what you want and proceed through the Story Mode by doing exactly that. Women, material possessions, you name it.

But for Domination, it is purely the path of a conqueror. You proceed through the Story Mode by dominating the land you walk on. Mainly by building up kingdoms and empires or going to war.

For the Renowned path of Infamy and Virtue, you receive quests that will lead to you having Chaotic or Good reputation among the people of the world. 

And finally, the Guidance path of Protagonists and Antagonists. This either puts you on the same side or at odds against one of them. You receive quests for directly assisting the Protagonists or Antagonists of the world, without giving too much physical interference. Like a member of the hero's party or the aid of a demon king. You manipulate the preordained events of the world by guiding them.


I had to take a deep breath for a moment.

In each world, only one path can be chosen. It can't be changed by any means. And the rewards for completing a Story Mode quest isn't just some mere DP. Items, abilities, or any other concept. All of it is possible.

But the question is—

What path should I take...….